William, Your Guardian Angel Review – Is William Guardian Angel A Scam?

I want to review another self-proclaimed psychic who calls himself ‘William, Your Guardian Angel.’ I’ve heard his name brought up a lot, and he has a pretty big following.

All his attention and the questions I received made me want to learn more about him. I wanted to know if he’s a legitimate psychic that I could get behind and recommend to my readers when asked about him.

Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with what I found after researching him. William, Your Guardian Angel, is not someone I could, in good conscience, recommend. 

I was scammed for a lot of money when I didn’t realize there were so many fake psychics. After that, I made it my mission to keep the same thing from happening to others.

While doing this, I’ve learned so much and even noticed specific patterns that dishonest psychics tend to follow. While researching William Guardian Angel, I noticed he has much in common with Exceptional Ron.

William has a short video recording on his website that gives a little “biography” about himself. I noticed that he, like Ron, claims to provide their psychic readings for free.

They say they do this because they care about helping people as much as possible.

William Guardian Angel Lies About Being Free

william guardian angel scam

I dislike it when psychics lie about offering their services free of charge because it’s an outright lie designed to suck people in.

They might give you vague, generic information at no cost, but they always leave out helpful information. Once they’ve grabbed your attention, they ask for a monetary payment to complete the reading.

It’s easier to separate you from your money once they’ve got your full attention. Genuine psychics don’t lie about being free of cost and don’t pretend that they’re doing it solely out of the goodness of their hearts.

They’re real people, just like you and I, and they have to live and eat! You wouldn’t fault a mechanic who asks for payment after they fix your car, would you?

You know they require money to provide for their family and can’t blame them. Psychics also support themselves and their families from the spiritual guidance and advice they give those who seek it from them.

I’ve learned to be suspicious of any ‘psychic’ who pretends to do their work for free…

He Makes Up A Story About A Brotherhood He’s Involved In

William claims he’s an authentic medium and a member of the “Brotherhood of Notre-Dame-des-Sources.” Supposedly, because of this exclusive membership, he has sworn to dedicate his body and soul to the poor.

He alleges that since he’s a “Wise Man” of the brotherhood, he devotes 100% of his time to the needy. He claims to provide his services to those who need him the most, free of charge.

I decided to look up this Brotherhood of Notre Dame-des-Sources because I hadn’t heard of it before. I discovered that it’s a monastery for Benedictine monks in the Republic of Congo.

There are less than 50 monks who live in the community and work manual labor in one form or another. Work like gardening, raising animals, repairing homes, teaching a trade, etc.

It’s tough to believe William when he says he’s part of this monastery. And even if he was, why isn’t he doing the work he signed up to do at the monastery? It’s such a weird thing to claim to be a part of.

William Claims To Help The Needy Through The Internet

helping the needy

He would be so busy if he genuinely devoted 100% of his body, soul, and time to helping the needy. His hands would be full with just the people near him that he encounters daily.

How strange that he has free time to use the power of the internet to supposedly help people. He does say that he, of course, can’t help everyone, so he spends his time on a few select people.

It’s up to him to decide who has more pressing and deserving matters worthy of his time. He adds that he’d be honored to study your case if you’re among these people.

All you have to do is send him your email address so he can look into your problems! He then goes on to tell us more about himself.

Like many other scamming psychics, he claims to have come from an exceptional family full of mediums and clairvoyants. Also, like all of them, he never gives specifics to back up that claim.

He claims to have traveled the world, learning sacred skills and techniques from accomplished teachers, guides, and masters.

This area is another where specifics and details like names would be helpful if he wants us to believe him.

Like Other Fakes, He Pretends To Offer Free Readings

He concludes his video recording by offering to read your tarot cards for free. You must contact him with your name, date of birth, email address, and, strangely, your marital status.

That probably lets him know whether or not he should email you about love spells, lol.

I didn’t see many reviews of William online, so I decided to go ahead and sign up for his “free” help. I wanted to get the complete picture of what he’s peddling and how much he charges.

After submitting my request, he asked for my physical home address and telephone number. He said this was so that he could contact me if he “at some point has an urgent vision of my future.” 

