Exceptional Ron Review – Is Exceptional Ron A Psychic Scam?

I’ve come across the name ‘Exceptional Ron’ here and there while doing research for my blog. I’ve also had some of my readers request my honest review of him so I decided to look into him.

Well…to say Ron is “exceptional” is quite an understatement! He’s exceptional alright- exceptionally FAKE! Of all the “psychics” I’ve researched before on my quest to bring you only genuine and gifted psychics, Exceptional Ron definitely takes the cake.

When I searched for him, I expected to find a lot of information from past users of his but I didn’t find as many as I thought. Most people were curious about him and trying to find out if he was legitimate or not. There were a few who were concerned because they paid him money and felt like they had gotten ripped off.

Some people were scared because they got an email from him telling them they had a curse on them that he offered to remove from them for a fee. Curses aren’t real so that was my first indication that Exceptional Ron is a scamming fraud.

The fear tactics put him on my radar, right up there with Psychic Esmeralda, Extraordinary Chris, and Maria Medium. However, I wanted to give a fair review of him so I kept digging.

Surprisingly, I did see some positive feedback from people who had paid him and felt that he had helped them out during their time of need. Whether those are real reviews or not, I can’t tell.

When investigating a self-proclaimed psychic, I like to look at their website first because I can get a ton of information from it. I’m glad I did because I got a good laugh out of his biography and his bold claims!

His website feels pretty bare and the very first thing you see is his biography. There, he claims that he is one of the most gifted psychics who’s been kept in secret for 30 years. (Insert eye roll here).Exceptional Ron psychic review

It’s been my experience that when a psychic gives themselves boastful and over confident name (Exceptional, Extraordinary, etc.) and brag about themselves excessively, 99% of the time, they’re fraud. Real psychics don’t go around labelling themselves this way. They are humble, down-to-earth and genuine.

The biography was very badly written and riddled with typos and grammar errors. It says that Ron’s birth circumstances make him and his gifts truly unique. They claim (and I say “they” instead of “he” because the biography wasn’t written from Ron’s own voice, but instead a third person talking about him) that he was born mid-air.

They say that his mother’s country- I’m not sure what country this might be because they never mention it- made an exemption for her to board a transatlantic flight to the United States where her sick husband was living his final days due to “severe cancer.”

The reason she wouldn’t have been allowed to fly if not for the exemption, is because she was VERY pregnant. She was still carrying Ron 25 days past his due date you see. This makes me laugh because they’re basically claiming that he was born almost an entire month late, which is almost impossible.

So, they make exception for his mother due to her husband’s illness and the “voluntary work she did in her country” and she gives birth to him on the flight, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. As if that wasn’t extraordinary enough, get this- he also just so happened to be born on a leap year! February 29th.

This all seemed very unlikely to me, but I kept reading…

Fast forward to Ron being a 14-year-old boy who gets his first powerful vision. He visualizes “a very important man, thousands of miles away during his assassination.” The vision was so strong for little Ron that his body couldn’t physically handle it and it put him in a coma for two weeks!

His poor mother traveled from hospital to hospital but no one could find anything wrong with him. Luckily, he woke up unharmed on the fifteenth day and calmly told his mother about the powerful vision he had received.

Well, the “very important man” just so happened to be the President of the United States of America. Ron had exclusive details that only the secret service was privy to, so his mother decided she had to warn the President.

Once cleared of any suspicion, they believed her and assigned extra security to protect the President.

Lo and behold, teenage Ron saved the President’s life that day!

Turns out that “on the day that could turn tragic for the history of the United States, there was indeed a man arrested for conspiring a terrorist act against the head of the State”. They never tell us which President he supposedly saved, when this allegedly went down, or the name of the terrorist who was arrested. I suppose these aren’t important details?

As you can imagine, word of this exceptional child with extra-sensory perception and visions who saved the president’s life spread like wildfire. Every who’s who in politics wanted to get their hands on this boy. They contacted his mother and made a financial transaction with her. She received a “large sum” of money in exchange for them being able to have Ron all to themselves.

He was to talk to nobody else but them. He even had to be pulled from public school- that’s how special he was to them. Good thing they made this deal too, since not even two weeks after they paid his mother for exclusive rights to him, he discovered an ultra-rare cancer with only a 4% chance of survival in one of the politicians.

