Elissa Psychic- Is Psychic Elissa A Scam?

At the time that one of my readers asked me for my thoughts on a psychic calling herself Elissa Psychic, I hadn’t yet heard of her. I then began getting a lot more requests for my opinion about her so I decided to investigate this psychic that has been making her rounds on the internet lately.

My research actually turned up several psychics with the name Elissa and Allissa. All but one of them seemed legitimate so she’s the one I decided to look into more closely. I found out that elissa-psychic.com is just another psychic scam website among hundreds.

Nothing about Elissa Psychic is true and I wanted to share what I found with anyone who is thinking about getting a reading from her.

Who Is This Woman Pretending To Be A Psychic?

The Elissa Psychic scam is no different than the Esmeralda Psychic, William Guardian Angel, Extraordinary Chris, or Celeste Angelic Medium scams. They are all so generic and predictable when it comes to conning money from people.

Her website states that Elissa is a medium with more than 20 years of experience and that she can help you prosper by talking to Guardian Angels. She claims to be gifted by God in her abilities and that this allows her to fix your life.

Elissa psychic scamAs I mentioned before, there are several psychics named Elissa.

One of them in particular was pretty annoyed because the fake one I’m writing about is using the real one’s name and pretending to be her in emails.

I believe this fake Elissa is trying to capitalize on a real psychic that had already built up a reputation for herself in the psychic field.

The fake psychic’s “about me” page on her website really doesn’t give any personal information about her. Aside from saying she has years of experience and can talk to angels, the about me section is just her telling me how her services can fix my life.

I don’t feel like that’s the place to try to convince me of how my life will benefit if I contact her for a reading! That’s the place for her to make herself known to me, to tell me about her psychic experiences, to give me stories of the people she’s helped, to make me familiarize myself with her, etc.

The lack of personal information makes her lose all credibility to me and was my first red flag.

Is There Anything True Or Authentic About This Elissa Psychic?

Sadly, there is nothing real about the Elissa Psychic in the photo below. In fact, even the photo of her isn’t real! Or rather, it is a real photo of an actual person but it is NOT an Elissa Psychic. The photo is a stock photo purchased by the company behind Elissa Psychic. This company is a digital marketing corporation called Sl Digital.

They created her, marketed her, and are the ones plastering her all over the internet and spamming people’s inboxes with her urgent sounding emails.

The company wanted to make Elissa seem warm, personable, caring and happy. They went onto a stock photo purchasing site such as stockphotos.com or stock.adobe.com and chose a picture of a woman who fit the bill.

The real woman in the photo is just a model who got paid to pose in different outfits and be photographed. After she received payment, she had no idea or concern what her photo would be used for. In this case, it happened to be used to pass as a woman named Elissa Psychic.Elissa psychic scam

Another red flag for me was the fact that even the address they give for Elissa Psychic isn’t real.

The website lists her address as:

1234 Divi St. #1000

San Francisco, CA. 95123

This address doesn’t exist anywhere and 95123 isn’t even the zip code for San Francisco!

The whole thing is extremely shady and makes them completely untrustworthy to me. Why lie about your address if you have nothing to hide??

I can’t believe anything about Elissa Psychic after learning about the stock photo images and the fake address.

The Emails She Sends

Just like all the other psychic scammers I’ve received on my “psychic scams and how to avoid them” page, Elissa Psychic takes advantage of vulnerable people. The minute you sign up for the “free” reading you open up the way for her to prey on your emotions.

She will give you a very generic and useless “reading” which is just the way for Sl Digital to get their foot in the door. Once they have your email address they try to scare you into paying them for a more detailed reading. They’ll try to grab your attention by making it seem urgent and like your life is going to suffer tremendously if you don’t contact her soon.

This is a classic psychic scam that’s effective on people who are confused and trusting.

The fact that she only provides email readings is yet another red flag. I don’t trust anyone I can’t directly talk to during my time of need. Nowhere on the website does it give a phone number where she can be reached for human-to-human chats. Aside from speaking to a psychic on the phone,

I also like to video chat or talk through instant messages when I’m not able to talk on the phone. Neither of these are an option With Elissa. I need to feel like my psychic advisor and I are on the same page and that the time I am requesting from them is spent focusing on me and my questions. I can’t tell any of this through emails.

I want to be able to ask a question and have it answered then and there, not days later after they’ve had time to look me up and either learn things about me or just make random things up.

The Lack Of Real Reviews

Anytime I’m looking into a potential psychic scam, one of the first things I do is search for real reviews left by real people. This isn’t usually a problem when the psychic is authentic and truly gifted. However, I couldn’t find anything positive about this Elissa Psychic.

This tells me that she was just recently created and fabricated and hasn’t been around for over 20 years as her website claims. If she was truly as experienced and gifted as she claims she is, there  would be a lot more information online about her. There would be both positive and negative talk about her on all the websites I look at when investigating a scamming psychic.

There are only about three “testimonials” on her website and that isn’t very assuring to me. The fact is, before recently, noone has even heard of this particular Elissa. This could only mean that the company behind her character, Sl Digital, just made her up not long ago. Everything about her website screams SCAM to me!

Psychic scamThese marketing companies produce fake psychics faster than I can keep up with because that’s their whole business model.

Create a fake psychic, advertise them as much as possible, post them all over the internet as a gifted psychic, offer people a free reading, then get their email address and spam the heck out of them.

They try everything possible to convince trusting people to pay them for readings.