I’m sorry, but I’m not giving ANYONE this type of personal information! I skipped that part and waited for him to email me my free help. I received an emailed reading from him just one hour after I requested it.

It seems like helping the needy isn’t as time-consuming as I thought! In the email, he told me that he had analyzed my natal chart, and I knew this was a lie because I never gave him my time of birth or even a rough idea of it.

William Guardian Angel scam

It Was Clear He Was A Liar From The Start

All he had to go by was my birthday, but he gave me a vast 8-paragraph description of myself. The things he said about me were so general, and they could have applied to anyone.

He told me that now that he knows my expectations, he can help me accomplish them. I’ve never spoken to or given him any of my problems or life expectations.

He said that to help me accomplish my expectations, he needs to involve other beings on the journey. He told me he works with angels and is convinced they’ll work with me if I ask them to.

William gave me a link to follow so I could start immediately. When I clicked the link, I saw how much he was charging.

He refers to the payment as a “donation,” which is $69 for a “quick answer.” I could make two payments of $34.50 if that’s easier for me.

What happened to helping me at zero cost and just for the pure joy and devotion of helping others?? 

I knew that wasn’t possible, and I’m glad to have confirmed it and found out exactly what he charges.

Even if I chose to ignore all the red flags I got from William, I couldn’t forget what I found out next.

William’s Website Is Owned And Operated By New Lotus Web Ltd

New Lotus Web Scam

This is the address they list for the company:

World Trade Center
1st Floor- Unit 1.02 Suite 253
6 Bayside Road GX11 1AA

New Lotus Web Limited out of Gibraltar is the same company behind many other popular psychic scams!

These include Esmeralda PsychicMedium Maria, and Extraordinary Chris. Read about why I don’t trust this company here if you haven’t already. They’re as shady as they come and are known frauds.

There is nothing honest about New Lotus Web or the psychics they own. They are experts at creating, producing, and marketing fake psychics.

They’re good at what they do; I have to give them that. They are the company behind some of the most popular and widely used psychic services.

I hate to think how much money they’ve conned from desperate people.

Getting A Refund From William Guardian Angel Is Impossible

no refunds no returns

Under their “terms of use,” the company clearly states that you shouldn’t hold your breath if you’re hoping for a refund.

They don’t care whether you are satisfied with the reading or not. In one sentence, they state that you have 14 days to “exercise the right of withdrawal” of your payment.

However, the following sentence says this doesn’t count if the reading was digital, downloadable, or customized specifically for you.

This sentence confirms that no one will be getting a “withdrawal of their payment.” The last sentence says:

“This aspect must be taken into account especially given that, unless stated otherwise, all products that, where applicable, are offered by way of this website and/or subsequent communications are sent due to said website, will be digital.”

William Guardian Angel Website Terms Of Service

Since the company emails your readings to you, this makes them digital, making them ineligible for a refund.

You can kiss your money goodbye once you give it to him. I wasn’t about to give this conman any of my money, especially since I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a refund.

Because of this, I can’t be sure what tactics they use to pressure people into paying him more and more money after the first reading.

However, I’m almost positive it’s the same old “you have a curse on you” type of scare tactic that many scamming psychics love to use.

The refusal to give a satisfaction guarantee means they know what they’re saying is SO generic and non-specific that they can’t give you a refund if you don’t like it.

The reason is that if the company did refund every unhappy customer, they’d be giving EVERYONE a refund, and they’d no longer make any money.

William Guardian Angel Is Nothing Like A Real Psychic

Removing the ability to get your money back if you weren’t satisfied with the consultation allows them to get away with shoddy work.

Authentic psychics don’t work this way. They have nothing to hide and believe in their work, so they prefer to provide their services through companies that test and verify them.

They know how valuable the personalized help they provide is and how much their intuition can change someone’s life.

They’re ok with going through a company that guarantees the satisfaction of their clients—companies like these online psychic networks.

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Ad Disclosure

Thanks to those networks, I stopped wasting my time and money on self-proclaimed psychics who will say anything and everything to take my money from me without giving me a chance to disagree with the information.

