The Difference Between Intuition And Psychic Ability

Intuition can be a feeling or instinct one knows the answer without knowing how they know the answer. Senses are constantly relaying data to the brain for processing. This happens quickly without thought, and decisions are arrived at intuitively.

IntuitionThe human brain may sense danger in the sub-conscious before it can tell the conscious mind there is a danger. Smells, for example, a person may sense unease then smell smoke. The brain had processed this to prepare the body. Many experts believe that humans can develop instinct; others believe people are born with it. Some believe it is DNA coding in the brain to alert humans to danger, to get ready for fight or flight.

Mother’s are well aware of intuition. Mother’s know when their child is in danger; adrenalin is immediately released preparing the body. The transfer is rapid and without thought. The Mother may have heard a sound caught a fleeting glance of something, or smelled danger. They knew their child was in harm’s way without knowing how they knew. Intuition happens in real time it is not thinking ahead it happens by process. Rapid assessment of the situation without thought.

Over thousands of years, the environment may have had a hand in developing instinct. People living in constant danger developed skills to protect themselves. They immediately knew it was a wild animal lurking and whether or not it posed a threat. Many call it the sixth sense; some individuals walk in a room and immediately sense something is wrong. It is reasonable to assume that people’s environment may have something to do with intuition. A Mother’s environment is their child, and their senses have developed to know when there is a danger. Mother’s sense many things about their surroundings; they may feel unease at the playground and will take their child and leave.

Individuals considered psychic have the ability to perceive things, possibly the future or discover information that is hidden. Psychics are called in to find missing persons and have had success. The word psychic is a Greek work translated it means of the mind or mental. Individuals had said time and again when the phone rings they knew who is calling. Psychic may have the ability to communicate sub-consciously, and they have projected to the caller prompting a phone call.

Psychics possibly have the mental ability that most do not have. The brain is extremely complex, and no two are alike. The basics are the same, but some may have additional wiring that allows them to have greater perception. Psychics have the ability to decipher situations differently. A person is missing; someone knows where that person is. Psychics can find that information stored in someone’s mind. Someone somewhere has the answer to a question. Most individuals would have to find that person to provide the answer. Psychics have the answer without having to ask the question and may never know who had the answer.Psychic brain

Psychics have been around for thousands of year’s emperors, and heads of state have used them. A King may have wanted to take over another kingdom and would consult with their seer or fortune teller on the outcome. Many seers or so-called psychics of course knew what the King wanted to hear. Psychics knowing their own good fortune hinged on certain outcomes would be vague enough, so any answer could be the right one. Psychics may have been considered, not of this world, so any incoherent statements were dismissed. Seers and fortune tellers may not have had the ability to tell the future but simply had considerable logic.

True psychics have more than good logic they have the ability to see events in the past, present and future. Psychics can find a missing person by perceiving events that had happened in the past. Another possibility is psychics can gather information in the present because someone has that information about events in the past. It is a vision if it has not happened, but is predicted to happen. If the event had already, taken place psychics have the ability to gather information. Information may be gathered in the form of a vision some have said things just pop into their head.

Many people shrug off certain things that cannot be readily explained. Do psychic have heightened sense far beyond that of most people? How can psychics predict things, possibly because there are clues that lead up to events? Psychics may have the ability to receive and translate information on a level that cannot be explained. History repeats itself many claim, so any event that has once happened is destined to happen again. Psychics have the ability to gather information from the past to predict the future.

MotherIs intuition the same as having psychic ability? A Mother is busy in one room, and her child is playing quietly in another. Having no reason other than she must check the Mother finds the child is about to injure themselves. Did the Mother hear a sound, feel the air move differently? The Mother knew something was wrong.

Somehow, she received a signal by a noise or some stirring. The Mother’s mind was processing things; one part of the brain was on the child. It is highly possible that Mother and child have a mental connection. This would seem very natural and almost expected. Is it psychic by pure definition, it can be called that, although it has been called over the years a Mother’s instinct.

A Mother and child are getting ready to go to the park, and the Mother gets this feeling of dread. The child is fine and playing nearby. Mother and child continue to get ready, and that dread has turned into something more like a premonition. The Mother knows they must not go to the park she does not know why. The Mother knows something would happen, unlike checking on the child and fearing something was happening.

The Mother was not at the park to get a sense of something not right; the Mother’s intuition was not able to assess the surroundings. The Mother knew miles from the park something would happen. Many people would say the Mother was psychic because she saw future events.

Intuition is processing information immediately for danger that is present. Meeting someone for the first time a person gets a feeling, something is not right. Information, on the present situation, is processed for danger to a child, family member, or themselves. It is reasonable to assume that individuals have different levels of intuition. Premonition of danger and seeing the danger in a vision is simply different levels of abilities for psychics.

Can one distinguish between intuition and being psychic? Psychics can easily tell if a room has bad vibrations or has had some traumatic event happen. They may even be able to see what had happened in the room, and what might happen. Intuition would allow someone to sense something not right but may not sense danger because there may not be any danger. Events that psychic see unfold in the future are not always terrible events.Psychic

Intuition is possibly a tool developed out of necessity thousands of years in the past. Humans had only themselves to rely on, and for survival, they needed intuition. From need, the human brain adapted to provide more survival tools.

From intuition, possibly psychic ability grew as another survival tool. Today’s humans for the most part do not live with danger at every turn. The brain may have decided some tools are not as necessary. Adaptation may take hundreds if not thousands of years; psychics may very well be individuals that have retained some survival tools.


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, psychic reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


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    tony August 25, 2017

    TYVM. I can detect BS and insincere people.

    • Avatar
      Angela August 28, 2017

      You’re welcome Tony! Intuition is a great skill to have.

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    Alissa June 20, 2018

    Hi Angela. Do you think psychic ability is something that we can develop even later in life, or is it a gift that you have to be born with?

    • Avatar
      Angela June 20, 2018

      Hi Alissa,

      Its definitely something you’re born with. Its possible however that you are born with the gift but it just needs to be developed. If you feel you are Psychic try developing and growing it, you’ll know very quickly if it’s there is something there.


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