Extraordinary Chris Psychic Review- Is Psychic Chris A Scam?

Just like there are authentic psychics born with true gifts and abilities, there are also loads of fake psychic scammers. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get tricked and fall victim to them- I would know because it happened to me before.

I’ve written about other fraudulent psychics that New Lotus Web Ltd. is responsible for (and possibly created by), such as Psychic EsmeraldaMedium Maria, and William, the Guardian Angel. I want to review another supposed psychic that goes by several names, including ‘The Extraordinary Chris,’ ‘Chris the Psychic,’ ‘Chris Voyance,’ and ‘Psychic Chris.’

Like the other “psychics” I mentioned, he’s also owned and operated by New Lotus Web Ltd. His website is https://oraculum.psychic-readings-for-free.com/

Extraordinary Chris Was Created By New Lotus Web, Ltd

new lotus web scam

This company is highly questionable to me since they sell “digital marketing solutions” to people who want to make money as a psychic. I’m 99% sure they’re just fabricating these psychics, and they don’t truly exist as people. I also don’t trust them because their headquarters is in Gibraltar, known for being home to scammers. This address is the one listed on ‘The Extraordinary Chris’ website for New Lotus Web Ltd:

World Trade Center

1st Floor- Unit 1.02, Suite 253

6 Bayside Road

GX11 1AA Gibraltar

Gibraltar is also a well-known hub for companies that evade taxes and launder their money. They were central to several money laundering schemes unveiled in Panama Papers. Scammers love Gibraltar because they don’t follow the same rules as most countries or extradite criminals to the United States.

This lack of laws makes getting any guarantee or refund extremely difficult. If a “psychic” from this country were to scam me, they wouldn’t have any repercussions, and that’s a big red flag when looking for a legitimate psychic. There’s no good reason for an authentic, law-abiding psychic to do business from there.

I believe genuine psychics with nothing to conceal wouldn’t be hiding behind a shell company in a faraway country. Even considering all of this, I could *maybe* look past it if I truly believed he had genuine psychic abilities. While I can’t prove 100% that he isn’t psychic, many indicators tell me he isn’t.

New Lotus Web Is A Marketing and Advertising Company

New Lotus Web Psychics

I covered the first one already: digital marketing firm New Lotus Web Ltd. plans and writes its emails. It’s upsetting that his words, videos, messages, etc., aren’t original or heartfelt. These are all things the marketing firm tells him to say to get customers.

Also, I don’t like that his readings are only done through email; I enjoy a more personal connection when getting a psychic reading. I like talking to my psychic directly through phone, video, or instant messaging. It’s more intimate and fulfilling when they interact with me instantly instead of waiting for an emailed response.

Psychic Chris’s responses are all very generic sounding and nonspecific. They could apply to anyone and aren’t personal at all. He even has a standard email response to those who don’t respond to his emails, saying certain things to trigger them into buying a reading. These actions are all part of the skillful marketing team’s scheme.

Now let’s talk about the actual content of his messages. Like Psychic Esmeralda, Chris tries to convince people to purchase readings from him using scare tactics. He frightens people by making them believe they’re about to experience bad luck, love problems, financial issues, and curses. His emails are also really good at using reverse psychology, subliminal messages, and emotional manipulation.

He convinces people he chooses to help them for free or for a small donation because they’re unique to him. Free sounds nice and all, but it’s never actually free. He gets his customers hooked deeper and deeper and then asks them for payment to continue.

There’s No Way To Verify Him

Best Psychic Readers For 2023

Ad Disclosure

Unlike Chris, the psychics reviewed on my trusted psychic networks page have been tested and background checked. Also, with an online psychic network, you can get a refund if unsatisfied, unlike with Chris. As mentioned previously, the company is based out of Gibraltar, where many companies choose to run unethical businesses.

This location also makes it impossible to complain to banks about the money you’ve paid or get help. Add in the fact that he never gives any personal information about himself, his location, or his past and that there’s no way to trace anything back to him, and you have a suspicious scenario.

Even though nobody can trace him, his marketing team has no problem tracing the people they send emails to. They can see who your email and IP provider is, what city and state you’re in, and any personal information you give him to get your reading. They then use this information to try and convince you that, thanks to Chris’s psychic abilities, they know where you live.

Unfortunately, this works on many unsuspecting victims, who get taken to the cleaners with no way to complain once they’ve figured it out. Some people never figure it out and honestly believe what Chris is telling him, which could be the source of any positive reviews you might find.

However, there are A LOT of negative reviews for Chris, which is another red flag for me. Sure, not everyone will love every psychic they talk to, but Chris has an alarming number of people sharing negative experiences about him, and they’re all pretty similar too.

Chris Does Not Offer Refunds Or Guarantees

extraordinary chris scam

There are complaints that he would take money out of people’s accounts without consent, that they paid for readings they never received, and that he refused to refund them even though he said he would- the list goes on! One reviewer stated that he got sucked into Chris’ ad and paid him for a reading.

