Padre Messenger Of Angels Review- Is Padre, The Angels’ Messenger A Scam?

Have you received emails from someone named ‘Padre, the Messenger of the Angels?’ My inbox was being flooded by him before I reported all contact from him as spam. I looked him up and checked out his website before coming to that conclusion.

He’s no different than Esmeralda Psychic, William Guardian Angel, Extraordinary Chris, Tara Medium, or Angela Guardian Medium Angel. 

Here is my review for Padre and the reasons why I do not recommend him to anyone looking for true psychic advice.

1st Red Flag- Website Does Not Have Any Information or History About PadrePadre

When I first landed on his website, I couldn’t help but notice how pushy it was towards paying for things! The very first thing you see is a big block where you can request “your first free angel reading” and then the next two slides are links for buying some of his books.

That automatically put me off. I clicked on the “Who is Padre?” section to see if I could get actual helpful information about him.

He states very clearly that he is not a priest. He claims to be just a basic guy who has been gifted as a Medium and who can speak to angels. He was nicknamed Padre as a young kid by his family because of his abilities and how he would always dress in all black and was constantly praying.

That’s literally the only personal information we get from him at this point. He goes on to say that he wants to speak with me today to help me with my problems; whether they’re financial, romantic, or luck related.

One line in particular made me chuckle- where he says “It was not chance that led you here and inspired you to consult me. It was because you decided, ‘I need help to solve my personal problems as soon as possible.’”

Um, I hate to break it to him but I was not there because I decided that I needed his help, I was there because he wouldn’t stop emailing me with promises of fixing my life!

I knew that if I was getting his emails, so were many other unsuspecting victims so I needed to see what his deal was.

The fact that he quickly changed the subject from himself to trying to convince me to connect with my guardian angel was my first red flag. In order for me to trust a psychic, I need to have more information about their abilities, skills, talents, gifts, specialties, experience, etc.

Authentic psychics work hard every single day to verify their abilities and not be mistaken as fake. Padre did nothing to assure me of his skills or convince me that he has any sort of talent. This is one of the biggest reasons I stopped wasting my time with these emailing psychics!

I stick with verified and trustworthy psychic networks such as Psychic Source, Ask Now, Hollywood Psychics and other fan favorites listed on my reviews page.

2nd Red Flag- The Website Feels Very Deceitful Padre Pio

The website looks professional enough and even has a little angel blog on it, but as I mentioned earlier, there’s no actual heart to it. It’s full of links and blocks designed to push you into purchasing something or signing up for his services.

A lot of repeated messages throughout, and some testimonies whose writers appear to be fake stock images. I just feel like there’s a lot of trickery and deception on Padre’s website. Even his ‘about me’ page was intended to trick me.

I thought I would get useful information and background about him but instead I got a couple lines and a whole lot of sales tactics urging me to try a free reading for my problems.

Whoever was in charge of picking the image to represent Padre did a good job though, I’ll give them that. They chose a photo of a man who looks gentle, wise, and caring. He looks like a loving grandfather who you’d come to for comfort or a caring school teacher.

I believe that his whole image and persona is based off of an Italian Saint named Saint Padre Pio. He was said to have worn black, prayed constantly, and was known as ‘The Angel of the Highway.’

I don’t have definitive proof that this image isn’t actually Padre Guardian Angel and that he has nothing to do with running this website, but I am wholeheartedly convinced that it’s not.

3rd Red Flag- Padre’s Site Is Owned By A Digital Marketing Company And Not By A PsychicPadre Angel

During my time researching and reviewing other psychic scams, I learned about online digital marketing companies whose whole business is to create and market these fake psychic websites. A very common one that I’ve run into a lot is called New Lotus Web Ltd. based out of Gibraltar.

There are hundreds of them though, and they are always based out of either Gibraltar or Hong Kong! They’re always foreign countries who target and market directly to the Western world. The company that owns Padre’s site is called Sesam Limited and they list two different addresses:

Sesam Ltd

Unit 3007

30/F Tower 2

Metroplaza 223 Hing Fond Road

Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong


Sesam Limited

8A Pitmans Alley

Main Street, Gibraltar

The second Gibraltar address is the same exact address for a different psychic scam I reviewed before called Maria Medium. The company that owns her website and persona is called Mediaweb Limited so it’s interesting that this one has different name but identical address. The same goes for Angela Guardian Angel And Celeste Angelic Medium

I noticed that Sesam Ltd, Padre’s website, was based out of Great Britain from 2009 until 2011. That must have been when they switched to do their business out of a foreign country with more lax laws and less protection for their customers.

