Are Psychics Satanic Or Evil In Nature?

You’ve just had a Tarot card reading, and after mentioning it to your coworker, she scolds you about the evils associated with the psychic world. You knew your coworker was very religious, but her tirade left you scratching your head in wonder.

Are psychics Satanic or evil? Are you now in danger of being taken over by evil demons that will follow you throughout your life? Relax, your coworker was simply passing on old beliefs she may have learned in Sunday School 20 years ago.

The Church Seems To Be The Biggest Opponent Of Psychics

catholic church

There are many reasons for this, but it may just boil down to bashing the competition. Not that a person can’t believe the church’s teachings and the power of psychics, but the two have been competing for a long time. Like in everything, there are honest preachers and those only in it for the money. The ones doing it for the money want their congregation to be as big as possible.

The more people attend, the more money they’ll donate to the church. The more money their church gets, the more they can pay themselves. It’s a sad truth, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Psychics threaten these types of people because they see them as competition. They’re afraid that if people get spiritual, mental, and emotional help from psychics, they won’t want to attend church anymore.

So to keep this from happening, they invent elaborate stories of evil psychics and make people associate them with Satan. Just like priests and preachers were born with a calling to serve their deities, psychics are also born with a calling to use their gifts to help others. Most psychics discovered their abilities as children and didn’t ask for them.

For example, some are born clairvoyants. As a child, they realized they could feel, sense, hear and even see things others couldn’t. Wanting assistance from someone who can help you with their abilities is an innocent act. There’s nothing evil about wanting an idea of what life has in store for you.

Be Open In Your Questions

The more open you are in your questions, the better the response will be. Preconceived notions are a real detriment in learning the truth. Entering a reading with an open mind is crucial. People usually bring up specific concerns that require clear answers with a psychic. “Will I be happy at my new job?” is an example of a question often asked of psychics.

However, we must be careful when asking specific questions like these because our questions often don’t allow enough room for a complete, accurate response. It’s usually better to broaden our questions, such as, “What kind of job would bring me happiness?” Allowing the truth to come out without prejudice is the key to an accurate, complete answer.

Being receptive is necessary for everything we do; psychic readings are no different. Try to keep the focus on yourself when seeking out the help of a psychic. When a person frees themselves from restrictive beliefs and keeps an open mind during readings, important information often flows freely from them under the guidance of a psychic.

You can’t fix anyone else, so focusing on yourself provides the perfect environment where the truth can benefit you the most. In short, the truth isn’t evil but can set you free. Let the universe provide the answers you seek, and stop thinking that you’re tapping into dark forces. You are not. Do you honestly believe God would have given a child unique abilities if they weren’t allowed to use them?

Psychics Don’t Use Satanic Rituals

satanic pentagram

Unfortunately, Satanic rituals exist but have no connection to psychics or psychic readings. Satanic worship is just that- worshiping Satan through ritualistic acts. People who practice these rituals worship or believe in someone other than God. On the contrary, psychics believe in God and credit him with their gifts. When psychics use their gifts as adults, they don’t tap into the forces of evil during readings. They merely assist in locating a person’s inner knowledge.

Most of the time, the answers are inside, waiting within us. Usually, we just need someone who can probe the inner workings of the psyche and extract our buried thoughts. These thoughts are neither good nor evil; they are just thoughts. Using a gifted person’s talents to better your life isn’t tapping into some dark force. There is nothing wrong with getting help with emotional trauma or baggage.

The sooner you rid yourself of this fear, the sooner your life can improve. Many religious factions believe that anything that isn’t God-based is Satanic. If that were the case, that would mean everything we do, other than worshiping God, is evil. Grocery shopping, working, exercising, and playing with our children would all come under the label of Satanic worship under this definition.

Psychics Are People Just Like You And I

The only difference between psychics and regular people is the special gift they were born with. Some people are born with the natural ability to understand math and numbers, and others perfectly master an instrument as children. Similarly, psychics are born with extrasensory perception, heightened intuition, and powerful instincts. They come from all different backgrounds, countries, and religions.

People who argue that psychics are evil may be under the impression that psychics aren’t human. They may view them as witches or monsters, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re human and just want to help us. For example, we all know that losing a loved one is one of the most devastating things we can experience in life. Many things may have been left unsaid, and the grief is unbearable.

I see nothing wrong with speaking to a psychic or empath for help. How can consulting a psychic during a difficult time be eviler than talking to a counselor or a therapist? They’re the same concept at the end of the day. The difference? One of them went to school to learn how to help people; the other was born with the ability to help people. 