After paying, he received a message that said the old link would no longer work and that he would get his reading through an email. He never received it, and when he requested a refund, his emails wouldn’t go through, as if Chris blocked them. The first and only message he received from Chris was one “thanking him for his donation” with a UK address on it.

I decided to dig and discovered that this address is the location of a ” Reichmann & Wing Limited” business, and they are “company registration specialists.” I’m not sure why their address was given instead of Psychic Chris, but no one replied when he wrote to that address requesting the refund he was guaranteed if unsatisfied!

Many people also complain that he would make them feel guilty by accusing them of not caring about themselves if they didn’t pay him for a reading. People also stated that his readings had a very degrading tone to them.

The company prays on peoples’ feelings and vulnerabilities. Many reviewers shared that he would tell them he could cure their anxiety and depression, but he never said anything meaningful to them and just kept charging them money.

I Wouldn’t Trust Any Readings From Him

I’m unsure if “The Extraordinary Chris” is an actual person. For all we know, he could be a digital presence created by New Lotus Web Ltd, and they could have hired someone to pass themselves off as him in photographs and videos. As I mentioned, he’s unverified, and nobody can find information on him.

There’s no way to contact or talk to him in real time. The generic and canned emails and responses, along with the emotionally blackmailing emails, can easily be duplicated using “messenger bots” and an actor. While I can’t prove this beyond doubt, his “services” and “talents” don’t sit well with me. I would only trust genuine psychics with my personal and intimate issues.

I would want tested and verified psychics that I can reach with any complaints or refund requests if needed. Online psychic networks such as Psychic SourceAsk NowPath Forward and the others I review on my reviews page are trustworthy. They test and verify their psychics, and you can choose a different psychic if one isn’t a good match for you.

They also stand behind their psychics with a satisfaction guarantee. You get to read actual reviews by other customers, and you can interact with them more personally. Because of these reasons, they’re the only ones I trust when I want a psychic reading.


For all the reasons mentioned, I cannot recommend The Extraordinary Chris, and I would even go so far as to warn people against falling into his trap. Once his company has gotten ahold of your email address with their promises of a “free” reading, he will do and say anything to separate you from your money. Even if I had an inkling of faith that he is honest, there are just too many unknowns.

I would skip over him and instead contact a network with a far better reputation for my reading. Plenty of other sites to choose from, like the ones below, employ genuine, humble, and honest psychics. They offer their services at a fair price and without any unethical marketing strategies.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. I do believe at one time Etraordinary Chris was a real person – about 12 years ago when I contacted him and received personalized responses. Unfortunately, about 14 months ago, I contacted the site and am still receiving weekly “reports” that are copies of the ones received approx 12 years ago, but with absolutely no response to any personalized inquiries. Best to use your time and resources for legitimate contacts and information.

    • Thats very possible BJ. Thanks for the insight. As of right now I’m going to say Chris is no longer at the helm or he doesn’t care about his business anymore.

      • Angela, THANK YOU!!! ”Extraordinary Chris” looks to be about 40 years younger than the male voice on his contacts. He even swore at me, said I’m out of touch with the reality of my situation (I MUST be…I considered sending him money!!!). But he KEEPS telling me I’m in VERY serious danger and calling me the fake name I gave him despite I’ve emailed him the CORRECT one and he NEVER uses it. But, THEN there’s THE question…would you want to make a REAL, bona fide psychic MAD AT YOU!??? The answer I believe is TRUE PSYCHICS aren’t evil. As for the scammers’ bully tactics?? BEWARE!! These guys are GOOD at spending YOUR money in HIDING. And look at it another way…they have EVERYTHING to lose if they get busted. THINK ABOUT IT people…is THAT the person you want to have know where you and your loved ones can be found???? They’re ONLY a plane flight away from your safe haven called YOUR FRONT DOOR!!!!!

        • Laurie you nake some good points. I noticed too the difference between voice and pictures of Extraudinary Chris. Now he emails me to celebrate spring, I live other side of planet earth where it’s now fall.
          I’ve been scammed too.

      • personaly I believe there is a MAN Chris because I dreamed him before knowing of him and I would wake up wondering who is that hero in my dreams! And after three days I got his email and got to know who he was and the reason GOD placed him in my life!
        But sad the Chris ROBO came into play as a means of income security because every man deserves pay for his upkeep but yes there is a lot of applied pyscology in the emails! thank you!

      • personaly I believe there is a MAN Chris because I dreamed him before knowing of him and I would wake up wondering who is that hero in my dreams! And after three days I got his email and got to know who he was and the reason GOD placed him in my life!
        But sad the Chris ROBO came into play as a means of income security because every man deserves pay for his upkeep but yes there is a lot of applied pyscology in the emails! thank you!

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