The fact that all his readings and communications are through email only really bothers me. I feel much more in tune and listened to when I can communicate instantly with my psychic in real time. 

I don’t trust a “psychic reading” that’s so one-sided. For readings to work, there needs to be a connection between the psychic and me.

The psychic can establish this connection through a phone call, instant messaging, Skype, or in-person. Because of this and many other reasons, I now only go through top-rated psychics like Psychic Source.

The psychics at Psychic SOurce are my number one choice when I want to talk to trustworthy psychics. If you’re looking for honest and sincere guidance, I recommend you do the same.

Check out the box below for all the great psychics you can trust. Whatever you do, please stay far, far away from William, Your Guardian Angel!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Ok so I was stupid Just this morning, I did click on for the 2 payment deal For Willam-angle and did give him my address and phone number….this is not like me at all, but then shortly after About 1 1/2 hours it was bugging me I thought why did he need that and panicked so I Called my bank cancelled My card informed them about the whole thing and he only got $34.00 Out of me, I was also told By my bank agent to call 2 credit bureaus because I gave him my address and phone number incase of identity fraud, I will Be calling first thing tomorrow when there opened…is there anything else I must do? So stupid like I said this is not like me at all. Any other suggestions to what o should do?

    • Hi Tanya,

      I haven’t seen any reports of identity fraud from these outfits but I would probably purchase some sort of credit monitoring service just in case. Its usually inexpensive and sometimes your credit card company will offer it for free or a reduced price.

  2. Thanks Angela! This is really helpful! I can now block this evil and fake psychic from my emails n go no further!! Thanks again 👍😊

  3. Very helpful review thank you. My niece was tempted by William’s grandfatherly website appearance and sent for the free tarot draw only to receive the creepy stalkeresque “I feel I know you” email. She asked me to request a draw so we could compare notes on both the initial response – and his interpretation of the cards drawn for her versus mine. Family hysterics ensued; we laughed for ages. I used my family nickname and maiden name and my email address (one not shared on social media). William’s initial response to my draw was:
    “I can tell you that when I received your request, I had some strange and peculiar sensations. I even had the feeling of already knowing you for a long time!

    Also, I had a vision in which we were together, both of us. I saw us meeting in a particular town… the town of Barnes.

    I don’t know whether this town is important to you, but Barnes is what I’m certain appeared to me.

    This may seem surprising to you, even improbable but, that’s what I saw,” . He also said he was here to protect me, and my friend.

    My niece didn’t get paragraph 2, but did get a variant of paragraph 3. And as for his card reading – just no. I can’t. I look forward to mine……not.

    • Sarah, is Barnes where you live?? He said the exact same to me about Las Vegas, where I live. Then, he patterned future emails about helping me win at games and numbers without mentioning the word “gambling.”
      I only gave him my name, email and birthdate. I’m sure he looked up my address from that.

  4. thank you william

  5. I found this site doing a search for our dear “william guardian-angel.” I originally found this guy attached to astrologyanswers.com. I get daily Tarot and Horoscope readings from them and there’s always a link to a “guardian angel.” I thought it may be legit since their site credibility is at stake, but I guess it matters not. I’ve seen many quality readers/mediums over the years, in person, so this seemed a stretch from the beginning. Combined with the cynicism gained living 6 decades, I was skeptical from the get go. Even William’s photo turned me off. So phony and contrived. [I’ll post a more in depth report later, but here’s the quicker version of my experience dealing with Billy Angel {you’re an angel to me…lol} for 35 days: 12/24/2019 – 01/28/2020. The ‘donations’ asked ranged from $59 to $29; anything to get me to bite. I never did.]

    During these 35 days my wife had three 911 calls and 3 trips to the hospital [heart condition] beginning 12/27/19 to about 1/22/2020. Billy’s emails came every day WITHOUT a mention of my wife’s serious illness or circumstance. He figured I was ignoring his emails and even chastised me for doing so a few times! True I did not read any emails cuz I was completely ensconced with my wife’s crisis. In time I read them and saw NO mention of our crisis. Odd for a “psychic” not to know that, says I. So, I replied a couple of times stating he should know what’s going on with me; if he were legit. He responded only the first time stating some words of attempted healing/encouragement for my wife and I. Then, the emails resumed as usual next day.

