How To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating And How A Psychic Reading Can Help

Cheating is never fun think about or have to experience. It’s so painful to think about the person we love being interested in someone else.

Even though people cheat on each other for several reasons, it’s never ok to do in a relationship. More often than not, once a person has cheated in a relationship, it’s hard to get back to where they once were, but not always. In some cases, confronting a cheating partner can be a wake-up call that something is wrong with the partnership.

This wake-up call can then lead the couple to talk about and re-evaluate the relationship and decide if there are problems that they want to fix and re-commit to each other. This can in turn make for a stronger and more solid relationship. So, in these cases, cheating isn’t automatically a death sentence for the couple.Talking in a relationship

But in other cases, the cheating is the result of an already failing relationship. Things were probably already unsatisfying and going downhill, so cheating seems like the easiest way out, instead of having an honest talk about wanting to end the relationship.

Even a situation like this has a silver lining though. If a relationship was causing someone to feel neglected, unwanted, insecure, nervous, etc. and the cheating caused a break up, then at least that frees them from a toxic relationship. Separating from the person who wasn’t right for them gives them the opportunity to find their soulmate.  

A lot of my readers have asked me if I think consulting a psychic is a good idea when they think they’re being cheated on, so I wanted to take some time to give my opinion and address the issue of cheating in the hopes that it can help someone.

Personally, I do think getting a love reading by a professional psychic is a good idea. Not just for those who have suspicions of being cheated on but also for general insight into the health and energy of a relationship every now and then.

I also wanted to tell you the 3 most commons reasons that people cheat, some clues and red flags on whether you’re being cheated on, how a psychic can help you in this situation, and the personal story of one of my readers.

Why People Cheat:

People cheat for several different reasons, but these are the 3 most common ones.

1- Poor Communication

Communication, or actually the absence of communication, is usually to blame when a relationship fails. Resentment, repressed anger, hurt feelings, or the need to seek out an outsider for acceptance and to feel desired can all be linked directly to not having open lines of communication.

Lack of communication in relationshipPeople hold their anger and concerns in, they don’t express their needs, they don’t share their feelings when their partner says or does something hurtful and instead of speaking to a professional therapist or psychic in the hopes of saving the relationship, things go downhill fast.

Or in some cases, one partner does voice their concerns or asks for relationship counseling, but the other doesn’t want to listen. Either way, it’s a lack of communication that’s the big problem. It’s easier for some to just seek out a different person than it is for them to work harder at the relationship.

2- Fear Of Emotional Intimacy

Things that happen in our childhood and formative years take a big toll on us as adults. Unfortunately, some people are raised in households where their parents lie to each other, criticize each other instead of build each other up, keep feelings to themselves, are addicted to drugs or alcohol, or are just downright abusive and unloving.

This sends the wrong message to the child and as an adult, they might associate love and intimacy with pain and abandonment. They might not know what it feels like to be loved or know how to be emotional.Parents fighting in front of child

These fears might be subconscious without the person ever even realizing they feel this way, and these fears cause people to sabotage the relationship. They don’t know why they feel the way they feel so they do things to try to get some space or distance from their partner, and cheating is one of those ways.

Sometimes they get caught cheating and the relationship is over, just as they hoped it would be, but sometimes they get away with it for long periods of time. This allows them to have a safe “exit plan” where they always keep one foot out the door, ready to bolt at any moment.

They never fully commit or invest in relationships. They might start out just fine when a relationship is new and fun, but once things start to get more serious and intense, that’s when they might feel the need to distance themselves and convince themselves they aren’t the relationship type.

Healthy relationships require emotional intimacy, and emotional intimacy requires open and raw vulnerability. Cheating and being emotionally absent allow them to avoid being emotional and vulnerable.

3- Distraction

Cheating as a distractionA lot of difficult things happen in life that have to be confronted at one point or another. Things such as losing a job, experiencing the death of a loved one, a debilitating accident or sickness, and any number of crises.

Some people can’t handle these situations as well as others and so they look for distractions to keep their mind off of it. Cheating is a way to divert, escape, and distract themselves from the hard reality of what they’re going through. It’s like a vacation of sorts, where they can leave their problems, if even for a short period.

Of course, this is a horrible way to deal with things, since avoiding problems only makes them worse and causes more harm down the road.

Clues That Your Boyfriend Or Husband Is Cheating On You:

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re being cheated on or not, but you have your suspicions. Some things that prompt these feelings of doubt include, but are not limited to:

  • Your partner suddenly starts getting texts or calls at night and they jump to answer them before you can hand them their phone and possibly see the screen.
  • Your partner starts leaving the room when they answer a phone call.
  • Your partner is home less and less and comes up with all sorts of reasons why they have to leave, but they never invite you to go with them.
  • Your partner begins cancelling your weekend plans together and never seem to have time for you anymore.
  • Your partner seems more distracted, and starts paying more attention to their phone than to you during dinner or date nights.
  • Your partner started putting more effort into their appearance and outfits, maybe even using perfumes or cologne after a long time of not having worn them.Clues boyfriend/husband is cheating

These are some of the more obvious red flags, but sometimes the clues can be more subtle and harder to catch. Maybe they just seem a little colder towards you, less affectionate, or start being rude to you.

You might tell yourself that they’re just stressed and you’re overreacting, or that you’re being too paranoid or having trust issues because of your past. Of course, it could be one of these things and not that they’re cheating, that’s why talking about it with someone who can help you find out is a good idea.

