How To Handle Cheating In Your Relationship

If you’ve ever been in a serious long-term relationship, you might know what I mean when I say that you develop a sixth sense regarding your partner. You start “feeling” things about them that you can’t explain to others, but you just “know.” You are in tune with their intentions, actions, and coping mechanisms. Our bodies give off hidden signals daily as subtle energy vibrations. 

These energy vibrations make us who we are and show themselves differently. Amazing things happen when you make an effort and take the time to tune into your partner’s energy. One of the best things about being attuned to your partner is that your body will tell you if something is off. Cheating is a common relationship killer; the sooner you know about it, the better. Being in tune with your partner allows you to expose a betrayal like this.

Work Through Problems As They Arise

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While this isn’t the case with everyone, people usually stray from their partners for specific reasons. These reasons don’t make it okay or acceptable, but it’s a fact. Constantly fighting or not treating each other with respect is a significant cause. Cheating can occur if one of you continuously shuts the other down or doesn’t make them feel valued, accepted, or appreciated. Spotting the signs of infidelity early on is critical in any relationship. 

If you detect signs of trouble when they begin, you have a better chance of keeping them from becoming full-blown problems. Once a minor issue becomes a problem, the likelihood of a betrayal increases. One of the best things you can do at the start of a new relationship is to research your love compatibility. Check out your Chinese and astrological Zodiac signs to determine if you’re a good match. 

It can also tell you if you have a higher chance of relationship issues. However, I wouldn’t base a relationship on Zodiac signs and compatibility. These things can’t guarantee one way or another if you and your partner have good chemistry. Not being a good match doesn’t mean your relationship can’t work. It could just mean that someone might be more likely to seek spiritual or physical connections elsewhere if there’s relationship trouble.

Nothing Is Too Much To Handle If Love Exists

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Nothing will get in the way of a lasting relationship if two people are meant to be. You may have to put in a little extra work here and there to make it work. If you identify and tackle relationship problems early on, the chances of them becoming a cheating issue decrease. If you’re in a serious relationship and want to be with this person forever, you need to know them better than anyone else.

Be an expert at knowing what they want out of life. Get to know their dreams, aspirations, short- and long-term goals, and perfect vision of life. Please familiarize yourself with how they live their lives and carry themselves day-to-day. Ask them what they need and want from a partner. If you’re there for them 100%, they have no reason to seek these things from someone else.

Remember that this is only if you genuinely love this person and have sincere feelings for them. You shouldn’t give so much of yourself to another person if you’re not in it for the long run. Some people might say it isn’t your “job” to ensure your partner doesn’t stray, and they’re right. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. I don’t think of it as a “duty” or “job” but as keeping the relationship happy.

Be Mindful Of Changes In The Relationship

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Being in tune with your partner and knowing them as intimately as possible also allows you to detect any subconscious psychic differences that may come up. That might sound crazy at first but trust me on this one. You share the same cosmic space and energy when you’re familiar with your partner on a deep, emotional level. This bond comes with time, experience, and love.

When your relationship is in this state, you can detect any imbalances or disagreements, even small and insignificant. These seemingly harmless differences can turn into full-blown infidelity if left unchecked. Make a conscious effort to be mentally attuned to your partner’s energies. If you notice changes in their personality or behavior, voice your concerns healthily and respectfully. It’s also essential for you to pay attention to how they react to YOUR energies. 

Are they responsive to your romantic affections, or do they brush you off? Do they anticipate what you need from them, or have they mentally checked out? If they were once responsive but are now indifferent, this could signify their body or mind is on someone else. Studying their Chinese and Western astrology signs and star charts can teach a lot about their personality. It can also teach you how they deal with emotions and problems. 

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Different Zodiac Signs Deal With Feelings Their Own Way

For example, some star signs work through their guilty conscience by overcompensating with random gifts or flowers. I’m not saying that if your partner comes home with a bouquet one day, they’re cheating on you, not at all! You’ll know something is wrong when this behavior strikes you as odd. Other star signs deal with their guilt with fits of anger and project the guilt they feel inside onto you and might become aggressive or hostile with you.

This behavior could also be a subconscious way for them to distance themselves from you if they feel you’re the source of the guilt weighing on them. This isn’t true; it isn’t your fault they decided to turn to someone else when problems emerged in your relationship. You know it, and they know it, but it’s easier for people to blame their shameful behavior on others.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you or lying to you but aren’t positive, talk to an online psychic. A few questions combined with their extra sensory perception and intuition can result in more information than you ever thought possible. Psychics are pros at deciphering people’s intentions and personal nature. Check out my reviews page for the best online psychic networks.

Voice Your Concerns

voice your concerns

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, or you know for a fact, you must talk to them about it. Although not easy, it’s necessary. While some people can ignore cheating and continue the relationship, that isn’t healthy. Ignoring it harms both the cheated and the cheater, and it’s an unneeded punishment for both of you. Ignoring the problem for years might sound nice, but by doing so, you’re severely damaging your psyche. 

