Are Psychics Ever Wrong In Their Predictions?

If you’re interested in speaking to a psychic, you may have asked yourself, are psychics ever wrong in their predictions? In all honesty, sometimes they are. There are many reasons for this, and the least likely of these reasons is that your psychic is not genuine.

However, due to the overwhelming amount of psychic scammers, it’s understandable to doubt the authenticity of your reader. The good news is that thanks to technology, these frauds are getting caught and put on blast. Only those truly called to do this work stay in business for long. The best of those will have a regular clientele base that generates a lot of word-of-mouth referrals.

These referrals are precious to the psychic and keep them in business. When a client has a good experience, they love telling their friends and family about it. On the other hand, when a reading is less-than-helpful, they also make sure to let that be known. Below are some of the most common reasons for an inaccurate reading:

Free Will: The Most Common Cause Of Inaccurate Psychic Readings

free will

A common misconception about psychics is that everything they say is a done deal, and your reading and guidance are more of a guideline for what to do. Despite their remarkable achievements, psychics can’t force things to happen; most inaccurate readings are due to free will. For example, you’re up for a promotion at work. You can really use the promotion, so you’ve worked hard to impress your boss.

During a reading, you and your psychic discussed it. They pick up how hard you’ve been working for it. They know you have it in you and tell you it’s yours. Knowing you got it, you breathe a sigh of relief and start slacking off at work. A month later, your boss announces that your coworker got the promotion. You wonder how your psychic could have been so wrong. But was the psychic wrong in this situation?

The promotion was yours as long as you continued working towards it. Your psychic was correct- at that time. However, you chose to take the psychic’s word to heart and stopped working for the promotion. You exercised free will, and it ended up hurting you. Ultimately, you were passed up for the promotion because you felt you no longer needed to earn it. Just as it can hurt you, free will can also work in your favor.

For example, your psychic warned you that your spouse was unhappy and seeking an affair, which made you stop and think about the state of your marriage. You began analyzing it and seeing what could be the problem. You decided to go to marital counseling, and the prediction never came true. What you chose to do after the information the psychic gave you altered the reading; it isn’t that the psychic was wrong.

How Negativity Affects Psychic Readings

stop negativity

Disbelief, distrust, and negativity about the supernatural can send you into a spiral of inaccurate readings, leading to ever-increasing skepticism. The only way to approach a psychic reading is with an open heart and mind and trust that the supernatural exists. I know how difficult this can be, trust me. I’ve always been an “I have to see it to believe it” type of person, and I carried this skepticism for years.

It wasn’t until I was at my worst and desperate for help and answers that I heard of psychics and how helpful they can be. I figured I had nothing to lose. Worst case, the psychics confirm my suspicions. Best case, they provide me with valuable insight and advice. If you can’t bring an open mind to the reading, even the most talented and genuine psychics won’t be able to read you correctly.

The reading will become a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” In other words, if you believe strongly about something, you make it come true. However, I’m not telling you to go into a reading naively and with complete trust. On the contrary, it’s essential to be realistic and identify if a psychic is scamming you. I’m just saying that you must keep an open mind and a positive attitude throughout the reading.

Believe it or not, your words and thoughts significantly affect what happens to you. If you automatically tell yourself everything the psychic tells you is bull, you’ll find a way to confirm your belief. On the other hand, if you remain open and objective, you’ll be surprised at how much knowledge you can gain. Please don’t put any unnecessary negative energy into the universe; otherwise, the psychic will pick it up and have difficulty picking up your truth.

Long Psychic Readings Are More Accurate

meet psychic

How much will you remember about a novel you just skimmed over? Probably not much, right? You must take time and focus on retaining and understanding what you read. You can’t expect to rush through it and fully grasp it all. The same concept applies to psychic readings. It would be best to take the time to get the most out of them.

Don’t schedule a reading if you know you’re in a rush; it isn’t something you squeeze in between errands. Give yourself plenty of time and be in a fully relaxed state. Your surroundings should be comfortable, and you should have some privacy. Unfortunately, you won’t be as open to talking about your life if you know other people might be listening. Don’t rush the process.

Another important component of an accurate reading is the relationship between you and the psychic. Speaking to them regularly is the best way to develop a bond and understanding. I’m not saying you have to get a reading every day, but the more often, the better. The more you talk to them, the better they can read and pick up from you. While using the same psychic every time is best, you certainly don’t have to.