    I grew tired of the interplay on 1/28 and exercised the link always on top of his emails: “To stop receiving emails from William, Click here.” To my surprise, this worked right away. No more emails since, after getting them daily for more than 30 of those 35 days. I saved them all in a folder and today went to refresh so I could post a review here. Guess what?? Billy is no longer linked at Astrology Answers.com. Today it was “Magellan Medium Spirit”, another older guy with gray hair and gray goatee – the kindly grandpa approach yet again. They even had another link at the very top of the page, again called “your guardian angels name.” The link sends you to another site: guardian-angel-messenger.com. This time it’s the kindly grandma approach, with long gray hair. Her name?? ANGELA, of course!!

    Not only was Slick Willie gone, but the links to his awful canned robo voiced videos from my emails led me here:
    “We had a technical problem during your transaction.
    Do not worry, my technicians are reviewing it and will be solved as quickly as possible.
    If you want to report this issue, without any commitment, please email me at william@
    So, I guess we gather that these “psychics” are disposable and recycled with different personas?? Or, did the link get cut when I unsubscribed?? [I’ll have to ask Magellan or the other Angela…]

    I’ll have more to say and reveal next post. Suffice to say, my emails had much the same verbiage as the others have mentioned. Billy said I had negative energies and a bad spell that I needed his help to remove to find the happiness in life I deserve. We’ve also known each before, and he dreams about me, and Our Lady of Springs talks about me, and he Sources at Notre Dame; yada, yada, yada… Also, look in mirror and tell myself I’m worth it. Right Angela??

  6. Due to wanting to share all I learned about this William character, I neglected to thank Angela for her hard work and persistence in exposing the frauds in the psychic “business.” Finding this site and article did help me confirm the BS I was dealing with. Thank you, Angela.
    Ok, back to the BS of Willy the Cherub. I stated in the other post more than 30 days of emails. It was 32. I did not receive emails on Jan. 3 & 4, or Jan. 24 & 25. ???
    BIZARRE NOTE: all 32 emails I received were sent with the time stamp of 40 minutes pm; i.e. most were 5:40pm, some 6:40pm, 8:40pm, 9:40pm and 10:40pm. Never a 7:40pm for some reason. Why is that, I wonder?? 32 different phrases in the subject boxes too. The “free” reading was sent @ 8:40pm after his initial note below sent @ 6:40pm. Only 2 hours?? I must be quite special. I do live in Las Vegas, although I never gave him my address. Only name, email and birthdate:

    “I can tell you that when I received your request, I had some strange and peculiar sensations. I even had the feeling of already knowing you for a long time!
    Also, I had a vision in which we were together, both of us. I saw us meeting in a particular town… the town of Las Vegas.
    I don’t know whether this town is important to you, but Las Vegas is what I’m certain appeared to me.
    This may seem surprising to you, even improbable but, that’s what I saw, David.
    I won’t say anymore, but I’ll be back, as soon as possible, to give you some news!
    I’m here to protect you.”
    Your Friend,

    First reading, or “study”, to follow.

  7. “Free” reading by William below. Notice, “magically” his 2nd card drawn refers to him [and partnering with me], and equally “magically” the 3rd card just happens to be the “Wheel of Fortune” card – for someone who lives in Las Vegas. How convenient! Card 1 was the “Magician!!”
    Enjoy, but PLEASE DO NOT PAY THIS GUY OR TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY. The fake photo, the robo voiced videos are from a hack/thief trying to rob you of your hard earned $$. Don’t fall for it:

