8 Important Questions To Ask A Psychic About Your Relationship

Relationships, like anything else that brings you joy, are a lot of work. It’s almost impossible to for a relationship to have zero problems. Even when you find your perfect soulmate, you’re probably still going to fight or argue and have to work to keep it going.

When confused about the future of their relationship and need advice, people usually go to family members, close friends, or therapists. However, more and more people are seeing the benefit of turning to a professional psychic for relationship help.  

One of the most common reasons people consult psychics is love and relationships

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A talented psychic is able to give you valuable insight from the higher energy and power, Spirit, and can help lead you towards making decisions, going through changes, and enhancing your relationships. A lot of times, people begin their readings confused and undecided, but feel enlightened and more in charge of their future by the end of the session.

Having said that, you should remember that nothing is ever set in stone and it is impossible to predict whether your relationship will flourish or wither away. A psychic may spot stormy skies in your future, but that doesn’t mean that you should end your relationship because it isn’t going to work out.

Instead, you should use the information the psychic gives you as a guide. This guide can help you see beyond what you normally see and answer questions about your relationship that you never considered before. Asking the right questions is key to a successful reading.

If you’re having relationship issues or doubts and want to talk to a psychic for insight, here are some questions you should ask them.


What Is My Heart Trying To Tell Me?

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When you ask this question, the answer will teach you how to tap into what your heart needs and wants. Funny enough, when in a relationship, people stop listening to what their heart desires and pay more attention to what their mind says.

Love isn’t always logical so this is one area where you need to let your heart be louder than your mind. This is especially so when decisions have to be made in a relationship. If you find yourself thinking more with your head than with your heart, this is a good question to ask the psychic.

Especially if you’re completely torn on what to do when you have a big relationship change ahead of you. For example, say you’ve been with your partner for a year now and they want to get an apartment together because it would be cheaper rent for both of you.

Your mind might tell you that it makes more financial sense and you could use the extra savings but your heart could be trying to tell you that it’s too early, or that they aren’t the right person for you. With the help of a psychic, you can learn how to stop following your mind so much and get back in tune with your heart.


Can I Trust My Partner?

Relationship trust psychic reading

This is a good question to ask if you have concerns that your partner might cheat on you, or if they’ve been unfaithful in the past. This question doesn’t just have to do with fidelity though. You can ask this about any topic where you have a feeling your partner might be hiding something from you or isn’t being honest with you.

A lot of times, people doubt their partner and accuse them of cheating because they themselves are insecure. You may have no real reason to believe anything is going on behind your back, but self-esteem and jealousy issues can make you imagine things that aren’t really happening.

A psychic can help you figure out if you’re being affected by these feelings and your partner is actually trustworthy, or if you really do have reasons to doubt your partner.


What Can I Do To Reconnect With My Partner

Reconnecting love psychic

Sometimes relationships feel like they’re drifting apart for no reason. This is a good question to ask if you feel like your partner is acting distant and you don’t know how to reconnect with them. A lot of times people blame their partner for the disinterest and don’t look at what they may be doing to cause the relationship to drift apart.

It’s easier to look at what’s wrong and give up but it’s better to learn what you can do to change things for the better and be closer. Maybe you don’t realize it, but what if  there are things you’re doing that are causing your partner to distance themselves from you?

Things such as, always being on your phone when you’re together, or never wanting to hang out with his friends when he asks you to. A psychic can help you see beyond what you’re seeing and guide you in the right direction.

This is also a good question to ask if your sex life feels like its lacking and could be better. Relationships and individuals always have a lot of room to improve, so keep an open mind when you hear the answers to this question. Don’t take it as a criticism, but rather look at it as a chance to improve on yourself and get closer to your partner.


What Negative Things Am I Holding Onto From Previous Relationships?

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People have a habit of hanging onto bad memories and holding grudges. They have a tendency to cling onto old fears, experiences, and feelings from previous relationships. This is not good because holding onto the past like this keeps you from being fully present in the current relationship.

It also keeps you from being an open soul, ready to give it your all for this new person who wants to be with you. By holding onto these old emotions, you put a block on your new relationship without ever giving it a full chance.

This isn’t fair to your partner; they shouldn’t be punished for what someone else did to you. It also isn’t fair to you. You shouldn’t miss out on the joy this new relationship could bring you because of a bad past. If you want to free yourself from your previous lovers and dating history, ask the psychic this question. They can discover what you’re holding on to that isn’t beneficial to you and teach you how to let go of it.


What Are My Partners’ Feelings About Our Relationship?

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Sometimes it’s hard to just outright ask your partner how they’re feeling about the relationship. You might be afraid that you’ll come off too strongly or that they’ll think you’re too clingy and want to call it quits. Asking a psychic this question should not be used as a substitute for sitting down with your partner and openly asking them to share their feelings about the relationship with you.

It is, however, a good question to ask before you do sit your partner down for an honest discussion. That way, you’ll have an idea of what your partner’s feelings are concerning the two of you ahead of time and be better prepared.

A genuine psychic can pick up on your partners’ feelings and emotions about the relationship through you. They may ask you some basic information about them, such as their date of birth, to tap into their energy.


Were We Together In A Past Life?

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Despite everything you think you know about your relationship, this is the one thing you can’t know (unless you’re gifted with psychic abilities) without asking a skilled psychic. You tend to follow similar patterns from one relationship to the next, even if those patterns were from a past life that you don’t remember.

You’d be amazed at how many people you know in your current life that were also there in your past life. Your partner is no exception. What drew you to them then could be the same thing that draws you to them now. By asking the psychic this question, you’re able to learn about any recurring patterns in your current relationship that stem from your previous life together.

Knowing what happened with the relationship in the previous life can keep history from repeating itself now. Your relationship is strengthened when problems from the past aren’t allowed to take place in the present.


Are Our Energies A Good Match For Living Together?

compatiable energies

This is an important question to ask if you’re considering living together but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea or not. A lot of people hesitate to move in together because they’re afraid that the relationship will change for the worst soon after.

You hear horror stories of couples fighting and arguing about cleaning, how bills are divided, about not having enough free space, etc. By asking this question, you can learn whether your energies are compatible enough for living together and get advice on what you can do to make it as problem-free as possible.

It’s still a good idea to have an honest discussion with your partner about living together even if the psychic says that your energies are compatible. This will give you a chance to state your concerns and worries to your partner before making a decision as big as this one.


How Is This Relationship Adding Value To My Life?

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A psychic reader is a good person to turn to if you’re not sure how your relationship is serving you. Not to sound selfish, but we’re usually in relationships because we need something positive out of them. Things such as unconditional love, understanding, personal growth, and even health benefits.

If you’re not sure what positive things you’re getting from yours because it all feels negative to you, a psychic can give you some helpful insight. You shouldn’t be with someone who only takes from you or causes you pain.

Your true soulmate would never abuse or intimidate you, make fun of you, be ashamed of you or take advantage of you. They should never drain the life or your vitality from you. You’re better off being single than being in a painful relationship.

However, if your partner is a nice person and treats you right but you’re unsure if they’re the one for you, ask this question. You can learn the reason you’re with them and see how they’re making your life better. Sometimes it’s hard to see these positive things for yourself and you can end up taking your partner for granted.

Don’t be afraid to consult a psychic reader next time you have doubts, questions or fears about your relationship. Take everything they tell you with an open mind and be honest during your session, they’re not there to judge- trust me. Be sure to have an open discussion with your partner afterwards about everything you learned because communication is so important for a successful relationship.



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