Miranda Sensitive Psychic Review- Is Medium Miranda A Scam?

I came across a Dutch psychic medium named Miranda Sensitive Psychic while looking up a different psychic page called ‘Laura My Clairvoyant,’ which is, without a doubt, a scam. They, along with a website called ‘My Mystic Land,’ are a landing page website that provides links and promotes other psychic scam websites. I will also review them, but I noticed Miranda is more popular, so I wanted to start with her.

The fact that Miranda Sensitive Psychic- who also goes as Medium Miranda- is being promoted by other psychic scam websites automatically told me that she was a scam. However, I wanted to be fair and take the time to research her personally. I started by checking out her website and immediately noticed all the dead giveaways, confirming that she was a psychic scam.

1st Giveaway: She Offers Free Readings

One telltale sign that almost all scamming psychics have in common is giving away “free” readings. Genuine psychics don’t try to trap you into communicating with them by promising you free services. They know they’re gifted and talented and that they provide a valuable service. Giving free readings is a popular tactic amongst fakes. They do this because they know that getting a reading done for free is too good to pass up for many people.

Victims then give them their email address, phone, physical address, whatever, and the scamming psychics go to town. They bombard their prey nonstop and even use scare tactics to get them to pay for more readings. The first reading is always extraordinarily generic, and they send the same thing to everyone, word for word.

2nd Giveaway: The Manipulative Emails

Once she gets her victims’ personal information, like email address, name, date of birth, etc., under the premise of a free reading, Medium Miranda begins to toy with her unsuspecting target. She uses manipulation and scare tactics to elicit a response and payment from them for more information. She preys on people’s fears, hopes, problems, and emotions.

She also lies to people by telling them that they have a curse on them that was either placed there by someone jealous or that they were born with it. I cannot stress enough how untrue this is! Curses and spells are not real! Please don’t fall for or worry about this. Once a psychic begins threatening you with this, you must immediately cut off communication with them.

Medium Miranda creates difficulties and problems in people’s lives that didn’t exist before, then charges them to “fix” them. It’s a terrible tactic that scamming psychics love to use. This is another reason I love these psychic networks listed at the bottom of this article; they never play games or try to trick you, and they don’t try to sell you charms or talismans that supposedly protect you from bad luck.

3rd Giveaway: She Claims To Know Your Future

fortune teller

I also noticed that Medium Miranda claims to be able to “know your future.” True psychics don’t pretend to have this power, contrary to popular belief. They cannot tell you whether you will win the lottery, get promoted, lose a loved one, etc. We are all blessed with free will and can change our future whenever we decide to. What they CAN do is help you see things more clearly with their intuition, sixth sense, ESP, and various psychic tools. They see things in a way you or I cannot see and use that gift to guide you.

They help you look deep within yourself to discover your true identity and realize what path is best for you. They teach you how to accomplish your goals, find your soulmate, grow spiritually- things like that. If you’re ready to experience the life-changing power of a legitimate reading, click here to view my list of top-rated, trustworthy, and reliable psychic networks. They only work with psychics who have been tested, verified, and come with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

4th Giveaway: The Lack Of Real Reviews

While researching Miranda Sensitive Psychic, I could not find any actual reviews by real people. The only reviews available are on her website and are more than likely placed there by the website’s creators when they set it up. Normally when a psychic is genuine and truly gifted, I can find honest reviews on other sites, not just on the psychic’s website.

Real-time reviews left by actual people are one of the best resources we can have when looking for a trustworthy psychic. It’s important to share both our good experiences as well as our bad experiences with others.

Final Giveaway: She Doesn’t Even Exist!

I would say that being fabricated by a marketing company is the biggest giveaway possible. It turns out that Miranda’s character and website were created and are owned by a company called Astro Corporation Ltd based out of Malta. All the fake psychic websites I’ve reviewed have been owned and operated by online digital marketing companies based in small European countries like Gibraltar or Asian countries like Hong Kong.

This has been the case with fake psychics such as Esmeralda Psychic, The Extraordinary Chris, Angel Medium Angela, and Medium Maria, to name a few. When I researched the website, I discovered that the owner paid for a service that hides their identity. Also, the computer that hosts this website hosts several similar websites, and three countries were involved in setting up the site- Malta, the US, and Canada.

This makes it almost impossible to track them down if you ever want to get a refund or stop automatic drafts from your credit card. Last but certainly not least, the image of Miranda is an internet stock photo! The image is of a woman paid to model for several photo stock websites, such as shutterstock.com. The website creator bought her photo out of all the options, jazzed it up to look more “cosmic,” slapped it on the website, and gave her a name and a fake backstory.

How can we trust anything from the website if she isn’t even a real person? For all the reasons above, I simply cannot recommend Medium Miranda, aka Miranda Sensitive Psychic. I would urge anyone considering her services to save money and contact a legitimate psychic from one of the psychic networks below when looking for authentic psychic help.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Miranda has actually written some very detailed emails to me that contain details of my life that would be impossible for a computer to generate. Some of the psychics mentioned with Astro Corp. also have LinkedIn accts with their personal pics posted , so they are real people. My experience is all I can speak for , and it wasn’t a bad experience.

