The Most Common Signs That You Might Actually Be Psychic

Psychics are people who are blessed with a unique set of gifts. They have ESP, a.k.a.extrasensory perception, which allows them to see, hear, and feel things others can’t. The messages and information they receive are always there but aren’t picked up by normal human senses.

It takes psychics, clairvoyants, spirit mediums, and seers to be able to grasp them. For the most part, psychics have used their abilities to help others understand things and make sense of their life. Of course, as with anything, there’s always going to be those psychics who choose to use their power for evil instead of good.

You should always be on the lookout for a bad or fake psychic. Learn what to look for when speaking to a psychic in this article here. Psychics are everyday people that just happen to be born with or develop these gifts. They’re not evil witches or practice black magic.

Unless you talk to them and they let you know, you would probably never know they are different. Have you ever felt like you have psychic abilities? It’s more common than you might think. Here are some of the most common signs indicating that someone is blessed with psychic gifts.


You Have Strong Hunches And Gut Instincts

gut instincts energy

Gut feelings and hunches are your bodies way of trying to speak to you and tell you things. They are how your intuition alerts you of valuable information. Initial gut reactions can make you aware of dangerous people or negative energies that you need to stay away from.

Intuition and instinct are both very similar and almost everyone has them to a certain degree. People with powerful intuition who find that they are right more often than wrong about their feelings might be psychic. Feeling things so deeply in your body and mind is one of the most common indicators of having ESP.

A lot of people refer to this feeling as a sixth sense or clairvoyance. It’s the act of just “knowing” something without knowing how or why you know it and then being right about it. If this describes you and you’d like to delve deeper into your psychic side, you need to start trusting your intuition instead of ignoring it. This is the first step in enhancing your psychic abilities.

You can start small by being aware of your initial gut reaction when faced with something. This can be related to things that might not even seem important at the time, such as talking to people, going places, and making decisions. You might find afterwards that what seemed trivial and meaningless was actually more significant than you thought.


You Experience Vivid Dreams Or Visions 

weird dreams

Another indicator of psychic abilities is the regular occurrence of vivid dreams or visions. If you find yourself experiencing detailed and graphic dreams or images regularly then you might want to explore that part of yourself more.

These visions can be as mild as little flashes in your mind or they can be intense, scary, and powerful images that come to you when you least expect them. Just like with your gut feelings, if you find that these visions and dreams come true in real life after some time then it’s very likely you are gifted.

If you just have visions but they never amount to anything then it could just be an overactive imagination. But if they manifest themselves later down the line then that is a real power. Visions have a mind of their own and they can come to you whether you’re in the middle of a crowd or by yourself.

It’s common for psychics to have these visions when visiting historic or significantly important locations. These places are full of momentous historical events and stories from the spirits of those who lived through them. You may have these visions often but just discount them as déjà vu instead of acknowledging them for what they are.

Having these abilities can be scary at first and it might seem easier to just ignore them and pretend they’re not there. However, you should really embrace these visions and unearth this part of yourself. Similarly, having vivid or lucid dreams are another indication of possessing psychic abilities.

They can happen every now and then or they can occur on a regular basis. Either way, they are always lifelike and extremely detailed. They leave you with a deep impression when you wake up and they stick with you for a while.

You may even have visits from spirits in your dreams that leave you with a certain message. Don’t ignore these dreams or try your hardest to forget them as soon as you wake up. Spirits can come to you in your dreams but they can also come to you in the form of ghost encounters.

People with psychic abilities radiate a unique energy that attracts ghosts and spiritual energies. It’s like a light to a June bug- they can’t help but to go towards it. Spirits are especially attracted to spirit mediums, a specific form of psychic. Spirits usually have a lot to say that they weren’t able to while still alive.

They are constantly looking for a way to relay messages to their loved ones. If you haven’t taken the time to or done the work to enhance your psychic abilities, these ghosts might just make you feel “weird” and “unnatural” when they’re around you.

If you want to hone your abilities and take it to the next level, you need to start paying close attention to the things you see, hear and feel on a daily basis. Being perceptive to these visions and dreams as well as in your everyday life is one way to sharpen your skills.


You Feel Other People’s Emotions Strongly And Deeply

highly empathetic person

Do you ever just get extremely sad or have the overwhelming desire to cry from deep within your body and don’t know why? Does your body ever feel like it’s holding onto an intense and heavy feeling? One that you have to let out or you feel like it’ll sink you?

