Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo Review- Are Mary and Christian A Psychic Scam?

Who Are These Two Con Artists?

If you’ve ever heard of or received emails from a couple of self-proclaimed “psychics” who go by the name Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo then you may have wondered who they are.

I’ve personally received emails from them and before I even looked into them I already had a huge feeling they weren’t going to be who they claimed to be.

Sure enough, after much research, I can safely say that they are just another pair of scammers pretending to have telepathic abilities.

The story with these fake psychics is always the same, whether it’s Esmeralda Psychic, Extraordinary Chris, William Your Guardian Angel, Psychic Bethea or any of the psychic frauds I’ve written about before.

They’re all so predictable and none of them even try to stand out or distinguish themselves.

They always claim to have been psychic since they were children, to have gone through a devastating tragedy which resulted in expanded psychic powers, and that they decided to use the tragedy for good by helping others with their life problems for free thanks to the internet.

Sure enough, after checking out their website I found out I was pretty spot on minus the tragic life event. Their biography section states that they are brother and sister who have been telepathic since a young age and possess a completely unique ability of “Duo-Telepathy” that belongs to only them.

At least Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo did pick something slightly different to fool people with.

It says that they were led to create this supernatural ability together and they now have the power to communicate with “the Great Invisible Authorities of the Higher World.”

They claim to use this power in order to guide people who have lost their path in life or who are on the wrong path by studying the Past, Present and near Future of these individuals.

They then make sure that “their future and existence is drastically changed for the better and they begin to have new luck, money and happiness.”

This Sister/Brother Duo Are Professionals When It Comes To Taking Advantage Of People At Their Most Vulnerable Stage.

They take people who are confused or conflicted in their current situations and pretend to be their only solution and the way out of their problems. They ask for a lot of money in return for supposedly changing their life’s path.

It may seem like I’m judging Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo too harshly and making bold claims against them so I’ll break down all the reasons why I’m confident they’re a psychic scam.

Hopefully this keeps you and everyone who reads this review from making a bad decision that can cost a fortune over time.

It’s happened to me before so I know how easy it can be to fall for tricks like these when you’re desperate for help and answers. The worst part is that there’s really nothing we can legally do to get these con artists removed.

This is why I only trust the psychic networks in my reviews page. I know that when I speak to their psychics I’m getting a reputable reading without all the smoke and mirrors. They have been tested, verified and come with a money-back guarantee so I never have to worry about being conned.

Is There Anything Real About Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo?Mary & Christian Telepathic Duo

Unfortunately, nothing about these two is real; it’s all one gigantic rip-off. I would specifically call them both scammers but I can’t even accuse them of that since “they” aren’t really Mary and Christian.

The pictures of what are supposed to be the supernatural siblings are actually stock images that were purchased off of a stock image website such as or

These people are just models who got paid to pose for these photos with no care or concern on how their photo would be used.

Even the photos of the “customers” on the review and testimonial pages are stock images. They are not real and coincidentally, neither are their reviews or positive experience stories.

The true scammers here are actually the business who owns this fake psychic website and make money off of unsuspecting victims. They created Mary and Christian by buying the photos of two harmless looking individuals, gave them a fake story and name, and then began advertising online and spamming people’s email.

The Psychic Vision They Give Off Compared To What they Actually Do

When I landed on their website for the first time, I was impressed by the well-laid out, simple and easy-to-use design.

It’s very professional looking and it includes a biography section, trust-inducing images of two friendly looking people, testimonials, and of course, a section where you can purchase psychic e-books.

They have a large eye-catching banner on their homepage prompting you to request your free reading from them. Of course I know better than to believe that an honest and authentic reading will be free. I went ahead and requested it however so that I could see what kind of content they send out.

The first thing I received from them was a numerology report, exactly like the ones I’ve gotten from fake psychics in the past. Of course sending me this isn’t their reason for wanting my email address.

They want your email addresses and basic information about yourself so they can then target your inbox with their various email campaigns. The initial reading is pretty basic but then they make the following emails more and more mysterious.

This is all in the hopes that they invoke your curiosity and you come back to them for more information. After they have peaked your interest, they then start to either make you feel afraid that bad things are about to happen to you, or make you extremely hopeful that good things are just around the corner for you and that they can help you reach them.

The messages they send everyone are very generic and pretty much identical to each other with only a name change. None of the readings they send are ever genuine and are only designed to manipulate the most amount of people.

Once they manipulate people’s emotions, they’re then able to use this fear or hope to convince them to give them their hard-earned money.

The Website’s Terms And Conditions Mary & Christian Telepathic Duo

One look at Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo’s terms and conditions proved my suspicions that they were a scam and not real psychics.

I learned that the marketing wizard behind their name and image is a company called STONEAGE SARL and that they are based out of Genève Switzerland. This is eerily similar to another company called REPLAY SARL also from Switzerland who created and runs the Celeste Angelic Medium psychic scam.

This isn’t surprising since these marketing companies usually create several different psychics in an effort to appeal to different kinds of people.