Since Ron was able to sense this cancer early, the politician was rushed to surgery and got it removed. Once again, Ron was a literal lifesaver!

His mother tried to protect him and keep him close to home, but it turns out that Ron’s greatness was just too amazing to contain. He had visions of himself traveling the world, learning the secrets of the Universe through the eyes and minds of spiritual masters before him.

He began his spiritual transformation by learning “divinatory sciences and psychic arts” from these masters while backpacking across Asia. He met with well-respected gurus in India, China, Indonesia and Bangladesh. He was soaking up all the information they shared with him Things like, how to read tarot cards, how to read runes, astrology, and how to be clairvoyant.

In fact, Ron’s aura is so exceptional that at one point one of the last gurus of the schools of Vedanta recognized him when he set eyes upon him and immediately gave his seat up for Ron- something that was previously unheard of!

While in Asia, Ron upset the higher spirits of the world by accidentally curing a little boy who couldn’t walk. His legs were physically impaired and locals approached Ron, asking him to step in and help.

Ron spent two months meditating and calling upon higher spirits in total solitude in an effort to fix the boy. Well wouldn’t you know- it worked! Two months later he got news that the little boy was walking again but the higher spirits didn’t like that.

They came to him in a very vivid vision and told him to never again interfere with the physical world on such a deep level. As much as Ron would love to continue fixing physically disabled people, he now has to “kindly decline” when asked, which is often… supposedly.

All of this traveling and learning made Ron an exceptional medium and allowed him to master the circles of psychic powers like nobody else. He could request visions on command, instead of having to sit back and wait for them to come to him. He could see people’s auras so clearly, and was able to communicate with angels on a whole other level.Psychic Ron scam

Then Ron decided that this year, 2019, is the year that he comes out of hiding and starts helping everyday people, not just the politicians his mother made a deal with.

It’s ok though because he had a vision that those same politicians are going to be so rich soon and they won’t care that he broke free from their special secret pact.

He feels it’s time he starts helping those who truly need spiritual guidance but can’t afford this life-changing advice.

He consults the needy through the Internet only, no face-to-face or over the phone calls. This allows him to focus all his energy on a few special people. He helps these people by using numerology, tarot cards, astrology, rune readings, remote hypnosis, and clairvoyance.

Oh, and he does this all because he truly cares! His biography says that he doesn’t do this for money, he does it simply for the reward of knowing that he is improving people’s lives. He does it for the endless “thank you” emails he receives.

So, does that mean you can get a reading from him for free?

Well, not so much. You see, he does have to charge you for a reading, but not because he WANTS to. He has to take your money to “cover the cost of ingredients required to perform specific rituals.” That happens to be one of the most common psychic scams around.

Your payment is a symbolic amount required in order to “keep the perfect balance of each individual’s spirit in the physical fabrics of the Universe”. It’s not personal, it’s just necessary for your own good.

They end the biography by telling you to clink on a link to get in contact with Ron as soon as possible if you’re having love, money, or happiness issues. You can let him know what you’re suffering with through an email and he’ll let you know how much he’ll have to charge you so he can begin helping you.

You would think then that one would only hear from Ron if they were the ones that contacted him first, but that’s not the case. I have had a lot of people tell me that they have received emails from him, inviting them to hear his “important and shocking revelations.”

In the emails, he says that he is a skilled astrologer and psychic medium, and that he needs to share these revelations with you immediately! You can then follow the link to request your “free” reading.

I tried to find stories of people who did actually get a free reading but everyone ended up having to pay him almost $100.

The whole time I was reading his biography, I honestly could not stop laughing. It was all so funny to me and I kept asking myself if this was purposely meant to be a joke. I had never heard such ridiculous and bold claims before. Well, turns out, Ron and his site are basically a joke because he’s not real and it’s all for “entertainment.”

When I clicked on the terms and conditions of the website, my suspicions were confirmed. Take a look at section 9 titled THE CONTENT:
Exceptional Ron review

Ron’s persona, and all other characters involved in the website’s and emails’ content are fictional. The site uses “Ron” (an actor) as a brand-name for the sole purpose of promoting website content and services.

They took the guesswork right out of everything and made my review so easy! If I even had any sliver of belief that Exceptional Ron was a true psychic, they took that idea right out of me.