Gibraltar is known for being a shady country to conduct business out of so, unless you’re trying to get away with something, there’s really no reason to operate from there. This just makes it even harder for me to trust Padre and his services.

4th Red Flag- His Shady Promotional TacticsFree psychics 

The idea that you could be sent an angel reading free of charge sounds pretty great, right? Well, make no mistake- nothing is ever free when it comes to these scamming psychics. “Free” is just a way to get you to release your personal information, such as your gender, date of birth, relationship status, etc.

I signed up for the free reading to see what I would receive and I didn’t get a reading at all at first. All I got in exchange for my personal details was the supposed name of my guardian angel (which is Ariel, in case you’re wondering.)

Knowing a lot about how the psychic fraud game works, my feeling is that they send the cheesy response to your email first, to see who actually opens it and then they can focus on making things up that might resonate for that person.

That way it’s a lot easier for them to convince you to give them your money. They lump you into a group based off what you answered for gender, age, residency and things like that.

5th Red Flag- The Unethical Content Of Padre’s Emails And ReadingsPsychic curse scam

Nobody should ever use fear tactics on you to pressure you into paying for their services. I’ve always believed that and always will based off of what I’ve learned throughout the years. I was so upset to see that this is Padre’s tactic.

He uses trigger words and creates a sense of worry and unease throughout his emails. He’s not the first fake psychic that has done this and he certainly won’t be the last!

This is the reason I started my blog- to try and keep as many people as aware as possible when it comes to choosing the right psychic for them.

Never trust anyone who tells you that you have a curse or a spell placed on you. That is a huge warning signal and you should mark them as spam or report them if you’ve already paid them.

6th Red Flag- The Photos Of The Customers Who Supposedly Left Testimonials Are All Stock ImagesScam

I touched on this subject earlier but wanted to go into more detail about what I mean. While I can’t prove beyond a doubt that the testimonials themselves are fake and made up, I can assure you that the photos of the alleged testimonial writer are all stock photos that the company paid for and is passing them off as their own from companies such as

Sure, they could be authentic testimonials and they’re using stock images to represent the customer since they don’t ask the customers for pictures of themselves, but I highly doubt that.

I would be more likely to believe him and his services if he just had the testimonials without any pictures because at least that’s more real and honest. Or he could mention that the testimonials are real but let us know that the photos are not of them. This is just another little lie that keeps me from believing anything else about him.

7th Red Flag- The Massive Amount Of Complaints Against HimPsychic scam

If you check out Padre’s reviews on websites such as and you’ll find an overwhelming amount of negative feedback! The people have spoken and they are not happy with him at all.

A lot of them have the same complaint- that he sent them messages and that they were convinced to pay for readings because the messages were scary and that they were unhappy  with the readings they bought. They all wanted a refund and for the website to be shut down.

Some of the customers were scammed out of hundreds of dollars, some just paid the one-time fee of $69.99, and some kept getting debited automatically from their bank account when they weren’t supposed to!

8th Red Flag- Is He Even A Real Person Or Just Digitally Created?Padre Angel Messenger Scam 

As I mentioned before, his website is owned and operated by a marketing company and there is no way to verify that Padre exists or is a real person. It is my honest belief that “Padre” is completely made up and his readings and other communications are actually created by a computer and not a psychic.

Companies can create auto-bots to automatically do and say anything they would like them to. They can take the personal information you give them and create a whole speech about you that’s completely automated and generic.

A lot of the people complaining said they found out they received the same exact reading from Padre that their friend received, just with their names changed.

I personally do not want to get a reading done by a machine. I reach out to psychics when I’m going through a tough time, when I need answers and advice, etc. They are always sensitive and intimate topics and I need to know that the person I’m spilling my heart out to is an actual person with psychic gifts!

The reason I love the psychic sites that I list on my reviews page is because they have reputable psychics that have been tested and verified. They go through various tests and background checks and are very particular about who they trust to bring on as readers with their company.

The reviews and testimonials on these sites are all 100% real and their satisfaction guarantee is wonderful.

There is so much I don’t trust about Padre’s website but the bottom line is that I highly suggest you stay away from him and his services.

Nothing on his website comes off to me as genuine or trustworthy and the content of his readings are despicable to say the least.

