How To Know If Your Psychic Reader Is Authentic

Have you been speaking with a specific psychic but can’t decide if they’re legitimate or not? They may be helping you, but you’re just not sure if you can trust them or not. Don’t feel bad; questioning people’s authenticity is never a bad thing!

We live in a world where putting your faith in humanity can sometimes get you hurt. Trust me, I know from experience. Here are three questions you can ask yourself during your psychic reading to get a better idea if they’re genuine or not.

Keep these things in mind whether you’re getting a reading over the phone, online, or in-person.

Are They Constantly Asking You Questions?

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If so, chances are they’re not a genuine psychic. Your Psychic reader shouldn’t want much personal information from you. You shouldn’t have to answer with more than “Yes” or “No.” In some cases, you may need to elaborate but be sure to keep your answers short.

They may need to ask some more profound questions, but the conversation shouldn’t be full of them. Once they get a few basic answers from you, they can use their gifts to make their own conclusions. They should then share that with you to help you with your situation.

A good psychic reader should never need or request more information than your name and birthday. If they are constantly fishing for answers, then you probably aren’t speaking with a real psychic.

Chances are, they’re a fraud who’s performing a cold reading on you, or they may just be an automated bot sending you back canned responses. Companies like New Lotus Web have done a great job of making fake psychics that pass off as genuine. 

You’ll know your reader is authentic when they give you advice and answer more questions than they ask.

What’s Their Attitude Like?


Genuine psychics know the limits of their abilities. A big head or arrogant attitude isn’t a good sign for a reader. Legitimate psychics act as a medium or channel of energy and information, they are not the ones supplying the answers. Their attitude should be neutral and unbiased, not judgy or bossy.

They shouldn’t make you feel like a bad person, or like you don’t know what you’re doing. Real psychics are compassionate and know how tough navigating life is. They want to help you and be there for you every step of the way.

Think of them as a friend, except one you can tell anything to without fear of criticism. You also don’t have to worry about them going around telling others your personal business.

Friends are a great resource, but sometimes there are just certain things you need to talk to a third person about. Someone outside your immediate circle.

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If a psychic makes you feel uncomfortable or scared during a reading, you need to drop them fast. Never trust a psychic that tries to tell you there’s a curse or spell placed on you. These fear tactics are only used by fake readers.

As important as the psychic’s attitude is, yours is also important. Your current emotional state, your spiritual beliefs, your ability to keep an open mind, and your connection with the psychic all play a significant role in the accuracy of your psychic reading. Everything is connected.

Be open-minded and willing to hear truths you may not like at the time. It’s all for your benefit. An authentic psychic will go into the reading with a great attitude and stay that way through the reading.

Does What They’re Telling You Make Sense?


Accurate psychics will provide you with straight information and facts that you can use. They should never talk in circles or try to confuse you. You should be able to understand what they are telling you. If you can’t, don’t be afraid to ask them for clarity or to elaborate further.

Authentic psychics have no problem breaking their information down in an easier-to-understand manner. A psychic who gets upset or annoyed by this request is probably not a genuine psychic at all. However, there is an exception when it comes to everything making sense then and there.

There may be times when no matter how much the reader tries to explain something to you, you just can’t grasp it. This is perfectly normal. This is because the psychic is receiving information before it’s had a chance to affect you yet.

That’s why I always suggest keeping notes during a reading. This way, you can go back through them once you’ve had time to think about everything. Sometimes things hit you after the call. The information may not be relevant to you at the time, but you will need it in the future.

You may also notice that this information makes perfect sense when you least expect it. You could be grocery shopping and it will just hit you all of a sudden. You’ll be glad you kept notes that you can go back and reference, trust me.

I know how confusing it can be to get honest information in this day and age. This is why I stick to a handful of psychic sites that I know I can trust. They are tested, vetted, and verified so I know they’re the real deal. Their customer reviews speak for themselves honestly.

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