The Most Common Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them

Psychics can help your life in many ways, whether preparing for a trip, making important relationship decisions, or helping you manage a career change. When contacting a psychic, they must work in your best interest. People commonly consult their psychic when they’re about to undergo a major life change or make an important decision. They also consult them when they’re confused or upset about things going on in their lives.

We all experience difficult times, and we need to know the psychic we choose will look out for us. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some psychics are only in it for power and money. Learning a fake psychic has scammed you is frustrating and heartbreaking, especially when you trusted the psychic for years. The first thing to remember is that psychic scams are extremely common.

Remember, it isn’t your fault if you’ve been a psychic scam victim. Don’t let it dissuade you from contacting a genuine psychic. If you get caught up in a psychic scam, immediately cut off all contact with them and let others know. To avoid being scammed in the first place, avoid in-person psychics when possible. They’ve learned all the ways to scam people. They can read your body language, voice changes, eye movements, etc.

They don’t have true psychic skills like online or phone psychics. Be sure to use a network of telephone or online psychics with a proven track record and accountability to a company. These psychics have been vetted, tested, and verified for you by the network. Go to their websites and read their profiles to find the one you like most. I’ve compared the most trustworthy online psychic sites for you here. 

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Psychic Scam #1 – Cold Readings AKA “The Guesser”


Cold readings are when your psychic makes a bunch of random guesses. I call them “guessers” because that’s all they are; they’re just pretending to be gifted so they can take your money. They can’t pick up and read your energy and lack the deep intuition and powerful instincts that real psychics are born with. Their lack of actual gifts makes them unable to help you meaningfully. They can’t help you devise a personalized plan to fix your problem. They can’t help you make the future you dream of a reality.

The guesser has trained themselves to read between the lines. They learned how to coax information out of you without you knowing. They then use this information to convince you they know what they’re discussing. That’s called a “cold reading.” Sometimes they guess correctly during a cold reading based on your previous answers, which convinces you that they’re the real deal, and you keep giving them more information.

Often, the information you provide them reveals your deepest fears and desires. These “psychics” feed into those fears and desires and use them against you. They tell you what you want to hear instead of giving valuable advice based on true psychic abilities. The best way to avoid a guesser is to only go through psychic sites referred to you by someone you trust or who has been extensively reviewed.

Two Easy Ways To Spot A “Guesser”

  • Keep track of the advice and information that your psychic gives you. If the information is continually wrong over a month or two, you have a guesser.
  • Another way to tell is if the psychic starts trying to sell you on special chants or spells that can eliminate your negative energy.

A good psychic knows that chants and spells do not remove bad energy. A psychic is there to read your energy and warn you about pending problems, not to do chants and spells. They use your energy to help you find the best solution or make the best decision for you. If your psychic tries to charge you high rates for getting rid of bad energy, they are a guesser. They’ll lie to you and try everything they can to scam you. They don’t have your best intentions and only want to take advantage of you. Run away from these types as fast as possible!

Psychic Scam #2 – Fear Tactics, Possessions, And Curses

Spells and curses

The 2nd most common scam is using demonic possessions or telling you you’re cursed. For example, a psychic trying to scam you will tell you that a demonic spirit is following you, and they’ll then say they can remove the spirit through a series of expensive ceremonies. Unfortunately, these “rituals” are elaborate and dragged out as long as possible. The scammer will string you along for weeks, months, or sometimes even years! It can be a very emotionally draining experience.

The psychic will tell you that first, you need to purchase exotic and pricey herbs, totems, expensive candles, jewelry, pendants, and stones. They’ll then prescribe ceremonies for you to do on your own. After that, they’ll create a series of rituals they’ll perform on you for several large, up-front payments. Fake psychics always insist on more frequent readings without any discount. It’s quite the opposite when it comes to payment. The psychic may insist that the readings are getting more intense and will raise the cost of each session.

The fake psychic will hone in on your bad experiences during a series of readings. They will ask you to discuss those experiences in great detail and notice your reaction. Over time, the psychic forces enough of these discussions that you begin to believe that you are cursed. It would be best to stop speaking to the psychic immediately when they mention curses. You or your loved ones are not cursed because there’s no such thing as curses. Don’t fall for this age-old trick.

Cursed egg scam

That’s a common one, and it’s not always an egg. Psychics who engage in scams have a variety of methods for tricking you because they know you rely on them for important advice and take advantage of you. The cursed egg scam is part of an elaborate deception designed to steal wealth from the client by having the client bring the wealth to the scammer. That sleight-of-hand trick involves a trusting client and an opportunistic criminal.

