5 Helpful Tips For Consulting A Psychic Medium

Losing a loved one can turn your life completely upside down in a matter of seconds. It’s a difficult thing for anyone to have to endure and you might be looking for all the help you can get in order to heal your hurting heart. This is where speaking to a psychic medium really helps. They can relieve some of the grief you’re feeling by relaying messages between you and your deceased loved one.

I have had so many readers message me to tell me that they used to be skeptics and thought mediums were only used by people who didn’t know any better but are now believers themselves after having experienced their gifts firsthand. I honestly believe a good session with an authentic psychic medium truly aids in the grief process.

Speaking to a medium is a big step in the right direction, but it’s important that you be fully prepared in order to get the most out of it. The five tips below will help you get the most benefit out of your consultation:


Consider Where You Are In Your Grieving Process

psychic help with grief

What is your current “grief stage?” Is the loss very recent and you’re still in disbelief that your loved one is gone? Do you currently wake up every morning imagining that it was all a bad dream and that they are still here with you? Do you have immense feelings of anger or depression? Do you cry at the drop of a hat when you think about them?

Take a good, hard look at your state of mind concerning the loss and be honest with yourself. If the loss is still very fresh and you’re having a hard time accepting the reality of it, you may want to hold off on speaking to a medium at the moment.

Instead, consider joining a support group or having a general reading with a regular psychic first. This will help you find more solid ground and understand the situation better before speaking to a spirit medium.

The mediums I have spoken to all agree that time isn’t necessarily a deciding factor in whether or not the spirit of your loved one will come through to them during a session. They could still make contact with them even if they just recently passed.

However, they also agreed that having group or individual sessions before speaking to them will benefit you more in the long run. You will get more out of the reading if you’ve had time to process your loss and come to terms with it. You don’t have to be okay with the loss obviously, but you need to be in a place where you understand the full scope of what has happened.

It will be better for you if you are no longer at the stage where you feel mad at the world for what has been taken away from you. If you can think of your loved one and smile at the pleasant memories you had with them instead of crying or if you wake up every day with a positive attitude and the intent to make the best of the life you have left then you are ready.

Otherwise, you may have undue expectations from the medium that might be hard, if not impossible, to meet and that will only lead to more disappointment for you. The better emotional state you’re in, the better you’ll be able to accept and understand the messages that are relayed to you.


Choose A Trustworthy Spirit Medium

fake psychic

Throughout civilization, there has never been a shortage of psychics. There have always been special individuals amongst us that are gifted with unique abilities that allow them to see things we cannot see and hear things we cannot hear. They range from money-sucking scam artists to celebrity endorsed idols.

For every genuine and honest psychic there is, you can rest assured there will be a scheming charlatan right behind them. It’s important that you find an authentic psychic medium you can trust. I know this is easier said than done, which is why I’ve dedicated so much of my time and energy to seeking out and reviewing authentic psychics.

All of the psychics I’ve reviewed and recommend on my reviews page have been tested and verified. They are not the “here today, gone tomorrow” types and you can always get your money back if you were not satisfied. They are the only ones I trust now after the bad experiences I had with local psychics in the past.

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I love that none of the psychics on these psychic networks try to scare or threaten me with curses or spells. They don’t tell me that I have to pay them money for special candles and talismans, and they don’t run off as soon as I start asking challenging questions.

I also like all the different choices I have for communicating with them- I can talk to them over the phone, through video messaging, or by chatting with them online.


Take Some Time Before The Session To Reflect On Your Loved One

self reflection

Before you have your session with the medium, it’s a good idea to take some time to think about your loved one. Picture them in your head and talk to them honestly. Tell them that you’re going to be speaking to a psychic medium in an effort to get in touch with them.

Ask them to be open to receiving the medium and to come through for them. Even though you’re not a medium yourself who can receive messages from your loved one, they may still be able to hear you. Let them know that you miss them and that you want to know how they’re doing.

When you first start talking to the medium, ask them to explain the whole process to you in detail. Stay calm, be open, and try to be as relaxed as possible during the reading. It’s easy to get yourself worked into a frenzy at the thought of being able to communicate with someone you miss so much, but trust me on this one.

