What Is Lucid Dreaming? Do Lucid Dreams Have Important Meanings?

Sometimes we dream while still conscious and know we’re in a dream. When this happens, we can take control of our actions until we wake up. These dreams are unique and are known as “lucid dreams.” For most people, they don’t happen frequently. However, people who want more can generate them through deep concentration.

If you have yet to have a lucid dream or want to learn how to make them happen more often, I suggest speaking to a psychic advisor. They can give you tips and methods for inducing them. These dreams are life-changing; once you’ve had one or two, you’ll understand why they’re so special.

Lucid Dreaming: In Control Of Your Dreams

Lucid dreams are nothing like everyday dreams most people have. One thing that separates them is that during a lucid dream, the person can take control of their actions. People can perform physical activities, make decisions, and have thoughts. These dreams seem and feel 100% like waking life. People in this state are conscious of what they’re feeling and experiencing.

If they’re flying in the air, walking on water, or doing other movements during their dream, it feels like they’re doing it in real life. They can feel the air blowing across their bodies and hear the sound they make as they move through the air. If they’re walking on water in the dream, they can hear the gentle waves and feel the unsteadiness beneath them.

They can decide whether to reach down and touch the water or dive into it, and their dream will follow. It’s like writing your dream script. Some experience dreams within a dream. The sleeper realizes they’re in a dream and then wakes up suddenly in a different dream. It’s also known as a “fake awakening.” It’s definitely an unforgettable experience.

Psychics Take Extra Interest In Lucid Dreams

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Psychics have much deeper interpretations of lucid dreams than regular dreams, and they get more information about a person during these dreams. One big reason is that the person experiencing a lucid dream can manipulate their actions during the dream. This power taps into the spiritual consciousness, and psychics can read that. Regular dreams already hold a lot of meaning, and people regularly ask psychics about them.

The psychic community has established basic meanings associated with specific images or actions. Lucid dreams hold even more meaning to psychics because of how detailed and vivid they are. A person has to be feeling something strongly for them to experience it in their sleep. When it comes to sleep, technically, the dreamer is asleep, but it doesn’t feel like they are to them. Since they can decide what to say or do next, the idea that they’re asleep seems silly.

During normal dreams, we’re as helpless as it gets, and we can’t choose anything that goes on or what we want to happen next. That’s why believing we’re still asleep during a lucid dream is hard. It goes against everything people have ever told us, but I’ve learned that not everything has a scientific explanation. Most psychics feel the same way about lucid dreams and interpret them as the following:

Lucid Dreams May Be Future Events That Should Have Taken Place

lucid dream future events

Some dreams give us insight into the future. When a person does certain things in their lucid dream, chances are these things will no longer happen in the future. The dreamer has already changed the course of action by viewing the outcome of that path in the dream. It’s similar to the butterfly effect. One small action can alter the course of the future.

Once you’re aware of something, you start thinking about it. Thinking about it gives you knowledge, and this knowledge changes your perspective. Once you’ve changed your perspective, you may choose to no longer go that route. Then there’s free will which ensures that the future is never set in stone, and we can change it whenever we want.

That’s why you should never believe a ‘psychic’ who promises to know exact details about your future. That’s impossible to do, even for the most gifted psychic. It’s just one of many scams fake psychics like to pull on people. Stick to reputable psychic readers like the ones on my psychic review page for honest advice and guidance.

Things The Dreamer Wants To Do In Real Life

Some people dream about their ambitions or how they want their future to look. When they encounter these things in lucid dreams, they tend to react to them like they would in real life. For example, ever since you can remember, you’ve dreamt of a house in the suburbs with three beautiful children. Then one night, you dream of this exact future in a lucid dream.

Everything is so crystal clear and detailed. You even have an address and your children’s names in the dream. Then, when you wake up and go on to live your life, you know that you enjoyed that life in your dream and that it’s definitely something you still want. Perhaps you look up the address and buy a house near there. If you have three children, you give them those same names from your dream.

Or, maybe you realize that this kind of life is more hectic than you imagined, thanks to how realistic your dream was. In your dream, you felt stressed and like you never had enough time for yourself. You decide this isn’t your ideal life anymore and adjust your plans. That’s just a small example of how lucid dreams can tell you what you want to do in real life.

However, having these dreams doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come true. Their purpose may be to indicate a future event or offer a sneak peek of what’s to come. Knowing what you did when confronted with the situation in a dream allows you to see how you would deal with the issue when it takes place.

Lucid Dreams Of Past Encounters

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams can also take a person down memory lane. There are times when the dreamer goes back to their past. Remembering the past is especially helpful when it leaves a person with more questions than answers. Maybe you were on the verge of getting married; you had said ‘I do’ and picked out a venue. Then all of a sudden, your partner calls the whole thing off.

They can’t explain it to you, except they’ve changed their mind and want to end things. You don’t know what to think about it, nor do you get the chance to. They want to move on with their life and ask that you do the same. Looking back at this painful event during a lucid dream, you see things you didn’t see before. You can see where you made mistakes or didn’t appreciate them enough.

Analyzing the past can provide helpful insight, give answers to questions and help you realize the importance of things you experienced. It’s common not to think about the meaning of something while it’s happening; it’s just what we do. But studying a past event can tell you a lot about yourself and your future. Consulting a psychic to interpret a lucid dream may be helpful, especially if you frequently experience them. 

Experiencing lucid dreams can also indicate that you have psychic abilities. Psychics can help you develop your powers if you believe you have them. These abilities include clairvoyance, empathy, and telepathy. Some of the most well-known and famous psychics discovered their psychic abilities through lucid dreaming.

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