AstrologyAnswers.Com Review- Is Astrology Answers A Psychic Scam?

When I discovered several years ago, they had a woman named “Katherine” as their founder. Unfortunately, Katherine was not a real person, and people didn’t take long to figure that out. Being found out like that caused the company to change things. They decided to promote a man named Adrian Duncan as their founder instead.

Duncan was featured throughout the website and was even the star of the introductory video they used to have. Duncan is a legitimate and skilled astrologer, so I can see why they partnered with him. He has written astrology books and even ran a school for astrologers. That’s the good news; the bad news is was only using his name.

He didn’t personally give readings or speak to customers. The relationship between him and was simply a financial one. They paid him to sign his name on emails and readings he didn’t write. Someone unknown was creating those readings and making it seem like they came from a genuine astrologer. While they still mention Duncan on the website as part of the team, it’s not very much.

Great Horoscopes, Poor Psychic Readings

AstrologyAnswerscom horoscopes is crafty; they’re very good at creating specific illusions they want potential customers to believe. However, their daily horoscope section has genuine content, and legitimate astrologers like Debra Silverman and Terence Guardino publish weekly videos. Silverman and Guardiano are skilled astrologers, and the information they give is accurate.

Adding this element of “realness” helps AstrologyAnswers seem genuine, giving people false hope and making them more likely to purchase readings from them. The problem is that Duncan, Silverman, and Guardino are all highly skilled astrologers, but there’s no way to consult them. It’s impossible to get a reading from any of them on They don’t give readings for AstrologyAnswers because they give them on their personal websites.

They’re only working with the website by lending them their name and persona and getting paid for it. The website makes you choose from other readers who you know nothing about and whose abilities are unknown. You can forget about getting a reading from a famous psychic on if that’s what you want. You can’t even get readings or speak to their “Master Astrologer,” Dawn Anne. Her name is on the emails and is all over the website, but she isn’t available for consultations.

Why I’m Suspicious Of

Astrology Answers

When you first land at, you’ll find your daily horoscope and some articles about astrology and the Zodiac. The articles are basic and offer little valuable life advice. Unfortunately, horoscopes are the only good thing about them. If you only want to read your daily horoscope, check them out. However, if you’re looking for authentic and honest psychic readings, please look elsewhere.

Consider any tested and verified psychic sites on my reviews page for genuine psychic consultations instead.

Another reason I don’t believe is genuine is because of their supposed “free” readings. These are just the beginning of a slew of generic readings you’ll receive if you sign up for them. To sign up for this introductory reading, you must give New Peak Media lots of personal information.

This information includes but isn’t limited to your date of birth, birthplace, marital status, employment status, gender, and gender. After giving them this information, you wait for the onslaught of emails you’ll receive. From the time I signed up for to now, I’ve received thirty-eight emails from them. That’s THIRTY-EIGHT emails in one and a half months!

That’s practically one a day. They, or Dawn Anne, would only take a break now and then from emailing me. The rate at which they send these emails tells me they’re probably not from Dawn Anne, and I’m willing to bet they’re not even from a real person. They’re computer-generated emails that they send to everyone simultaneously.

The Quality Of The Readings

All the readings have been so pushy and overly aggressive. They tell me that I need to see “where I went wrong,” that “I’m about to miss my chance for a better life,” that “I am missing out on a ‘fantastic’ life opportunity,” etc. When I bought the reading, I did a little experiment I do if I think a psychic is scamming me.

It’s very simple; I just signed up again but with a different name and email address. Not surprisingly, both readings were identical except for the name and birthdate! I had the choice of paying $67 once or $87 if I paid in three installments of $29. Since the readings are computer-generated, I got them within a few minutes of paying. This is just another tell-tell sign that nothing about the company is real.

I also learned that is associated with an astrologer named Norah from, who I’ve heard many negative things about. I will research her soon, but I wanted to bring it up quickly. She has a reputation for being fake and a scammer. must’ve realized Norah is a bad name to be associated with.