Even though I was able to dig deeper and see this admission from them, unfortunately, a lot of people will not see this. They will stumble across him and his website and believe what he is telling them. They will hand over their hard-earned money in the hopes of getting spiritual guidance.

I don’t like that this whole website and his persona are designed to make people believe in him, but all I can do is hope that anyone thinking about consulting him finds my article first. Please, please, please don’t pay for a reading with Exceptional Ron unless you are doing it just for fun and are only trying to be entertained.

If you’re looking for spiritual guidance from genuine and authentic psychics, go with a psychic from one of these highly-reviewed psychic networks. They have been verified, tested, and come with a satisfaction guarantee so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off.


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, psychic reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


  1. Avatar
    Nikki Ribbon September 19, 2019

    Definitely not a fraud or scam. Ron is truly talented and if your looking for a psychic with an extraordinary gift I’d highly recommend Ron. Ron if you see this comment thank you for your insight your readings were specific and absolutely spot on and even years later I still find myself re-reading and reflecting on your words. You helped me get through the toughest times in my life and you’ll be the reason I’ll continue to shine on. This guy is amazing. It may take a few sessions to get the full connection and when you do the message will be spot on and you’ll know it. My reading was 2 years ago and I’ll always be grateful and benefit from what I learnt.

    • Avatar
      Angela September 19, 2019

      Nikki I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you probably work for Ron, or at least the marketing company behind him. His own website says in plain english that Ron is a FICTIONAL character, a brand name and an ACTOR. He’s not even a real person. Did you read my article? Here let me repeat verbatim from Ron’s own website:

      Ron’s persona, and all other characters involved in the website’s and emails’ content are fictional. The site uses “Ron” (an actor) as a brand-name for the sole purpose of promoting website content and services.

      So basically he is a fraud because 1. all the things on his website are not true and are completely made up. and 2. He’s not even a real person.

    • Avatar
      Angela November 13, 2019

      Hi Nikki so u said that Ron is not a fraud?.. I hope not because I don’t have time to be wasting my time and money.

      • Avatar
        Angela November 14, 2019

        Don’t fall for this Angela. Read the article, Ron is a scam. These comments are probably from the marketing team over there.

  2. Avatar
    Tina November 09, 2019

    Hello there,
    Ron did a reading for me that I paid for which I now know was complete B.S., because after talking to a friend who also had a reading done by Ron we found out that he had sent us both exactly the same readings about our karmic debt. We had both had a relative in a past life who had started a house fire, and we both saved this relatives life. Only to allow 40 houses to burn down in the process. So now we were told by the “Unexceptional Ron” that we now carried a HEAVY karmic debt that has been plaguing us for many lifetimes because we allowed these homes to burn down? I couldn’t understand how if I didn’t start the fire, and I saved a life, how I could be held responsible, from the universe, for this awful karmic debt first of all? Ron offered to help me wipe my karmic slate clean for a price of course. Then while telling a friend of mine about Ron’s reading, she revealed to me that she too had gotten exactly the same reading from Ron! It became crystal clear Ron is a fake. No two people can have identical karma’s obviously. I immediately sent Ron a message about how awful he is to prey on people like he does. I may have even said something about how I wouldn’t want to have his karmic debt for preying on individuals for money and afterwards I quickly unsubcribed this man who calls himself the Exceptional Ron. There is nothing exceptional about him, I promise you. My friend wasn’t so lucky, she had already sent money to Ron to have her karmic debt cleared. Please do yourself a favor, do not let this fake take advantage of you. Steer clear of this individual. He is a scam.
    Thank you, Tina

  3. Avatar
    Jennifer November 17, 2019

    You all will obviously believe what you want to.. is this how it works I must read to believe it.. its 2019 soon to be 2020. Ron is one of the most amazing sincere beautiful souls I have met. He has helped me on so many levels I wouldnt even know how to thank him. And everything and I mean EVERYTHING we have discussed has been 100% true/real.. he has beautiful heart and he knows what he is doing. Cheers Love and Light!💜

    • Avatar
      Angela November 19, 2019

      Wrong Jennifer. Ron isn’t even a real person. It says so right on on his own website. Ron is a sham.

  4. Avatar
    Cameos June 07, 2020

    This is absolutely true. He gave me this exact same story of “Burning houses and saving lives ” and I bought that for 19$. That made-up person is a fraud. I just wasted my 19$.