It will a much better experience for you and it’ll be easier for the medium to make contact if you can remain calm and open-minded. Don’t worry about saying too little or too much, about saying the wrong things, or about verifying what they’re saying is true. Just sit back, listen, and give them feedback afterwards if you’d like.

If you try to give them feedback about everything during the reading, it can distract you and cause you to miss some important things.


Have Reasonable Expectations And Keep An Open Mind

keen an open mind

Even though authentic psychic mediums perform life-changing work, it’s important that you don’t go in full of impossible expectations. Be reasonable and receptive to what they are saying. Don’t take your anger, hurt, and frustration out on the medium. Psychics are only human and they have good days and bad days just like the rest of us.

There are also times when the spirit of your deceased loved one just isn’t quite ready to communicate yet. They could be confused about everything that’s happened to them or even still be traumatized a little bit. Yet another reason why giving it some time after the death has happened is better.

The spirit will be more likely to accept the medium and come through to them once some time has passed and they have found their bearings. You may notice that each time you speak to the medium, more and more astonishing information that only you and your loved one could possibly know comes through.

The reason for this is because the spirit warms up to the idea of communicating with you through a medium a little bit more with every session and gets more comfortable. Some people have an amazing experience the very first time they talk to a spirit medium and are completely satisfied, never feeling the need to call again.

The medium was able to reach the loved one to relay important messages, and the caller heard exactly what they needed to hear in order to move forward. However, if this isn’t the case for you the very first time, don’t give up just yet.

As I mentioned, there are so many different factors at play and it can be hard to have everything come together perfectly the very first time. I suggest trying at least one more time and speaking to a different medium if you don’t feel you clicked with the first one.

The relationship between you and a medium is a very intimate one and you have to be compatible and trust each other. You need to feel comfortable with them in order to be at your most relaxed; the same goes for them with you. If you’re being impatient or hostile towards them, they won’t be able to fully relax and contact with your loved one will be more difficult or take longer.

There are times when two people are just simply not on the same wavelength and there’s nothing wrong with that! If the information the medium is giving you doesn’t feel right, or just doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to kindly let them know. When you go through a trusted online psychic network, they want you to have the best reading possible and will do whatever it takes to make it right.

Even if it means finding you a different medium that you might connect with better on an emotional level or refunding you for the reading. Don’t let a less-than-ideal first experience discourage you from trying again with a different medium, you’ll only be cheating yourself if you give up after the first try.


Take Notes Or Record The Conversation

record your psychic reading

There are so many thoughts and emotions flowing through your body during a session with a medium and you may not be able to process it all or understand everything at the time. I always recommend taking notes during the reading. You can also record the conversation with an app on your phone if you’d prefer.

There is so much information coming through during a reading that it can be hard to remember it all afterwards. Some of it might not even make sense at the moment but becomes so much clearer later when you go back and read your notes.

As I mentioned, a spirit reading is a very emotional experience and it’s hard to fully grasp information when your emotions are heightened. Having it written down or recorded allows you to review it later when you’re more grounded and in a calmer state of mind.

If you choose to talk to a friend or family member about your experience with the medium, having these notes can help you explain the conversation with them. I do urge you to be careful who you speak with about such a sensitive subject though.

Some people don’t understand psychics or medium and it may even go against their beliefs if they don’t think psychics can be Christian. You could be faced with harsh criticism or judgement by people who don’t understand. Make sure to only talk to those you can truly trust and who will be supportive of your decision.

It’s a good idea to think about new ways to stay connected with your loved one even after the sessions. You may not be able to hear them but they might be able to hear you and it can make you feel more open and freer.

Speak out loud to them, talk to them in your head, write letters to them, display more pictures of them in your home. Combined with speaking to a medium, these actions help you work through your grief and you may find that one day, you feel better and you no longer need to talk to them as much.

You can say goodbye to them and let them move on, while you move on as well. This doesn’t mean you no longer care about them or miss them, it just means you’re in a better place emotionally. It means that you’ve come to understand the circle of life and that you realize you may seem them again one day.

Until then, you have the right to live your best life and not remain in a pit of depression for the rest of your life. Your loved one would never want that for you.

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