    My dear David,
    My head is full of thoughts since I received your request, you’ll soon understand why.
    As soon as I read your first and last name, my heart jumped! It was as if I’d found you again, several lifetimes later.
    An experience like this rarely happens to me, and certainly never by chance. It’s the sign of a meeting blessed by the heavens, an encounter destined to happen.
    I had a vision in the seconds that followed, a vision in which I saw you weren’t living the life you deserved. Immediately, I understood I should help you find happiness.
    Without waiting, I did your quick draw of the Tarot. The fact of doing it while I was thinking hard about you assured me of an intense mystic link with you and with your future.
    I have important revelations to make to you, and already I’ve every reason to be optimistic about your future!
    Drawing my first card I discovered your nature, your character and your lovable personality.
    MagicianThis first card, the “Magician”, shows you have a spontaneous nature. You’re creative, sometimes impatient, and always searching for a life aligned with your ambitions. However, it indicates a certain difficulty in making choices, and an innocence the runs the risk of being manipulated by people who aren’t always positive.
    We can protect ourselves effectively against people with bad intentions, and I will help you do this.
    The teachings of this card indicate you’ve no lack of energy or willpower, but you don’t always know how to channel them even though they are important for you. You’ll soon see that it’s easy to overcome this minor problem and use these inborn qualities to your advantage.
    I also saw that you’ve a profound sense of responsibility, but at the same time can’t always resist the temptation of spending money. When we aren’t rich, as is your case I think, this can create some serious problems can’t it, David?
    Having said this, I think with my help your problems with money could disappear quicker than you think. I’ll tell you more later…
    To summarize, you’ve a great sense of values, you’re highly intuitive but your imagination is not sufficiently used. In spite of all these qualities it seems that too often you lack self-confidence.
    You tend to put yourself down when you should love yourself as you are. Love yourself, this is what you must learn because you’re really worth it. If you learned how to love yourself, do you know what would happen? You’d attract love like a magnet attracts iron. I’ll come back to this point…
    The second card I drew: the “Hermit”.
    HermitFor all esotericists, the Hermit is the card of the spiritual guide. It symbolizes the union of wisdom and knowledge, initiation and magic, morality and faith.
    David, let me say humbly: This card represents me personally, in the relationship created with you. It’s not surprising that I picked it after feeling your call for help, and realizing that it was my duty to help you. (If you choose me, of course).
    Let’s continue our journey in the magic world of the Tarot with the 3rd card I drew: The “Wheel of Fortune”. This is the card that interests you the most because, in my draw, it’s the card that defines the outlines of your future.
    Your future seems to be under good influences!
    However, in this moment I must pause. Why? Because I must tell you certain extremely personal things I’ve discovered that are vital for your future. They are so important that I’ve chosen to tell you face to face.
    I invite you my dear David, to join me in a video I recorded for you.
    After listening, you can continue your reading. However, trust me… it’s important that you listen to me before you continue.
    Let’s return and see what the Wheel of Fortune announces for you in the area of money.
    This is the area that worries you more than anything else, isn’t it, David?
    The Wheel of Fortune is a very beneficial card that announces happy events. It predicts the unexpected arrival of money, and success in business. As its name indicates, it is an extremely positive card that can lead… to fortune.
    It’s above all, the card foretelling victories on games of chance.
    Successful on games, will they be large or small? Will you succeed quickly or far in the future? Be careful, nothing is certain! In fact, this depends on the attention you pay to my revelations and my advice.
    Let me explain: The fact that I picked this card undeniably proves you’re entering a lucky period. Therefore, you’ll soon receive energies favorable for success. You know this, and I think it reassures you.
    But to become rich on games, you need more than that: You must know how to catch the energies of luck. Then, you must know when to play, how to play and, better still, if possible, to know which numbers to play.
    With me, all this is possible, David! I’ll soon have the occasion to show you.
    The second thing revealed by this very positive card concerns your love life. If financial problems were your main worry, it seems that worries about your love life also greatly affect you. In this case, just as the case for money, I think I can say things soon will change.
    The Wheel of Fortune always announces the end of a cycle, and the beginning of change and renewal. In your case, the interpretation I make is that you have been suffering from loneliness and this situation is about to change because of an unexpected event. From what I can see, you’ll soon need to make a choice. Don’t worry, if you authorize me I’ll be at your side to advise you of the right choice.
    One immediate recommendation: Recover your self-confidence, recover hope in your future because everything looks very bright for you. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re worth all the happiness that’s soon to be knocking on your door.
    David, that’s the summary of what the cards told me about you and your future. I should say “our” future because if you take the hand I hold out to you today, then together we’ll see “miracles” happening. I’ll guide you to finally live the life you deserve.
    I’ll lead you on the path of the happiness you’ve a right to, but first I need your agreement to make the Great Reading of your Horoscope.
    As I told you in the recording I made for you, the next 12 months are a “turning point” for you. We must put all chances on your side to assure a brilliant success.
    Only a Great Reading of your Horoscope can give us the information we need.
    The Great Reading of the Horoscope is my speciality. This is made by drawing 12 cards of the 22 cards of the Tarot. Its predictions are assured 100%. Not only because the Tarot no longer has any secrets for me, but because I analyze the interpretation that I give to the cards I have picked.
    How? By using these cards to make a detailed clairvoyant reading. In over 30 years of my career, I’ve never been wrong, David, that’s what earned me my worldwide reputation.
    I repeat my offer to quickly complete the Great Reading of your Horoscope. It will tell you everything about your future for the next 12 months.
    Click here to receive it.
    One last thing: The fact that I often receive large donations from rich people who call upon my gifts, enables me to ask you for only a small symbolic donation. However small it is, it’s linked with the tradition of initiation that states there can be no spiritual exchange without reciprocity.
    David, the year announced for you looks like a turning point in your life, perhaps even the year of your rebirth. You must make choices, seize chances and protect yourself from traps that will inevitably show up…
    I offer you my help, don’t refuse it!
    Don’t miss this unhoped for possibility to radically change your life!
    Your Friend,
    P.S.: Follow this link to obtain your gift!