They’ll all get to know you better as you speak to different ones. I like to stick to the same psychic network as much as possible because I feel my readings are more accurate. My favorite is Psychic Source. Every psychic I’ve spoken to from there has been fantastic. If you find an adviser you click with, try sticking with them. You’ll notice how the readings become more accurate after each consult!

How To Find A Real Psychic Adviser

real psychic adviser

Everyone, even you, has some latent psychic ability. Some people are just naturally better at tapping into their abilities than others, and others have learned to develop their skills through years of training, meditation, and practice. That said, finding an honest psychic adviser is no challenge at all, and the trick is to find an adviser that works well with you as an individual. The following five tips will help you select a genuine reader:

  • Read psychic reviews on the web
  • Get recommendations from friends and family
  • Ask about their spiritual beliefs
  • Ask for a short 10-minute sample reading
  • Trust your own intuition to guide you

No Psychic Adviser Is 100% Accurate

perfect psychic

Is the cashier at the grocery store any less a cashier because they make a mistake ringing you up? What about the actress who forgets her lines now and then? Is she any less an actress because her memory failed her? Like us, psychics are only human, and to err is human. Like you and I, they have their good and bad days. Don’t dismiss all psychics because of one bad experience you may have had. Not only is it unfair to them, but also to you.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Psychic Source is indeed a great conglomeration of psychics. But I tried California Psychics today (wanted the $10 ten minute reading for first timers…) and the psychic was awesome…at least as good than P.S. (I only say that because she dove straight into my problem and advised who to see for help). She said it sounded like I have ADHD.

    The only thing: she said I would ‘probably not’ be bumping into the man who obsessed over me/and now I obsess over him. Psychic Source, every one of them, said that he will reappear in my future…and I feel this way too. It makes sense that he would seek me out, if only to discuss what happened and why on the job. He was interested in me before, and I think this interest is still there but he does not understand it…and neither do I !

    Also it would be to his karmic benefit to look me up. He will be retiring in a few months. Whether he can reach me by my work email, home email, or ‘casually arrange’ a bump-into…I believe we both need to get together to talk it all over. It will cleanse our souls and our minds.

    Perhaps this psychic at California Psychics (Meredith) did not want to offset or upset me by telling me what she really saw in the future between he and I.

    Barbara and Mandy from Psychic Source both said I would definitely see him…circumstances changed on this end (work site) so the time frame for this get-together changed. Since I am no longer at the work site but may re-enter in late Oct/early Nov., Barbara, also from PSYCHIC SOURCE, said this would occur in November (as he is not ready yet).

    Believe and it will occur. Ask and you shall receive. Use these wonderful affirmations of faith and the Universe and all it has in abundance will enter your life!

  2. I just found this page while searching for honest and clear explanantions for people who question and block psychics. I have to say your explanations are top notch! Thank you for posting these for others to understand and open up to their own readings.
    Love and Light!

  3. I love your article! I personally like skepticism. It’s healthy. But saying you don’t believe in me? Why Did you call? To harass? I am a seer, some say psychic and have not read online, in some time, due to some really hard situations, I read, (child abuse) plus I was feeling crummy from the negative aspects of being psychic with people who hurt others and call themselves psychic. It feels embarrassing to be associated with people like this. Tension from people who are negative is extremely stressful. I get very upset when people call or ask me to prove who I am. And because of anger, I get tense. Who goes into a restaurant and asks a waitress to prove it.? My best readings have been when I am relaxed. I am one who can’t start getting good clear visions of you until you ask me questions plus need validation to ensure I’m picking YOU up. I don’t need your info, so much. But I do need to know your questions. I’ve started several other people with beautiful abilities, on to helping people as well. Please absorb this article, especially where it states you should not be expected to get extra money for having a curse removed or something else. These people are taking advantage of you. (We are not talking about $3-$10, to light a candle. ) and they will continue to ask for an increased amount. I’ve heard a lot of stories. The person you want is honest, kind in how they deliver news, and wants to help you improve in your life . I personally love when people don’t feel they have to call frequently to ask me how to live on a daily basis. Some will call every day or hour, yes I said hour. Live your life! Don’t be a slave to the advice. Let the advice work for you. At the same time balance your calls because situations can change.

    • Thanks Kelley. I tell people all the time you get out of a psychic reading what you put into it. Fear, anger, skepticism all negatively affect your reading.

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