    • There may be a real person sending the emails Kenneth but it doesn’t mean its “Miranda.” Linkedin account profile pictures can be gotten from anywhere on the Internet, it doesn’t mean they’re real people. Either way we will never know because the company behind Miranda is located in a foreign country so we can’t see who actually owns it.

  2. Miranda believe they whoever they are promote trauma chaos and fear that was not their prior. They are hooking into lie than money they are hooking into your energy.

  3. Miranda is a scam. She promised me a refund and then disapeared never to be seen. Response from some company. So many scams out there.

  4. Malta you say, ok now this all makes sense. Miranda is owned by an online casino. I’ve never used Miranda, but I have been gambling online, with sites based in Malta, check out the bull shit I received from Miranda today:



    Dear Miranda:

    With great honour and tremendous enthusiasm I accept your proposal: from this moment on, I will officially be part of Professor John White’s research team.

    My goal, and that of the other 49 participants in the project is to scrupulously follow the Professor’s instructions in order to verify the accuracy of his method: the Continuous mathematical advantage. I am fully aware that:

    * I will have to play at least once using the numbers that will be given to me;
    * The greater the number of times I play, the greater my chances of winning;
    * The numbers will be given to me all at once and I must scrupulously follow the order provided;
    * I will be able to use 6 numbers or just one: the greater the number of numbers I use, the greater my chances of winning.

    In order to respect the privacy of the project, I promise not to disclose the existence of the “Continuous mathematical advantage” to anyone. Should I not respect these conditions, Professor White may exclude me from the experiment.

    In light of these conditions, I authorise you to send me:

    1. The table with the 48 number selections, each consisting of 6 different numbers.

    2. The Range Point: a further table with 24 additional draws which I will be able to use when I see fit. This is a personal gift from Professor White to thank me for my help with his project.

    Being aware of the large amount of money that will come into my life, I look forward to all the material.

    Given that the secretarial and organisational expenses (which consist of 64,99 CAD ) are my responsibility, Professor White grants me all rights to the money earned while playing. This means that all the money I win will be my property.

    It is absolutely clear that, in compliance with your general conditions of the service, I am entitled to request a refund of the amount paid.

    I prefer to pay for my whole Study in one payment
    I prefer to pay for my whole Study in 2 payments

    64,99 CAD will be billed to your credit card in a single transaction.

  5. Lol, I actually stumbled upon Miranda in my spam folder and decided to sign up for a free reading out of sheer boredom. She sent me the “Talisman of Kings” which was literally a jpeg of some weird sigil (that’s supposed to help me how?) 3 days later, she sent me my reading which was just a bunch of BS that could literally apply to anyone, and of course at the bottom was a link to a payment page which charged me for $50. That’s when I knew for certain it was a scam. I just emailed her back and told her to bugger off.

  6. Omg she is horrible!! She won’t stop hitting me up with emails. The last thing I had to do was go to Church ad get a blessing from the pastor!!! She send me an email telling me that if I don’t answer her back with in the same day that she was going to be Forced to do something painful and permanent!!! Like look I don’t know this woman for nothing the things she told me at first was Actually true when she asked for more money and started harassing me everyday 3 or 4 times in a day that’s when I started to block her off my emails. Then she started texting me from other ways but with her name and picture!! I’ll wake up to seeing her sending me messages at 3 o’clock 4,5,till 6 o’clock Then she will start All over again at 9 o’clock in the morning!!! Things were happening to me ever since I’ve spoken to he!!!! She’s evil 👿 ad whoever’s behind this is just as fucked up as she is!!! She’s Demonic People Stay Away from the website her Name anything that has to deal with her!!! Nobody’s out to get you but Her. She will mess up your life ad turn your world upside down just because she wants your blessing that only comes from heaven from the hands of God!!! She told me she was going to destroy any notion I have of achieving a happy ad rich life!!! Wow 😳 now for real what psychic or medium would say that? So I went online cuz I had enough of her messing with me typed up her name to only find this website that Explains the cruelty She has done to more ppl!!!

  7. Those who have True sight don’t ask for money or power. I am part black witch and Christian. How can be both? I don’t make deals with demons. I made a deal with the boss off the cross. People say you can’t make agreements with God. Yes you can. St. Anthony was reincarnated at least three times. He made a deal to protect the true persons to the God source and take demons powers away to make them normal human s. Enough said. Believe it or not.

  8. Tara medium and Miranda medium are they fake they both have been emailing me to much I already told them that I don’t have the money but they keep sending me emails over and over and over again tara medium they both charged high and then they lower it Miranda medium says she takes payments but I keep emailing both of them back telling them that I don’t have the money I don’t know what or why they don’t understand the fact that I said I don’t have any money means to them

    Miranda already told me that she already did a reading and that she seen that there was nothing good coming to me at all for a long time and not even in the future

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