Single And Don’t Know Why? 6 Common Reasons That Could Be Affecting You

Are you unlucky in love? Does it feel like everyone you know is in a happy relationship, but yours seem to end before they begin? There could be deeper and more complicated reasons why this may be happening to you that you might not know. Learning and changing things is always possible if you’re hoping to find love. The first step towards changing your situation is awareness. If you’re reading this article, you already know something has to give and that you should make changes. The second step is acceptance.

Acceptance means accepting a situation once you become aware instead of fighting it or getting defensive. Being in denial won’t get you very far in life. The third step is action. Once you’re aware of the problem and accept that it’s making you suffer, you should act to fix the problem. Thanks to their natural gifts and intuition, psychics are great at helping you with all three steps. Speak with one if you can’t ever seem to start or maintain a relationship and need to figure out why.

You Have Low Self-Esteem

No confidence

Low self-esteem or confidence makes allowing yourself into a loving relationship difficult. You may not believe in your worth or trust yourself to be “dream relationship” material. You could also wrongly tell yourself that “people like you” can’t possibly have that kind of unconditional love. Another thing is that not believing in yourself enough can make you reject the right people.

This happens unconsciously and keeps you from dealing with these complicated feelings of unworthiness. Instead of fighting for what you deserve, even if it seems within reach, you tell yourself it’ll never happen and never take the chance with people. You don’t pursue relationships, stay single, or go for the wrong types. You go for the ones that don’t deserve your love and don’t treat you the way you deserve.

They take advantage of you, lie to you, insult you, cheat on you, or do other unacceptable behaviors. You eventually decide they’re more work than they’re worth (rightly so) and break up with them, finding yourself once again single and questioning your ability to maintain any relationship. In such cases, being single is way better than having a painful relationship with a jerk!

It’s Never Too Late To Build Up Your Confidence And Self-Esteem

It might not be the easiest thing to do, but it is possible! Not only will it take your love life to the next level, but it’ll also take your whole life to the next level in every area possible. The old saying “you can’t love someone until you love yourself” is 100% true. The sooner you believe in yourself and see your worth, the better your life will get.

Unconditionally loving yourself is the only way to go in today’s society, where everyone only seems to be looking out for themselves. If you need help becoming more confident, check out this article. Psychics are also an excellent resource for finding your path toward confidence and self-esteem and helping you move forward. They can shed light on things you had no idea about before.

You Have An Insecure Attachment Style

Attachment style

If you’ve never heard of John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, I suggest you check it out; it’s fascinating. It’s a well-used framework for understanding why people develop insecure attachments and attachment disorders. In a nutshell, he believes that attachment styles and disorders stem from early childhood experiences. He thinks they stay with us throughout our lives, causing problems and making it hard to relate as adults. These problems include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fear of intimacy
  • Being too clingy
  • Getting into unhealthy or even dangerous relationships
  • Developing idealistic and unhelpful concepts about how a relationship should be
  • Jealousy in relationships
  • A lack or fear of commitment

About 40% of the western population is believed to suffer from attachment disorders and have insecure attachment styles. This issue is a serious one that can affect you without knowing what it is! Learning about the different attachment styles, recognizing your own, and understanding yours allows you to work on yourself and the issues that could have stemmed from your childhood.

Resolving these issues puts you where you can fix the damaging patterns you’ve been experiencing. Once you remove these negative patterns, you can replace them with positive ones, which leads to safe and healthy relationships. You’ll no longer be afraid to let yourself be vulnerable or have a crippling fear of rejection.

You Suffer From Mommy Or Daddy Issues

Parental issues

Mommy or daddy issues affect thousands worldwide. If it feels like you always have the same issues with a partner that you did with one or both of your parents, you could be experiencing this issue. It means that you’re subconsciously trying to fix the problems you had with your parents through your relationship. Doing this will understandingly cause issues with your partner because nobody wants to pay for the mistakes of others.

Taking it out on your partner might feel good at the moment, but it doesn’t fix the situation with your parent and will only lead to a breakup. The silver lining is that you may be ready to fix these issues with your parent. That’s why this is even coming up in your love life. Experiencing mommy or daddy issues is an excellent sign that it’s time to resolve these parental issues. Often, this healing is best done without the parent because most parents don’t want to admit wrongdoing.