The scam begins with the psychic convincing you that you’re cursed and that your money or possessions are the reason why. It plays on the guilty notion that some people have when they make a lot of money or are financially successful. They make you feel bad for your fortune and try to convince you that money is the root of all evil. The psychic asks the client to bring an egg to one of the readings to prove their point. They tell the client they are cursed if they find anything besides yolk in the egg.

The psychic then cracks the egg and uses a sleight of hand and distraction to trick you. Then, the con artist carefully drops red dye or human hair into the bowl with the cracked egg. When the client sees the egg they brought from home has foreign materials, just as the psychic said it would, it convinces them they’re cursed. The psychic then tells them to go home and gather all their money, credit cards, jewelry, and other expensive possessions they own.

They instruct them to meet them in a ritual spot where they’ll destroy everything. When you arrive with your valuables, the fake psychic gets to work. They distract you and switch the bag of money and goods with a load of newspapers. The worthless newspaper is destroyed before you, making you believe you’re free now. You’ll feel better, thinking you’ve shed your financial burden and guilt and have redeemed yourself.

Meanwhile, the psychic keeps the money, credit cards, and jewelry they hid from you. They do this repeatedly with as many clients as they can break down and convince. It may sound crazy to give your valuables to a psychic, but they are REALLY good at convincing you to hand them over and making you believe they’re doing you a favor.

Psychic Scam #4 – Aggressive Psychics That Can’t Control Their Emotions

psychic bully

When fake psychics want to go for big money, they’ll have no problem taunting, yelling, or threatening you. They’ll do whatever it takes to get your money and won’t take no for an answer. They’ll be rude and condescending when you tell them you want to go home and think about it first. It’s not uncommon for them to threaten to put a curse on your loved ones.

They’ll make scary threats and make you feel you don’t care about your family if you don’t pay up. They’ll also try to scare you into believing that bad health will fall onto you or a family member unless you come up with the money. These are all very cold-hearted and aggressive tactics. Sometimes they have someone else in the room to team up on you, usually a family member, like the mother/daughter team that got me for $2200 a few years ago. 

Other times they will bring in another “client” that vouches for their tactics. This person isn’t another client; they’re in on the scam. They will set it up to where the “client” is walking in simultaneously with you, and they sing the psychic’s praises. They’ll tell you that the psychic fixed their life and that you’re making a good decision.

Don’t Fall Into The Scammers Trap

The important thing to take away from this is not to let yourself become a victim. I know how easy it can be to fall for their trap when you need answers. I’ve been there too, but you shouldn’t trust just anyone who claims to be a psychic. Also, please don’t let the bad psychics keep you from speaking to good ones. Genuine psychics offer life-changing advice that will bring clarity to your life. They’re an excellent resource to have during tough or confusing times.

When you learn to identify a scamming psychic, you can avoid the bad advice and financial strain they cause. Take the time to find a psychic that helps you on your path instead of lying to you for a quick buck. Click the box below to be connected to the best psychics I’ve found. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and identifying psychic scams. The reason for this is that nobody deserves to get ripped off. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular scamming psychics here. Please read up on them and avoid these well-known fakes at all costs!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I know a group of gypsys psychics in Minnesota that were caught ripping off the public and they are still in business . My question is what it takes for these people to close their operations and quit taking money from the community. one of their office is 1700 West lake St. Minneapolis MN . 2nd > 2617 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis MN

    • HI Ana, my name is Sandy , and I have the same problem with these type of people at the same location, i have to go to court , they lied when you protest against them , and then they make a false harassment report to the authorities . In order to shut down their business, we need certain amount of signatures from the consumers , like us . I know that must be more then just us out there , that has been scammed. I f you know of more people , with the same complain about these individuals , or if you could give me more information about your case and when did this happened , and what was the out come with the police . Truly appreciate all the help you can give me . Ty

    • Hi Ana,

      Report them to the police and let them investigate. That’s about all you can do without being a vigilante.

      • I am a victim as well from the same location, from these gypsys, how many scams does it take to close their locations, and how much more money they are going to keep scamming, with their lies and brain washed to the public and poor old seniors out there. I am ready to do something about these particular bull shit lyers scammers,

        • The best thing to do is make a police report and also report them to the new cast
          In order to get it out there so other people can come forward and make reports regarding this. Psychics in Minnesota

        • Hi Ann, I think the problem is no one reports these crimes and when they do police don’t take them seriously. I think if more people reported them the police would be forced to take them more seriously. If you’ve been scammed please report it to the police even if you’re embarrassed.