Save yourself the hassle and avoid him at all costs. You deserve to talk to authentic, trustworthy psychics like the ones below who will provide you with genuine readings and amazing intuitive guidance.


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, psychic reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


  1. Avatar
    Daphney July 22, 2019

    I’m one of the people who has been scam by Angela the medium i lost R589.00 I’m from south Africa so it looks like Angela the medium is scamming the world run away from Angela the medium

    • Avatar
      smain January 14, 2020

      i was scamed by padre and also by medium from south africa they taking adventage on hopless people they asked send money they destroiy my llife i started to be very negative

  2. Avatar
    Lauren October 09, 2019

    Thank you for doing these reviews. All I wanted to know is the name of my guardian angel which is also Ariel according my birth date. Then I got a very lengthy email with just too much info. But with less than an hour another email asking why I didn’t respond to the “angel” with a reduced price. What I asked myself? What I have to pay for? I only want the name and nothing more. Needless to say I immediately unsubscribe from the email list as then I got a red flag this is too good to be true kind of thing. Then I did a research and cross your reviews. I always get warning signals and I believe these signals as they always work.

    • Avatar
      Angela October 09, 2019

      Glad I could help Lauren. Good for you for doing your research!

  3. Avatar
    Neha March 20, 2020

    Thanks a lot Angela for spreading right saved my money.there are plenty of such scamsters with similar sites..isnt there a way where we all can file a complaint with legal authorities and track them down?? If there’s any please let me know.would love to fix them up. godbless u always!!

  4. Avatar
    Bethel April 14, 2020

    Please can you introduce me to a reliable astrologer.

    • Avatar
      Angela April 14, 2020

      Bethel, there are some great Psychics and Astrologers at Psychic Source. I personally like Betty, Moira or Craig but all they Psychics there are really good.

      • Avatar
        Zygmunt May 13, 2020

        Can I contact you and ask a few questions about Padre.


        • Avatar
          Saidutta behera December 20, 2020

          Padre is a froud or something, please reply me, otherwise I am also paid token price.. Urgently reply my email..

  5. Avatar
    Norman May 06, 2020

    Hi Angela, thanks for your reviews. thankfully i was not scammed by Padre but did respond to find out about my angel and became suspicious of messages offered for free but a request for funds, each time. I was told ‘all will change in 3’ weeks but unless i perform a ritual , due to bada karma in a previous life, that only Padre could fix… etc..

    today i received the final email and again there is the following statement

    “I will send it to you for free and directly by email”

    when you click there is dialogue plus

    “To contribute to all this important work you will be performing on my behalf, I agree to send you a modest contribution of $59 instead of $99.”

    I don’t have an issue paying for genuine services, nothing is for free, its just sorting out the genuine article

    i’ll take a look at the Psychic source as you mention to Bethel.

    P.S. do you have any thoughts on Dawn Anne of Astrology Answers, this was where ‘Padre’ link came from?

    • Avatar
      Angela May 07, 2020

      Hi Norman,

      These scams are advertised on numerous legitimate looking Psychic sites. That makes it all the more troubling because it does look legitimate. I’m doing a write up on where these scams are being advertised and promoted. The pandemic has slowed my progress though. Hopefully it will be finished soon.

  6. Avatar
    Glo D’Lemos May 07, 2020

    Hi, therefore I must say I am also a victim of this padre. How do I report and get refund please as I have already paid him twice.
    After second payment he said he would send whatever and now his website seems to be u der construction, I am glad I checked it out as it seemed very fishy.
    How sad is this, taking advantage of those that are really struggling and looking for ways to better their lives. So so sad and disappointing

    • Avatar
      Angela May 07, 2020

      Hi Glo,

      I would contact your credit card company and file a chargeback. They will help you get your money back.

      • Avatar
        Cali October 08, 2020


        Padre is the biggest scam ever. He took over 1000 euros from me. He does have psychic abilities and does use them to take money from you persuading you in a very strong manipulative way. I would like to be fully refunded IMMEDIATELY! I will not rest until I expose this scam everywhere and make this business disapear. I demand JUSTICE to be made.

      • Avatar
        Cali October 08, 2020

        Dear Angela Thanks GOD people like you do exist. Bless you ! Would you help me on this one? Just feel the silliest one to be honest.

  7. Avatar
    Barry January 01, 2021

    Ive been had by padre and now asking for my money back is there any advice on what I can do many thanks


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