Psychic Shares 7 Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Trustworthy

There are a lot of different reasons why people get psychic readings, but according to a psychic I spoke to named Misty, one of the main questions people ask psychics during readings has to do with the subject of love and cheating. “Can I trust my partner?” is the most common question Misty gets asked during love readings.

She tells me that in all her years of experience as a spiritual advisor, psychic medium, and love psychic, if a person has trust issues from their past relationships, it will more than likely cloud their judgement in future relationships.

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Even asking their friends for advice or for their point of view doesn’t usually help because they’ve already made up their own minds deep down. This is due to overthinking and jumping to conclusions too quickly, because of things that have happened to them before, and can seriously hurt a relationship.

“Trust depends more on feeling versus thinking, and if you’ve been hurt by a partner in the past, these memories can haunt your future relationships”  says Misty.

Misty also tells me that anytime you have a persistent gut feeling that won’t leave you no matter how much you try to push it away, you need to look inside yourself first and foremost. She believes that you have to make peace with yourself and your past before you can even begin to receive any clear messages that the universe is trying to give you.

Crystal healing, journaling, praying, and spiritual meditation are all great ways to get in touch with your inner self and work out any issues that are affecting you and clouding your judgement. Psychics can also help you identify problems and correct them.

Once you’ve worked on yourself and let go of painful baggage from the past, then can you start to trust your own intuition. Being able to trust your intuition helps you in your relationship.

Misty shares with us 7 ways to know if you can trust your partner:


You Had A Good Feeling About Them The First Time You Met 

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Several psychics I’ve spoken to, including Misty,  agree that first impressions are one of the most telling signs of the relationship. “So many people I’ve talked to have admitted to me that when they look back on the first time they met their partner, they had a strange feeling or a knot in their stomach that they decided to just ignore and shake off,” Misty says.

She also tells me that for some people, the warning comes to them as a tiny little voice that says things like “don’t go through with this”, “cut the date early,” or “they’re not the right one for you.” For others, the warning comes in the form of a physical feeling that washes over their body and that tends to get mistaken for physical attraction.

If you had thoughts such as “I can change him/her”, or “I think I can handle them” when you first entered into the relationship then this is not a good sign. Having these kinds of thoughts usually means that the relationship will test the limits of your trust all too often.

“It’s hard to explain how you’ll feel, but when the relationship is right for you, you’ll just know it in your mind and body,” says Misty.


They Never Make You Doubt The Relationship

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If things just feel absolutely perfect with your partner and you never have lingering doubts about them, more than likely, you can trust them. If you ever start to feel like something just isn’t right, then you need to listen to yourself because a lot of times, you could be right.

An honest, non-cheating partner shouldn’t give you reasons to worry about the relationship. They should never make you worried about the future of your relationship and you should feel at ease with how everything between you two is going.

“In all my years as a psychic medium and love psychic, it’s very rare for a person to feel 100% secure with their partner but then find out they were being cheated on the whole time. Your partner will usually give you reasons to question them once they start cheating,” says Misty.

Your instinct knows when it’s found someone you can feel safe and secure with and if you’re partner never makes you feel otherwise, you should be good to go. Learn to listen to yourself more often.


Your Body Reacts Positively To Them

comfortable with them

Just like your instinct knows when something is good for you, so does your body. Despite what it might sound like, this has more to do with comfort and less to do with sex. Does your body feel completely at ease and comfortable when you’re near your partner?

Being able to fully relax next to them is a good sign, according to Misty. She says that you can use your psychic GPS we all have built inside of us to know whether you can truly trust your partner or not.

“Pay attention to any little feelings you get in your body, such as a stomach cramp or muscle twitches. Don’t brush these hints off because this is your intuition relaying messages to you through your body,” Misty tells me.


There Have Never Been Any Red Flags 

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She also tells me that one of the most intuitive and natural ways to decide whether or not you can trust your partner is by thinking back to how the relationship began. Misty says that if you had any doubts or suspicions about how much you could trust your partner from the very start of the relationship, but repressed these suspicions, then these repressed red flags can, and most likely WILL, resurface later on in the relationship.

Pay attention if your partner does or says something down the road that triggers these red flags. “So many times, people realize that they never could trust their partner from the very beginning, but they ignored the red flags because they wanted the relationship to work out more than anything,” says Misty.


You Just “Know” They’re Being Honest With You

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Misty believes that listening less to your head and more to your gut is important when deciding whether your partner is worthy of your trust or not. If you just “know” deep down inside that they are being completely honest with you, then it’s safe to say they probably are.

However, if they have lied to you several times in the course of your relationship, then this could be a problem and you probably know in your heart that they aren’t the one for you. If they want to become the one for you despite the past, then they need to admit that their past behavior was wrong, and they need to do everything they can to change their ways.

“If your partner can’t own their behavior and make an effort to change, then you should not stay in a relationship with them,” Misty tells me. A person who truly loves you will be able to see that they’ve wronged you and will want to change their ways because they don’t want to lose you.


They Are Consistent With You

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In Misty’s experience, you can feel safe knowing that your partner has nothing to hide if they are consistent with you. For example, if they always call you when they say they will, if they never miss date night, if they always greet you the same way every day, even if they’ve had a bad day at work. These are all good indicators that they are consistent and care about your relationship.

“If your partner has always been there for you, but their behavior changes suddenly and they stop putting much effort into the relationship, then you need to take a step back and try to see if there’s something else going on,” she says.

But just because they’re acting different doesn’t mean they’re up to no good. They could have a lot of extra work or family stress being put on them, or upset about something completely unrelated to you. Don’t assume things and become confrontational without knowing all the facts, as this will only push them away from you.

Once you’ve thought about other possible scenarios for their behavior but still feel like something is wrong, then you can ask them calmly about it. If you’re partner hasn’t shut you out of their life or made it clear that they’re no longer interested in you, then they’ll more than likely be happy to explain things to you.

Life is stressful and people handle stress differently, so don’t automatically assume you’re being cheated on.


You Have Great Communication With Each Other

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Being able to communicate freely and honestly in a relationship is one of the most important factors in building and keeping long-term relationships. You have nothing to worry about if you and your partner have open lines of communication and neither is afraid to share your feelings.

Once your partner quits sharing their day-to-day thoughts and feelings with you, stops talking to you about their daily events, or just doesn’t seem to want to communicate with anymore, this could be a big red flag that something bigger is going on.

If your partner has nothing to hide, then there’s no reason for their abrupt silence and secrets. And if they truly value your relationship and appreciate you in their life, they will feel safe telling you anything and everything, even if they know it’s something you might not want to hear.

It’s normal for your partner to do things every now and then that you don’t like, but the best piece of advice Misty gave me is to really take the time to listen to yourself. Listen to your heart, listen to your body, listen to your intuition.

If you truly feel deep down in your gut that your partner is trustworthy, then they usually are and you can quit questioning their loyalty to you. If you’ve tried to get in touch with yourself and your intuition but are finding it difficult, it could be that you have something blocking your energy, making it nearly impossible.

Getting a reading from a reputable online psychic can help you figure out what you’re holding onto deep inside and help you bring it to light. From there they can help you resolve these issues so they can stop being a block to your spiritual flow and energy.



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