Meanwhile, the “psychic” doesn’t actually exist and the customers are just talking to either an automated bot or just some worker behind a desk replying nonsense to people’s personal issues and serious problems.

The Fake Elissa Psychic Is Nothing Like A Real Psychic

I feel it necessary to reiterate what I said before about there being A LOT of psychics out there named Elissa or Allissa. This is important because I don’t want people to think I’m discrediting any of them besides the Elissa at the website I listed and in these photos.

The others are legitimate psychics who you could actually consult in person if you live in there area. One is in New Mexico, another is in Australia, one is in Florida, etc. They are actual people whose photographs match who they really are and were not bought off of stock image websites.

The Elissa I’m talking about has zero qualities of an authentic psychic reader. Genuine psychics, such as the ones I personally use and recommend on my reviews page, don’t try to scare you into consulting them. They never reach out to you and spam you nonstop. They know that if you have a question or a problem that you need help with, you’ll reach out to them.

They also know that they can’t predict the future and that you have free will and don’t try and scare you about what’s to come. Curses and spells aren’t real so you never have to worry about any of the psychics on the networks in the red box below trying to convince you to pay them to remove them.

All the psychic networks I personally use and recommend below test and verify the psychics who work with them. They all abide by a code of ethics and that removes all the shady tricks and games psychic scammers love to use. They are simply there to advise you when you decide to reach out to them and give you honest guidance.

If for whatever reason you’re not happy with them or the reading you can rest easy knowing these companies offer and stand behind their satisfaction guarantee.

We all go through hard times in our lives where we need to talk to an intuitive and it can be hard to know who you can trust. That’s why I created this website and have broken them down for you with all the information you need.

Please, no matter who you decide to speak to, do yourself a favor and avoid this Elissa Psychic at all costs!!


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, psychic reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


  1. Avatar
    iris feliciano February 25, 2020

    Yes, this is a scam. They provide nothing if you do not continue to pay the magic $29.00 for each reading.

  2. Avatar
    Cheri March 15, 2020

    I have been reading most of the scam stories. For a few hours and alot of them have been emailing me recently for about a week or almost two weeks. I had actually just stumbled on this website about the scams today and I was shocked and really annoyed and I felt really stupid bcuz I didnt listen to anybody that was telling me it’s not real and Be careful what ur doing on the internet and whatever. I actually was getting a weird feeling today so I contacted what I hope was a real website I think it’s called ask.com or something like that about talking to a real live expert lawyer. He pretty much said it’s not real and they (were) going to look at it. Then he had said any psychic that wants u to pay them is a fake. I’m not sure if he was even a real lawyer or he is just closed minded about psychic. Not Sure anymore! I want to talk to a medium online that can talk to other spirits or loved ones that have passed away like my mother. I’m almost forsure loosing hope and faith and thinking that maybe there isnt really such thing as a psychic. I hate say that I really do. But the past couple weeks have been bad and just not normal for me and kind of disappointed that I almost was getting my Hope’s up what they were telling me. But of course like dad said there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Thank you if u have read this. And this website fosure opened my eyes. Thank you so very much. I am definitely going to be more careful when I do things on the internet and stop trusting everyone so easily.

    • Avatar
      Angela March 17, 2020

      Good for you Cheri. I’m glad I could help.

  3. Avatar
    Ron April 08, 2020

    Thanks I was about to sign up
    Not now glad I googled about her

  4. Avatar
    Lisa May 09, 2020

    Oh my god I’m so glad I have found your review as I just started with this so-called psychic Elissa and I paid her £19.00 as it was a discount or something and she was gonna give me my first reading tomorrow and I just got scared that they might charge me money from my card after 30 days which was the price of £50 after this period. So do you have any tips how to get out of this situation? Like how can I be entirely sure that they won’t charge my card money even after I cancelled my subscription with them and I said that I don’t want to use their services and I don’t want to be charged anymore. I said to them delete my card details…

  5. Avatar
    Libena July 17, 2020

    I am so grateful for this review you have no idea.. I stupidly did just that, clicked on FREE reading and what followed was exactly what you had written. Thank you so much for your research! I have received several emails mentioning exactly what you said, “that my guardian angels can only stay for so long with this Elissa Psychic” etc.. I nearly went ahead and paid the price required but I thought to myself, let’s just read some reviews and maybe then… and I came across your detailed explanation. AMAZING!
    I have always said INTERNET is a powerful tool, but it can be as dangerous as helpful if we are too gullible:)

    • Avatar
      Ève sarra August 13, 2020

      Thanks you very much ! 🙏🙏
      There are times in life when you can be vulnerable and when you are very spiritual you can believe signs that do not exist! however I got used to going to see the reviews! and I had to go to the 3rd google page to find you! so thank you again for doing what you do to keep people from getting ripped off! I would put your link under every ad on FB …

  6. Avatar
    angel reid July 17, 2020

    Here is what the reviewer said:

    The website lists her address as:

    1234 Divi St. #1000

    San Francisco, CA. 95123

    This address doesn’t exist anywhere and 95123 isn’t even the zip code for San Francisco!

    However,Today, I ordered free reading and I got email from her. Here is the address I saw from the email support@elissa-psychic.com sent it to me today (July 17, 2020). The picture and website name is same, but physical address is not same. So, I do not know what to think about this reviewer’s opinion about elissa psychic. Can anyone explain this to me? I appreciate very much!


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