They tried to remove her name and all traces of her from their company. Norah doesn’t show up on, but I found a screenshot showing both names together on a reading request form. There’s no denying the two are currently or were at one point in business together. Considering the numerous claims that Norah is a psychic scam, affiliating with her raises red flags for me.

Norah Guide

Shared Negative Experiences

Psychic review

I continued researching to see how others felt about this company and discovered that I wasn’t the only one who felt like they were a scam. So many people said sent them readings for the wrong astrology sign despite giving them their birth date. There are also numerous complaints from people who had their credit card charged for more than what was agreed.

Many people were mad because they had already paid for a monthly reading package and never received anything. A staggering number of people complained about the generic content of the readings and how they could apply to anyone. Also, every reading comes with an upsell towards the end, which is highly annoying.

They claim to offer a 60-day refund policy if you’re unsatisfied with the services. This timeframe is generous, but several users stated they never got a refund despite their request. I haven’t personally tried to get a refund, so I can’t confirm or deny it, but it was a common complaint. If you decide to get a reading or pay for any of their services, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Use a prepaid or one-time use credit card so they can’t pull any money without your authorization.
  • Keep track of the renewal date of your subscription plan if you opted for one to be sure you have money available.
  • The website’s terms of use state that they will not inform you when they charge your card.
  • Remember that no astrologer, no matter how talented, can generate and read your birth chart/transits in five minutes or less. If they send your answers this quickly, they’re likely computer-generated.

My Conclusion Of

Psychic scam

I have to hand it to for revamping their website. All new astrologers are listed, and the site is colorful and user-friendly. Their horoscopes are top-notch, and I wouldn’t hesitate to check those out regularly. However, I can’t get behind them using the names of talented astrologers to look like they work together when they don’t.

I don’t appreciate them fooling me into thinking I might be able to speak to one of them or that they’re the ones working on my birth chart. I also don’t appreciate receiving their computer-generated emails almost daily with attention-grabbing headlines. This tactic is a huge red flag that makes me never want to pay them again for anything. The final straw is that it’s super generic when I DO get a reading, and they send the same thing to everyone else.

I also like the ability to call or chat with a psychic and discuss things intimately with them. With, I have to settle for reading what they think about me without ever speaking to them. Genuine psychics won’t try to reach out to you every day because they are too busy helping clients that reach out to them.

Stick With Highly Reviewed And Verified Psychics Instead

Trustworthy psychics aren’t sitting around trying to scare people into buying readings. They know curses and spells aren’t real, and your future isn’t set in stone. You can change it at any point in time due to free will. Real psychics also don’t pretend to know precisely what will happen to you or when. They’re simply there to guide you to do what’s best for you using their gifts and abilities. They can help you dig deep within yourself to see what you desire.

You work together to discover what kind of future you want for yourself, and advise you on the best way to get there. They also teach you how to eliminate obstacles in your way. If you’re looking for spiritual guidance without tricks and games, check out the psychic sites on my review page or the incredible deals below. These are the ones I personally consult, and I can speak for the quality of the services I have received.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Question why charge people money to have the future read to them and why just not do it for the kindness of the heart? i think it good to get money for fortune telling but why just not do it for the good in people i would like like to have fortunes read or told to me for free is that so wrong? and for the poor could any psychic’s help them out as in give the poor advice to help them with the problems that they have. And why not try the psychic powers as in gifts to help find the history that has been forgotten and find the ruins of forgotten history use the gifts to discover the ruins the history and figure out how to put the history to good use in the present. i hope that there can be a world that if you need something just use the gifts to help them out just so that you know that you are doing a good thing.