    • Did you have your 12 month horoscope with the 22 tarot cards pulled and analyzed by him? I would be curious to see if it said the same for your cards as did mine. All correspondence so far said exactly what your email said verbatim. But I did not like my tarot card reading and I am completely stressed out by it. I feel he’s a scam artist but would like some comfort that maybe other people tarot card 12 month readings were the same so that I can put this to rest and not worry about what he claimed was going to take place this year.

  8. William wrote to me saying that my bridge of light had collapsed, and that if I didnt accept his help to rebuild the bridge,then my soul would separate from my body ,a body without a soul and a soul without a body.

  9. Moi aussi j’ai recu le meme tirage de carte de tarots de cet escroc que les autres personnes victimes
    j’ai eu recours par le passé à un vrai médium que je cotoyais souvent dans le cadre de mes activités professionnelles en fait cette personne était un collègue de travail et personne dans notre service ne savait qu’il possédait ce don de voyance
    un jour ou j’avais besoin de parler pour oublier mes problèmes il est venu de lui meme vers moi et sans que je lui demande quoi que ce soit il m’a aidé cela à duré plusieurs mois il ne m’a rien demandé financièrement et plusieurs mois après mon état de santé à commencé à s’améliorer nettement et aujourd’hui soit 5 ans après son intervention je suis complètement guéri et je revis .
    les personnes qui disent vous aider et avant de le faire véritablement vous demande de l’argent croyez moi ce n’est pas normal. oui moi j’ai tout de meme récompensé mon collègue qui ne voulait rien du tout il a accepté après plusieurs tentatives de ma part.
    Moi qui était condamné a suivre un traitement médicamenteux et difficile à supporter durant de nombreuses années j’ai été sous le choc de comprendre qu’il existe heureusement des médiums véritables et honnetes .
    je vous remercie Angela pour les conseils précieux qui je l’espère aideront de nombreux sceptiques comme j’ai pu l’etre moi aussi. Un conseil ne donnez jamais vos coordonnées bancaires sur la toile à ces escrocs on ne sait jamais ce qu’ils pourrait en faire par la suite. merci à vous

  10. Well I will not waste anymore of my time on William. I’ve responded to quite a few in the past but never gave money. However, Angela, which psychic is or would be worth investing money and time?

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