You might feel unworthy, unlovable, or deserve to be cheated on. Living with this betrayal affects every aspect of your life and your relationships with loved ones. You will be on edge 24/7 and lose your ability to love and trust with all of your heart. It also affects the cheater because they’re living with the guilt of knowing what they’re doing to you is wrong.

They know they’re betraying you and feel torn between their feelings for you and the other person. You might think they’re staying with you despite meeting someone else is a good thing, but it’s not. They might have lost feelings for you somewhere down the line but remain in the relationship because it’s easier to do so. Upending their life, home, friendships, and material goods might be too much for them.

They don’t have strong enough feelings for the person they’re seeing on the side to warrant a whole overhaul of their life. This is especially true if kids are involved. They might still be a good parent who doesn’t want to change their child’s life overnight. As hard as it might be, it would be best if you didn’t let this drag on and confront it head-on. Try to remain as calm and civil as possible when approaching the subject.

dont get angry

Attacking Is Never The Answer

Nothing good can come of you blowing your top and coming at them ready to attack. Give yourself time to sit with this knowledge and let it sink in. Once you’ve acknowledged it, make a conscious effort not to be okay with it but to accept it. It’s happening whether you accept it or not, so you might as well face it.

Once you’ve had time to stomach it and are calmer, you need to bring it out into the open. Discussing it will be the only way to deal with the psychic rift between the two of you that the problem has deepened. Sometimes the rift is too deep and has caused too much damage to stay together, which is okay. You should never force yourself to stay, even if your partner vows to remain faithful to you in the future.

They can’t take back what they did, and you shouldn’t subject yourself to a life you no longer want. However, there are times when the rift is still shallow and hasn’t had a chance to deepen. Maybe you can even see how it happened and understand why they did what they did. You may realize you played a part in it and aren’t entirely blameless. Perhaps your partner convinces you that it was purely physical and didn’t mean anything emotional, and you can accept that.

This decision is hard, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Know yourself and know whether this is truly something you can move past. It will constantly haunt your relationship if you can’t move past it. Again, speaking to a psychic about a decision this big is extremely helpful, and I highly recommend it. 

Forgive Wholeheartedly


Forgiveness is essential if you decide to continue with the relationship. If you don’t truly and honestly forgive your partner, you could become bitter, resentful, and distrustful. Living with this is worse than the heartache of upending your life and starting over. You might think you must keep your household together for the kids or appearances, but you would sacrifice your happiness.

You can’t be the best parent to your children if you’re not okay yourself. On the flip side, forgiving and moving forward may seem impossible, but nothing is impossible where there is love. If you genuinely want to stay with your partner and know that you CAN forgive them, go for it. It might sound crazy to some, but couples who work through infidelity and forgive can become stronger and form a deeper psychic bond that can carry them through a lifetime together.

If you can get past something like this and know that you can fully trust your partner, there isn’t anything you can’t get work through. If your partner truly loves you and is genuinely remorseful, they’ll cherish what they have with you more than ever. They’ll know you’re taking a massive chance on them and will do anything to keep you happy. They will regret the hurt they caused you and treasure their second chance.

Again, this is only possible if you truly forgive your partner and can honestly let it all stay in the past. Bringing it up or throwing it in their face when trying to move forward will not end well. Forgiving might be a big step, but it’s possible if a relationship is meant to be. It will probably require much work from you and your partner, but it can be worth it.

Move On Without Looking Back

moving on from break up

It’s understandable if you can’t forgive and forget a betrayal like this. Don’t feel bad if you decide to end the relationship. It often exposes deeper issues even if you could move past the cheating. You may discover that the reasons your partner cheated are impossible to fix. The cheating could be the outcome of a much larger problem. Most of the time, things are never the same after infidelity.

If the psychic bond between you is not strong enough, or you’re just incompatible in the long run, separation might be your best bet. Breakups can go one of two ways- mutual and respectful or one-sided and messy. A good, clean separation is ideal, but that’s hard to do when feelings have been hurt this badly. It’s okay to feel angry and never want to speak to them again. You don’t have to try and stay on good terms with them, especially if you don’t have anything that ties you together.

Healing Is Critical After An Affair

If you decide to break up, you must start bringing spiritual balance back to your life as soon as possible. You’ll need to heal the psychic wounds that infidelity and lying have caused you. Healing is the only way to move forward and live your best life. Burying and suppressing these feelings isn’t fair to you because they will keep trying to come back up. 

If left unresolved, these wounds can fester and ruin any future relationships you might have. After experiencing something as traumatic as cheating, I don’t recommend immediately jumping back into a relationship. Giving yourself time to work through these complicated feelings would be best. If you don’t, they’ll keep future relationships from reaching their full potential and can be a massive roadblock for you.

Speaking to a psychic about your breakup to learn things to help you in future relationships. Spiritual introspection, retrospection, meditation, journaling, and speaking with a trustworthy psychic are great ways to heal these wounds. It might not be easy, but it is so worth it. You deserve love and happiness.

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