This is also your bodies way of trying to tell you something. Just because something sad or painful didn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you if you’re a psychic. You may find out later that something bad happened to someone you know but didn’t put two and two together at the time. Experiencing this on a regular basis is another sign of psychic abilities.

Empaths are a form of psychics who are able to feel what others are feeling. They feel it as if were themselves experiencing the pain and sorrow. If you constantly get feelings of sadness and heartache that leave you feeling drained of all energy then you might be an empath.

Being an empath can be a blessing because you can use it to help others with their issues and help them out of a tough time. The compassion you feel towards them drives you to help them find alternative solutions to their problems.

However, it can also be a bad thing if you don’t learn how to control it. It can cause you to retreat from the world and isolate yourself from people as much as possible. The reason for this is that if not properly tended to, your empathic nature can consume you with negative feelings.

The closer and more intimate you are with people, the more you’ll pick up on their feelings. Being in a crowd or room full of people can also wreak havoc on you because emotions are coming at you from different directions.

If you think you might be an empath I’d suggest learning more about what it means and how to harness that power. You need to learn how to differentiate between your feelings and the feelings of others and how they affect you.

Understanding your gift is the key to being able to handle it without losing yourself or isolating yourself from the world. Once you’ve mastered how to control it, you can then start helping others as a psychic if you choose to do so.


You See Lights, Auras, Or Colors Around People

glowing aura

Psychics commonly describe seeing a unique color or distinct ray of light surrounding other people. If you often see this hue or aura enveloping another living being then you most definitely have psychic abilities. The auras and rings of light that you see on people are their energy and innermost spirit showing itself to you.

This allows you to know so much more about them than normal. This is what differentiates psychics from regular people. If you see pops of colors or flashing lights on things that are not a person, this is more often than not a sign that a spirit is nearby. This is their way of trying to get your attention and trying to communicate with you.

You are perceptive to it because of your unique gifts. Those who do not have these gifts never see the lights or colors but psychics see them clear as day.

Do You Have One Or All Of These Gifts? You Might Be Psychic

To summarize, if you experience any of these things; strong hunches that come true, vivid dreams or visions that become reality, stronger than normal emotions, or seeing colors and lights around people, you may have psychic abilities.

You could have one, some or all of these. You can always enhance the ones you have and work on developing the others. Don’t be afraid of your gifts and don’t try to suppress them! It might seem scary and unknown now but the more you sit with them and sharpen them, the more comfortable you’ll be with them.

Think of them as a gift that you can channel for the greater good of your fellow human. If you don’t know how to come to terms with how this makes you feel or you have questions about being psychic, there’s no better person to talk about it with than another psychic!

Reach out to any of the highly reviewed and trustworthy psychics on my reviews page anytime you need help or have questions. They’ve been there and done that. They can share how they first found out, how they reacted, and how they embraced it. Welcome your gifts with open arms and let them shine bright!

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  1. Hello. I had a feeling to click on this one I gotten in email and I don’t know why I feeling to do this. Then out of all the searches I clicked on this one. I’m glad I did.

    I have had gifts many many years. All listed on your page. I have dreams and I had woke up middle of night crying. My husband Brian was always ready to listen. Sometimes we have same dreams but this one stood out and turns out I seen his death time frame and he told me of some of his and one he had in cartoon like airplanes crashed into towers just 7 hours before. And other one I think it’s about his spirit life due to fact way it was such and him trying to find me and he reaches house and on porch was older man said hey she’s waiting inside and the woman was to help him and I find each other but we had to wait bit longer til we r reunited but we could talk to each other now he has been gone almost 9 months now he passed 4 days after r friend Mark did.

    I have a picture of their outlines standing together trying to tell me he’s here. I have so much proof from him but in dreams I can’t figure out what he’s trying to say and most my things hasn’t fully developmed and I’m ready to take all my gifts to next level. I need help with it due to being able to make sure nothing evil dark gets threw tho. Most time when it comes to seeing auras such it’s I can also c bright lites off of people but some times get colors lites in air and on houses roads objects cars such but feelings cold heat vibrations feel but some colors too.

    I’ve lost ALOT friends families I’m only child left as well I had few show up together even tho didn’t know each other and showed me they gathering but kept me in hallway watching I couldn’t enter the room it was like dinner food tables such but they wasn’t eating tho.
    Tonight choices showed me right places to go get help persay.

    Thank you

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