  2. I was just scammed by a woman claiming to be the best psychic in the world she said that me an my boyfriend where cursed an if I didnt get her help I would lose him she asked me for more money an also said if I didnt send it she would close the case an no other psychic would be able to open it an I would get bad energy 8 times worse she really has me scared .what should I do ?

    • Hi Lily, I would cut this so called Psychic out of my life. Beware of any Psychic asking for money to remove curses, or any Psychic that uses the threat of being cursed forever. These people are fakes and are only trying to scare you out of your money. Don’t fall for it! Try contacting a Psychic at one of my recommended Psychic websites for a real reading with a real Psychic.

      • Real psychics don’t accept money.

        • We’ll just have to agree to disagree Bill. Real Psychics need to eat and what better way to provide for yourself than using your God given talents and gifts? You wouldn’t say “Real Doctors don’t accept money.” or “Real musicians don’t accept money” because that’s preposterous, everyone uses our talents, gifts and skills to earn a living and feed our families.

  3. I would like to know how to get rid of these charm sellers once and for all?

  4. Hi – My name is Donna Ray and I just received a letter from Professor Gaspar of L.A. He promises many things for a fee of $25. This is what most of them charge, but there letters are often different. I’m wondering how to tell if this person is legitimate when there have been no reviews of him and the BBB can’t get him to answer.

  5. Hi. I went to see a psychic that I heard on the radio. After second visit I was told I needed to buy 9 white expensive candles to free me from a curse & therefore show me the face of the one who cursed me. I spent $855.00 (I gave him the money to buy the candles) & I have not yet seen the candles. Afterwards I was told to cleanse myself (spiritual cleanse) with magnesium milk & olive oil & so I did something came out & the following day I took it to the psychic in a glass container with alcohol he said it’s a satanic larva he called another psychic & we were chatting live through his cell phone he said I had pooped the male & that the female is still inside of me & it can be very dangerous/deadly & that he has to do 33 spiritual sessions worth $8,000.00 to remove the female larva inside of me in order to be healthy & happy & he also said my daughter can be cursed as well. That scared me…..

  6. Are Tara visionary medium and Angela-Guardian Angel medium scams?

    • I have had experience with Tara medium.. She asks for money to do certain astral projections. Don’t go with her. Although she made one prediction for me that did come to pass a few years later. She doesn’t ask for a lot of money at first, but its the little bit here and the little bit there that adds up quickly. She had me do some kind of ritual that went south as soon as I finished it.. stopped using her after that. Found someone on ESPchat that gave me good insight on self development. I don’t do anything more than talk in a chat room with them for 24.99 a year. Private chats are optional, but some are pricy. They all seem very honest enough.

    • I have the same questions about Angela medium.. How to find out if it’s a scam?

    • I’m not aware of them Noreen. Just look for the warning signs I outlined in this article.

  7. Angela
    I received a letter in the mail from a psychic with the New Hope Emporium @PO Box 360889 Los Angeles.Her name is Angela Moore. Can you tell me anything about this same name psychic?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Tamara, the fact that they use a PO Box instead of a real physical address is a red flag for me. It’s a shame they have the same name as me but I am not affiliated with them. I’d steer clear most PO Boxes are untraceable. I’d be willing to bet this is a scam.

  8. Hi.i keep getting emails .from
    ANGELA MEDIUM and TARA medium.
    Are these scammers ?
    They are wanting around £69 for a reading.
    And also saying bad things might happen.

    • Hi Ian,

      I don’t know anything about those Psychics but I would be cautious with anyone that says “bad things” might happen if you don’t contact them. Sounds like a scam to me.

  9. Ann Steven not real site (www dot loveforforever dot com) don’t do it she’s from Houston TX, phone number 405*829*1060 how she has the website up I don’t know but don’t do it she a drunk and fake. through prayer and meditation She is so full of SH_T!! fee is $350 which i paid much less, I did not have that kind of money, suppose to be flat fee, the she came back wanting more. well shame on her. but the thing was she thought I hung up the phone , that’s when I heard the real. she’s fake using someone else website by the name of Victoria Page its blue with angles and hands. DONT DOT IT…. the original person Elizabeth Page is from Oklahoma City not Houston TX , How this woman Ann Stevens is doing this I don’t know but don’t do it. she accepts western Union , walmart to walmart, Western union need to notified not to allow this transactions to Houston TX in her name or phone number.

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