  5. Avatar
    Robert Smith June 08, 2020

    hello has anyone heard of Lavinia spritualist medium based over in Paris some several days ago I recieved an email from this person firstly offering me a 12 month guide she mentioned that I should mark this date down with in 2 more days I received the same press email about my situation of bad luck etc,I also notice that the date she had mentioned then changed,so I did not think anything until late that night i went back into the email saw the same information this the date had changed to another i also notice that the charge of €49 euros then change a 3rd time to 29 euros,now this morning
    I receive another email this time telling me that she can remove my bad luck free of charge for free all I have to do is send a small donation of €49 euros?
    so presently she had also mentioned another date which I think is a mistake bcz it’s back in 2019 rather than 2020? I do not know if anyone has heard of her bcz o could not see any reviews can you help her address as stated on her email is 51 Rue Jean-jacques Rousseau paris 75000 as on the email she sent me

  6. Avatar
    Linda Stratford June 08, 2020

    Thank you for the heads up; I also was very wary and did not like that he looked me up after I first made contact 6 months earlier via email.
    I did not proceed with the payment then and have just cancelled my ‘contribution’ once again right at the door step; alarm bells ringing! I glanced through the terms and conditions but must admit I missed that very crucial paragraph.
    Thank you so much this would have been a cost that I could ill afford. Linda.

  7. Avatar
    Andrew June 14, 2020

    Exceptional Ron is a scam and con artist luckily I didn’t send him any money his whole email about me was all wrong it says online that he is from America yet on the email he sent me it says Czech republic also since I got in touch with him last week 09/06/2020 I have had 100 spam emails it seems to me that they sell your email address to a third party what scumbags they really are

  8. Avatar
    Dee Remington July 26, 2020

    My name is Delores and I got a ‘reading’. I was disappointed because I am not seeking ‘love or romance’ . Even if it is flung in my face I would not want it. I was wanting to know about my career. So this ‘reading’ was all about my potential love life and I was extremely disappointed. Never again!

  9. Avatar
    CRAIG Hadduck August 07, 2020

    Dear Ron. this is Craig 03/24/1968 baltimore ma. 2 47am. Do you remember? QAnyway you did a special reading on me with my own torot cards which is weird because I use my own that i use. Well the reason Im writing is because you went off and told me this stuff then you just disapear into the wind. Well now i understand why.After seeing your bio here. Did you even do my reading personally or did you have one of your underlings do it? wow. i;m such a fool, well i should have known better . thanks for lying to me and feeding me all this happy horseshit. Is that what you do to0 people, pump them up with all this stuff , well have a nice life

  10. Avatar
    Giselle von Klitzing, pen name Gisela Roediger at Amazon. August 18, 2020

    I have been too a ‘hero’ who saved someone from a burning house and therefore have a Karma credit. And
    probably there is a person who was scammed who saved a kid from the dark water somewhere in the North. and too has a Karma credit. Wonderful for our afterlife! I printed my exceptional Reading as well as his letters and can forward it on request. I am a writer and concider to write a book ‘

    Ouch, I wrote a long sermon and must have clicked the wrong button. I too have saved someone from the fire and therefore have a Karma credit. And, to make it more interesting, I saved a child from the dark water somewhere in the North to get a second Karma credit. JHow wonderful for my afterlife! I am a writer and printed Exceptional Ron’s intensive Reading as well as his letters I can forward on request.

    • Avatar
      Donna September 10, 2020

      Please forward the emails you got from ron. Im broke and obviously desperate. I need real psychic advice and my money is gone now. I sent him $70.00 and now have sent $5.85. If Ron is fake please let me know asap so that i dont waste anymore of my hard earned money. Ive got a coirt case coming up and sent jim the money instead of saving it to pay any fees i may be charged by the court. I feel like a fool. I sure hope ge isnt sending us all the same messages.

  11. Avatar
    Sylvia Bickford September 18, 2020

    Exceptional Ron took my money and never heard from him again. I want my money back. What a scam!!

  12. Avatar
    Shirley Ajayi-Carroll September 21, 2020

    Wow, this is an interesting sight, when I read this at 6:09pm I said to myself if my neighbor’s rooster crows three x, then you’re right about exceptional Ron. I waited patiently for the rooster to crow. Sorry, it crowed three x’s! So Ron’s a fake!


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