I’ve noticed that most often these fake psychics are based out of Gibraltar, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. This could be because of the very relaxed laws and regulations in these countries when it comes to business practices.

Their terms and conditions confirm what I mentioned earlier about them using your own information against you. It states that users provide some of the data when they access their free or paid products or when they submit a reading request.

It then says that they obtain some of your data by “recording the way you interact with They use cookies, error reports they receive, or the usage data of the software you use on your device.”

They also state that they use your computer or phone’s internet provider address to personalize what they send you based off of your location.

Some psychic marketing companies even go as far as invading your privacy to figure out what kind of stuff you read about, what kinds of questions you ask online, etc. One example of this sort of company is the one behind Psychic Maria Loren.

This is just another way for these businesses to custom tailor certain email subjects or headlines that are more likely to get your attention.

If that isn’t a complete invasion of privacy I don’t know what is!

Manipulating People And Preying On Their Emotions

Like most of the psychic scammers I’ve reviewed before, the psychological manipulation is clever and crafty. The business hires people who know the best and sneakiest way to get people to do what they want them to do. These individuals have studied human psychology and know all the right things to say to get money from people.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking to speak to a psychic because you’re going through a hard time in your life, you are confused or conflicted about things, or you’re searching for guidance and answers.

This means that you’re in a vulnerable state and are more likely to trust in people and believe them when they tell you they’re doing what’s best for you.

As I mentioned earlier, these scamming psychics will either tell you foreboding things in hopes of scaring you right into their waiting arms, or they’ll play on your hopes and future happiness by telling you that good things are just within reach and that they can help you get there faster by paying them for help.

One of my readers reached out to me to ask about an email they received from Mary and Christian telling them that they were about to have a terrible car accident soon and that she needed to contact the duo ASAP to prevent this.

I’ve heard some pretty evil things scamming psychics have told people but this just takes the cake! This is an unethical tactic that fake psychics use and legitimate psychic advisors would never tell you these sorts of things.

Whether it’s with Mary and Christian or any other psychic, immediately cut off contact with anybody who starts filling your head with things along these lines. YOU are the only one who has control of your future.

They Are Nothing Like Real Psychics

Genuine psychics don’t pretend to know your future, they can only help YOU realize that vision. They listen to you, ask you deep, insightful questions, and use their sixth sense and various psychic tools to simply guide you towards the path that is best for you.

You have free will and can change the course of your future at any point. Honest psychics just help you figure out what it is you are missing in your life, what is it that would make you the happiest, what kind of partner would fulfill you the most, what kind of work would bring you the most joy, whether your partner is the right one for you, etc.

Once they’ve given your their advice and their vision of what would be the best for you, they then work with you to make a plan to get what you want from life.

Spirit mediums are able to do something psychics can’t because they are able to make contact with the spirits of those who have passed away. Yes we all die eventually but we’re made up of matter and energy that stays in the universe. As scientists have long proven, energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transferred.

For most people, this is an invisible force or presence. Not everybody is gifted with the ability to see beyond our everyday dimension. For those that are blessed with this gift, they are as present to them as a living person is. They can hear them, speak to them, or even FEEL what they are trying to convey or become them temporarily.

All of this is to say that you shouldn’t fall for it when a “psychic” tells you you’re cursed. These are the kinds of things Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo try to convince you of. Curses and spells aren’t real so please don’t believe any “psychic” who tells you they are.

It’s important to remember that if something a psychic tells you is too good to be true then it probably is. Authentic psychics might not get as much attention as their fake counterparts because not everything they say is going to be rainbows and unicorns.

They have a moral duty to tell you the truth no matter what, and to help you through things no matter how difficult they might seem.

Since they don’t sugarcoat things and tell us only what we want to hear, some people might not rave about them to everyone they know but that’s ok. Legitimate psychics aren’t in it for the fame and fortune. They’re just trying to live their lives like you and I.

The things Mary and Christian say to get money from you might seem crazy and unimaginable but sadly almost all of these psychic scammers do the same exact thing. Again, this is the reason I only use trusted online psychic networks that have real psychics with real gifts.

The psychic networks below have been vetted, tested, screened, and are monitored 24/7. They abide by a code of ethics that is extremely important to them.

Not only do you not have anything to lose thanks to their satisfaction guarantees but you can also rest easy knowing that the reviews left for the psychics are real-time reviews left by actual customers whose lives have been improved with their help.

Unlike Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo, the psychics I vouch for help you with actual problems or difficulties you’re facing instead of making up fake things to scare to you about.

No matter who you choose to turn to for advice, please do yourself a favor and stay away from this fraudulent duo as well as all the ones I write about in my “psychic scams and how to avoid them” section.

Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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  4. Mary and Christian telepathic Duo is a scam! I requested a refund as they got my Life Path number wrong and the rest of the report was sheer drivel. Ten days later their email indicates their files indicates that a refund has been generated but to wait a ‘few days’ before the funds will be in my account. How do I spread the message to a wider audience and how does one take on these fraudsters legally?

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