How A Psychic Can Help You:

Psychics are a great resource to turn to if you suspect someone is cheating on you, or if you already found out they are and are trying to decide if you should try and save the relationship.

They have years of combined experience in this field and are very insightful when it comes to love. They have counseled and guided different people in various stages- from brand-new relationships, to long-term marriages and everything in between.

Cheating can happen to anyone, no one is immune to it, so don’t get down on yourself if it’s happening to you. Talk to a psychic and learn how to either move forward without them, or stay and work it out with them.

Psychics are able to use their gifts and the Tarot to uncover things about your relationship that are hidden and buried under the surface. It’s amazing how much emerges when it’s looked into.

Psychic reading boyfriend/husband cheatingThey are able to see if there is another secret person involved and being kept secret, and if so, they can identify the reason for the cheating. They can also advise you on what to do about the situation and give you their insight about the future of the relationship.

We all know how difficult and complicated relationships can be. But the truth is, they can also be one of the best things to ever happen to us. Knowing the truth about your relationship can be the secret to making it a successful one.

As I mentioned earlier, the presence of cheating in a relationship isn’t always a death sentence. If a couple does truly love each other, honestly wants to be together, and can figure out the reason for the cheating, most relationships can be saved.

The one who got cheated on has to fully understand the cause of the cheating and decide if it can be fixed. Once they’ve decided that they do want to work it out, it’s very important that they don’t dwell on the cheating.

If they do decide they want to work past it, they have to actually leave it in the past and not throw it in their face every time they get mad at them.

They might as well end the relationship if they can’t stop bringing it up and give themselves the chance to find true happiness. They should only try to work it out if they sincerely understand their reason for cheating and genuinely forgive them for it, deep in their hearts.

Steve and Diane’s Story

After referring her to an online psychic network with a great track record and spectacular reviews, one of my readers wanted to follow-up with her experience and thank me for my referral. This is her story and I wanted to share it because it’s such a great one. I changed the names of all parties involved for privacy reasons.

Diane messaged me and told me that her husband, Steve, had started to act strange. Since I am not a psychic myself, I referred her to the best psychic network I’ve ever used. She chose a psychic from the website and talked to them.Love psychics Psychic Source

She told the psychic of how her and Steve had been married for 17 years, that they had raised children together, and that they ran a successful business together.

But recently, Steve was not acting like his normal self. His behavior had changed and since she knew him so well, she had concerns that he was cheating.

She noticed that he started going out with his buddies more and more, pretty much every single weekend. And he would come home later and later every day. He also stopped paying his part of the bills on time and she would receive late notices. Steve had made it his priority to pay the bills on time so this was very odd for him.

After receiving another late notice, she finally asked him why he hadn’t been paying them on time, and Steve got angry at her. He started yelling at her and just exploded over it, which he had never done before. Him being moody, distracted, and never home were all red flags to her, but she wanted to talk to a psychic before she jumped to any conclusions.

She told me that during her reading, the psychic used both her intuition and the Tarot and saw images of another woman. She drew the Queen of Swords at the center of the spread, as well as a lot of pentacles surrounding her. This told the psychic that it was one of their employees at the business.

The psychic told Diane that she wasn’t picking up a love match, but rather an affair that he was turning to as a distraction to other problems he was having. The psychic got a vision of a woman and described her to Diane, and Diane confirmed that a newly hired employee matched this description.

Cheating as a distractionThe psychic kept throwing the cards, and saw an addiction problem that involved money, and money/debt problems. She asked Diane if she knew about Steve having a gambling problem and Diane broke down, admitting that he had fought with this addiction in the past, but that it had not been an issue for several years now.

The psychic was able to piece everything together and discovered that Steve had fallen off the wagon and had gotten involved in gambling again. He gambled too much of their money and now it was affecting their credit and their business.

He had gotten himself back into debt and was embarrassed. He didn’t feel like he could talk to his wife about it, so he turned to the recently-divorced employee in an attempt to distract himself and to escape the stress of the situation he had created.

The psychic felt that enough time had passed since this had all started and that the timing was right for Diane to talk to and address this with Steve. She told Diane that she saw them still together down the line, and that she felt they could work it out.

It wasn’t easy for Diane to get the courage to confront her husband about this, but after a lot of soul-searching and spiritual meditation, she was finally ready.

She sat Steve down and asked him if there was anything he wanted to get off his chest. Steve broke down at this point and admitted everything to her. He realized that he had a problem, and that he couldn’t fix his addiction on his own.

Love psychicHe asked Diane to forgive him and plead for her help in fighting this addiction. With everything out on the table, they both decided they loved each other enough to overcome this huge obstacle and they made a plan to fix this.

When it was all said and done, they both worked very hard together and ended up being happier than even before. Teamwork and compassion went a long way and they each learned a lot about each other during the process.

Diane even convinced Steve to get professional help with his addiction, something he had refused to do before. He was taught how to break free of the addiction and how to avoid relapsing.

My readers story made me so happy and I’m glad things had a positive ending for them, but it’s important to note how much hard work they put into their marriage.

I was ecstatic that the psychic was able to uncover hidden elements, confirm Diane’s doubts, and share her visions of their future together which prompted them to work together instead of divorcing. Consult one of these trustworthy psychic networks today if you’re unsure about your partner’s fidelity!



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