Five Ways You Can Be A Better Person This Year

With every new year comes new opportunities and room for personal growth. You may have decided to be a better person starting in 2019, but aren’t sure what exactly that means, or what changes you need to make.

The fact is, we all make mistakes in life, and nobody should ever be permanently judged for something they did when they were at their worst. It’s never too late to change into the type of person who will be remembered fondly.

Think of someone you look up to in your life- what is it about them that makes you think they’re a good person? Is it because they have an amazing moral compass that always drives them to do the right thing, even when it’d be easier not to?Helping others

Is it their hard-working nature? Or the fact that they are always so giving of their time and energy to those in need? Have you ever known anyone go from being a less-than-good person to someone worthy of admiration because of changes they decided to make?

These are all good things to ask yourself if you want to make your own life changes and become a better person. In addition to pondering these questions, making the five changes listed in this article will dramatically change you for the better and allow you to grow as a person.

For extra guidance and advice on what changes to make for the year ahead, I like to consult genuine and talented psychics at the start of every year. This opens my eyes and gives me a fresh start on how to start the year off right!

I ask them any questions that I have, discuss any lingering doubts about my relationship, about my life purpose, about my career, etc. and it helps me draw up a plan that I can work on for the rest of the year to reach my ultimate goals.

Always Stay True To Your Word

There’s a lot to be said about a person who, no matter what circumstances they may face, always keep their word.

Keeping your wordIf you’ve allowed yourself to flake out on plans or promises in the past, keeping your word is a good place to start on your journey to being a better person.

Keeping your word to others in the face of obstacles and adversity is  one of the best ways to build respect from others.

It also makes you intentional with your own personal commitments and ensures that you follow through with them.

Making it a point to keep your word and follow through on your promises may result in you having to say “no” to things instead of “yes” more often, but people will know that your “yes” will be definite and truthful, which will cause them to respect you all the more for it.

Make Taking Care Of Yourself A Priority 

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you’ve had a flight attendant tell you that in case of an emergency, make sure you put your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else out with theirs.

This is because if you run out of oxygen, you won’t be able to help anyone else put their oxygen mask on correctly. But if the first thing you do is put yours on, then you will be ready and available to help others around you.Taking care of yourself

The same concept should be applied in your daily life as well. How can you possibly be a good person and help others when you’re not even helping or taking care of yourself??

You are more helpful when you have your own things in order, so make putting yourself first a priority this new year.

Taking care of yourself can mean a lot of different things, but some examples of this include replacing unhealthy foods with nutrient-rich ones, nurturing your mind and body with meditation and physical exercise, avoiding drugs and alcohol, etc.

Don’t feel bad about putting your needs and priorities first when others are asking things of you. Draining and exhausting yourself due to taking care of everyone else is going to leave you worn out and burn you out mentally.

This isn’t a healthy way to live and you’ll be of more help to more people if you’re healthy and happy.

Make It A Point To Always Do The Right Thing, Even If It’s Difficult 

It’s an unfortunate truth that most of the time, the right choice is also the most difficult one. After all, if the right choice was always easy, no one would ever make the wrong choice, right? But as you probably know, we live in a world where a lot of wrong choices are constantly being made.

Doing the right thingThe reason the right choice is usually the hardest one is because it requires some sort of sacrifice on your behalf, be it resources, energy, time, etc. It’s easier to make a choice that doesn’t cost you anything, even if it affects others negatively.

If you’ve been lazy or selfish in the past and always took the easy way out, make it your goal for the new year to choose the right choice, even if it’s painful in the moment.

I promise you that you will not regret doing the right thing. And the good news is that doing the right thing becomes a habit, and it becomes easier the more you do it.

Not only will your self-respect grow, but others will respect you more and look up to you. You might even influence those around you and be the one they seek for guidance when faced with difficult choices.

Be There For Loved Ones

We know how busy life can get for us all and how easy it is cancel plans with friends or family if you’re feeling too stressed or tired to show up. This isn’t a good way to be though, especially if your goal is to be a better person.

When you cancel on someone, it’s basically telling them that they are not worth your time or energy, that their time isn’t as valuable as yours, that they are not a priority in your life, etc.Being there for loved ones

Showing up to celebrate other people’s special occasions when invited shows them that you care about them and that they are an important part of your life.

Taking their feelings into account and putting in the time and effort to show up for others says a lot about you as a person and they will treasure you and your relationship.

Of course, it’s different if you actually have a truly valid reason to cancel, such as an illness or emergency. I’m only referring to cancelling plans just because you decide you’re too tired or something better comes up that you’d rather do instead.

Keep An Open Mind About Everything

Expanding your mind is a great way to grow as a person. There are a lot of things you can do to open your mind, such as interacting with new people, traveling, reading books, trying a new activity, etc. However, I have found that the best and easiest way to open your mind is as simple as listening to others.

We are living in a politically charged and divided world at this time, and the most important thing we can do in these strained times is try to understand and empathize with one another.

It almost feels like we’re being divided and pitted against each other, after all that makes us easier to control as a whole, but imagine how much more powerful we would all be as a group if we decided to be better people that listened to each other without criticism, that practiced patience, and that honestly tried to see things from others’ perspective and point-of-view.Keeping an open mind

We can either continue to work against each other, or we can become stronger by coming together as a whole and working to accept each other.

By keeping an open mind, you’ll not only become a better person, but you’ll also be helping bridge the societal divide we’re currently in.

These changes may seem difficult or intimidating, but if you work on them one by one, you will find that not only are they completely doable, but you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make them!

You’ll see amazing changes in yourself and in your daily life and your friends and family will also notice and be proud of the person you have become.

If you need help and guidance in making your dreams of self improvement a reality, don’t hesitate to get life advice from a psychic. They have helped me more that I can ever explain. It’s time to take advantage of the new year and make this one the best one yet!



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