    • Yes, I got so many emails, with the prices lowering every few weeks, and I am going through a really hard time, so once it hit about 18 bucks I took the plunge. I’d better check to find out just how much was taken from me. But that was the last I heard from dear old “Dawn”, who knew, ha, every way to “see me through this challenging time”. Boy, did they come on strong and fast. How disgusting, preying on vulnerable people this way, really, “you’re facing a lot, you can choose to let me help you take this time and make it work for you, or you can stay stuck doing things the way you always have, letting this golden opportunity pass you by”. Grrr. Scam!

    • Totally agree with you Mathew, you’re absolutely right, I’m out psychic would help, people for free, and I wouldn’t mind the money. I also don’t understand why no psychic helps people without having to pay…it’s sad and angry at the same time…

  2. I couldn’t have said it better! My thoughts EXACTLY Mathew!! Bravo!!!

  3. My mother olive white used to read the teacup for many people 65 years ago when I was 5 years old, one lady who came and passed her shilling, never had what I thought a very reading as I used to listen in, when the lady left I asked my mum, why was it short, she replied, i saw death in her tea cup, but it’s not my place to tell someone something I see in a tea cup, any so called astrologer who warns things as a reason to have readings is not a good person, just a bad business,

  4. Thank you for the honest description of their services. I was thinking to get a reading from them but I am not going to buy it anymore.
    And yest it is true that they are aggressive and pushy – at first I thought that this is because they care 😉 were in fact this is just another income generating business.
    Thank you again <3

  5. well my recent experieance was something ill never forget.maybe this will help someone. i thought i was going to win money at games of chance that was what they said everyday for months , i played games online all te time but it was always i didnt win for one reason or another . i was so sure i was going to win i quit school. i was rich finally thanks to my astrologer friends lol no but i did finally get enrolled again im focused no more bullshit for me.

  6. One of the problems is you try to get a free reading which is almost always just for entertainment, and get a ton of replies from hidden people, and unknown ‘psychics.’ it’s all generic stuff. like going to what’s called a psychic in person always the same script, thing, scare tactics and curses, million dollar candles. Somehow you think it’s going to be different on the next time, but surprise! Really, do you think that the advice you’re ‘in for a bumpy ride and challenging but rewarding times’ is unique to you? Yeah, you’re going to fall in love and move far away. Lol. A lot of consumers keep the emails and they look back on them only to see stuff never happened. And it’s all in the loop and paraphrasing from who’s behind these readings. One time we got a reading for a much lesser price and whoever it was came back at us wanting $500 for some Hocus pocus practice. Run for your life! If you don’t have the answers how can they? How can anybody else? There may be some good Sears and psychics out there but you really have to look. And it won’t be free. Be extra cautious of anybody approaching you as a stranger in actuality, they’ll trick you into a reading or something worse. Had that happen too.

  7. It’s all general stuff and once you send out one free question or inquiry U get a whole slew of inbox missives. so don’t wonder how this person heard of you. You don’t know who the heck they are. Even after unsubscribing to this Dawn Anne of astrology answers as well as other psychics we still get a ton of emails from them. Here’s a good question! Tell me something that specifically happened in my life that was significant or of any consequence this last week. Tell me about my parents and my upbringing. Tell me how I feel when I go to bed at night. Tell me my medical diagnosis. Tell me something specific and original not to Joe Shmohh but to me. They can’t. It’s one thing if someone chooses to be entertained in a way that’s deceptive or wasting of time or financial resource, but these online psychics are not miracle workers, in fact the contrary. One time we gave in and got a reading that was half what was promised, then the woman or whoever the heck they were wanted close to $400 to do some kind of a ritual, devoid out some kind of an astral twin that we had that was ruining our life! Golly. Lay off, Dawn Anne!

  8. You gave me an exceptional lesson in salesmanship. It was at my expense, but your techniques are beautifully convincing. They were worth my 39 $.

    As for astrology, the heart of your sales, you indulge in an endless logorrhea of generalities devoid of precise dates, places or foresight. It is full-fledged baloney.

    Thank you again for the lesson you taught me in salesmanship.

    Alan Bertrand

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