They are in denial or blacked out that part of raising you because they realized they could have done better. You don’t need them to heal from your childhood; you only need to want to and work through it on your own. You can consult self-help books, start journaling, see a therapist, read online blogs about healing, or (my favorite) consult an online psychic advisor with tons of experience in healing childhood traumas and moving forward with your best life.

Hold off on starting a new relationship until you’ve resolved these childhood issues. This way, you can start with a clean slate once you meet somebody new. This fresh start gives you the best opportunity to experience and enjoy a healthy and loving relationship without ghosts from your past returning to haunt you.

You Have A Fear Of The Opposite Gender

Low self esteem and low confidence

Fearing the opposite gender might sound strange, but it can happen subconsciously. It’s so common that it has a name-‘heterophobia.’ It could stem from something as small as seeing a bad person in a scary movie you saw as a child or something as traumatic as being molested or harassed by a member of the opposite sex during your developing years. Some people have a fear or distrust in something different from themselves, but this is less common.

Humans are good at blocking specific memories or pushing them so far down they think they’re over it. We don’t realize that these things will stick with us forever if we don’t address them. If you’re afraid of the opposite sex, this is an excellent time to speak with a psychic for help. They can delve deep into your past and help uncover the things holding you back. Once they’ve worked with you to discover that, they can help you work through it all and put it behind you.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations For A Partner

high expectations in relationship

Disney cartoons and Hollywood movies are notorious for giving us unrealistic expectations we think we need to live up to. They fill our heads with images of what type of partner we should find attractive and how we should never settle for anything less than perfect. Nobody is perfect and can tell you how your relationship should be.

We’re all different, and while some may like to have their partner open their car door for them every time, some prefer to open their own doors. It doesn’t mean their partner is a bad person for not doing so; it’s just not how their relationship works. Is it possible you’ve fallen into the trap and been trying to build a relationship based on unnatural and unrealistic expectations?

Do you refuse to give anyone the time of day if they don’t look like the people you see on television? Do you stop talking to people when you discover that what they do for a living isn’t exactly glamorous? If so, there’s no better time to start thinking about how you’re sabotaging your chances of love. Meditate, journal, speak to a psychic, whatever helps you work out what’s important for you in a partner and a relationship.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have specific standards or preferences, and you shouldn’t say “yes” to just anybody who asks you out. You can still have certain expectations, but ensure they’re reasonable and realistic. Don’t ask more from someone than you’re willing or able to give back; don’t expect every person you meet to be perfect and flawless. Decide what flaws are deal breakers and which ones you’ve been too unforgiving about.

You Are Isolated


The world is a big, big place! Some live right in the middle of all the action, in crowded metropolitan cities surrounded by people day and night. Others live in rural areas where it can be hard to meet like-minded people. Or perhaps they have work-from-home jobs that keep them from going into the world daily. Many are timid and avoid people because they can’t handle the stress and anxiety of being around those they don’t know.

Are any of these you? Isolation is one of the biggest reasons many people are single, especially in our digitally connected world where we can get things delivered to our front door without having to step foot near others if we don’t want. While having the ability to stay away from people might be appealing, it could also be keeping you from meeting that special somebody.

If you think you’re too isolated, you should start thinking of ways to get back in touch with people. Maybe you never believed in online dating, so you’ve just been waiting and hoping to meet someone special in person. If you live in a more remote area, you could wait longer than you’d like. Make an online dating profile and see what happens!

Don’t Dismiss The Power Of Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can be just as serious and meaningful as regular ones. If anything, they can create a more profound and longer-lasting bond because of how much you learn from each other over time. If you hit it off well online, you can plan an event to meet in person. You’ll feel like you already know them, and it can be less awkward than if you just run into someone at the store.

If you’re around people often but are too shy, you need to learn to let go of some of that nervousness. Sometimes the most uncomfortable things have the best return on investment. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t like what’s going on, and you leave, but at least you know you went out and tried. Have a night out on the town with friends, attend parties you’re invited to, etc. Don’t let shyness hold you back. If you have a job that keeps you in the house, you can sign up for some classes or events in town.

Join a book club, sign up for a yoga class, or enroll in a group fitness program. Attend anything that connects you with other people. If any of these reasons sound like something you’re experiencing, don’t hesitate to get help from a genuine and trustworthy psychic. They can help you begin your healing journey and lead you toward romantic bliss. Click the box below for a list of some of my favorite and most trusted psychics.

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