People Often Misquote The Bible To Prove Psychics Are Evil

holy bible

Priests and pastors often misquote Bible verses as proof that psychic readings are evil and that we must avoid them at all costs. As is often the case when quoting the Bible, individual interpretations can blur the message to conform to a preconceived notion. Since the beginning of time, people have been twisting information to fit their narrative, and it will probably never stop. It’s the age-old rite of defending one’s belief system and, in turn, denouncing another’s.

This view often changes as a person’s beliefs change or they discover new information. No matter the reasons people seek a psychic’s help, the quest for knowledge and spiritual guidance will be around as long as there are people on the earth. Whether a person chooses to get spiritual guidance from a church, therapist, friend, or psychic isn’t anyone else’s business. One isn’t more right or wrong than another. And none of them are evil or Satanic in any way.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I have always held this point of view that its neutral at best.ive gotten chills at accuracies of my readings at times he gone for days. My entire life has been divided into two different opposing beliefs and just how far man goes to accomadate amd advance equality.

    • I think you’re right Sean. God would never burdon a person with these gifts if he didn’t want them to use them. I like to think most Psychics use them for the good of other people, but I know there are a few out there that use them for their personal gain. Using them for personal gain is the true sin, not the gifts God bestowed on them.

      • I am a 5 star psychic at Psychic Access..I’ve been there for 5 years…I’ve been a practicing psychic for 25 years….Although, I cannot speak for anyone else…I can assure you….I can do NOTHING for myself or my loved ones…I have to be careful not to build a personal relationship with my clients…..If I become too close to them….I get nothing….and am no longer able to help. So, if there are those who use their ability for personal gain….I’d like to know how…I barely make enough to pay my bills…and psychic access is more than fair with earnings…Better than any other site that I know of….And, I barely get by….

        • Hi Toni,
          Welcome to Psychic Review Online. Psychic Access is one of my favorite networks, I believe we have even spoken at one point! Most Psychics that I know personally aren’t wealthy either, and the ones that are achieved their wealth without the help of their gifts (they were savvy investors). Once you build a personal relationship with someone it becomes even more difficult to read them. I think that supposed “psychics” that manage to get very wealthy with their gift aren’t really Psychic, they’re just con-men, sort of like TV preachers. Being a Psychic is sort of a thankless job, but I sure appreciate what you do and the sacrifices you make to help other people! Whether you believe in God, Karma or whatever, I believe you will be rewarded one day for sharing your gift with others.

    • Christians more and more will need to tone it down as they make plans that never occur. Thank you for this I finally decided go all in and have gotten burned a few times

  2. Some people laugh at me- I was born with the shroud covering my body- My great Grandmother said at my birth- this child has been born with the ancient shroud-she will see sights and wonders- and I have but i keep my mouth shut because people will think I am crazy- I can smell death and I dream dreams that come true- I am a christian and have not practiced any thing- I fear if my boy friend finds out he will be afraid of me and n leave me- I see Spirits that people now say Ghosts are evil spirits-My life runs in two’s two names at birth, two birthdays, two families to raise me and sense my husband died two years ago it seems i am headed in that direction again- I lean toward physics but Two husbands- but my church frowns on people who predict the future- It is said no one actually knows until the time comes-I have not been able to talk to any one about this- Every physic on computer has predicted a great change in my life and wants to guide me- I am to come into a great fortune and all my dreams come true- but they want money-which I do not have- I believe them but thought they got there power from the devil and i do not want to get tangled up with him

    • I must be your twinn,almost word for word,when things come to me i want to hide under covers and start praying, i controll it so far.I could only afford bargan books to learn on my own,but felt like i needed someone to bring me back,i seen evil true evil, and didn’t know how to deal with it so i leave it alone.66 year old now,poor,and unlearned in it,but i can’t go churches either.I am a widow.alone

  3. one can only due what he or she feels what is correct, due as you must but bring harm to noone,harm no human animal,and feel free to pray and never fear the holy spirit. those are safe rules as I believe take care my friend,MM

  4. There were prophets mentioned in the bible so seriously some people who run churches have to stop twisting the facts. They obviously think a lot of people are stupid but that’s not the case.

  5. Dear Hurlow,
    When I was a child, I had to sleep with the light on because I ‘felt’ things around me, and thought they were evil. I would also feel things and dream things as well as smelling foreboding. So I ‘feel’ you. Overtime, I met someone who helped me understand all this and put it in perspective. It is NOT of the devil but simply a ‘gift’ of sorts and oftentimes comes at a personal price. Many I know who are also gifted have issues in their personal relationships and my belief is that as a result of having a brain that works a little differently, many do not understand us. It took me many years to put things into perspective and it truly is difficult to find someone who understands and will help without asking for bookoo bucks.

    As far as the Christian aspect, my argument is typically; “Do you believe we are in the end times? (many say ‘yes’) I then respond with Acts 2:17 which states; “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

    Hope this helps. 😉

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