Master Abram Review – Is Master Abram A Psychic Scam?

There’s a new psychic making his rounds online by the name of Master Abram. I decided to research him because I keep seeing his name and ads all over the place. There’s so much fraud in the psychic field so I like to investigate any new psychic I hear about. I don’t want myself or anyone else interested in a reading to get scammed by a fake psychic.

I have to admit, Master Abram does a pretty good job trying to come across as a legitimate psychic. It was only after extensive research that I concluded that he is just another psychic scam. This article explains how I came to that conclusion.

About Master Abram Psychic

Master Abram’s website claims that he is a Master Clairvoyant, Sensitive Psychic, and Expert in the Arts of Divination. It says that he has been helping people live their best lives for over 30 years. His childhood story sounds just like that of all the other fraudulent psychics I’ve reviewed:

He was a normal boy until around the age of 10. At that point, “something” happened that night that he can’t fully explain. He says he remembers falling into a deep sleep and then began trembling uncontrollably from head to toe. Although he was conscious, he was unable to open his eyes or wake up.

All of a sudden, he began seeing visions. First of knights on horses during a battle, then of men and women suffering and looking to him for help. Out of nowhere, a huge flash of light filled his eyes and penetrated his mind.

This flash changed his life forever because it was at that point that he began making predictions. He supposedly traveled around the world to become the person he was meant to be. He states to live for magic, pure esotericism and astral communication.

I’m not saying that this story isn’t plausible or believable, but I AM saying I don’t believe this is his story. I got way too many red flags during my research. They lead me to believe that his whole image and persona are a fabricated lie.

Red Flag #1- He Lies About Free Readings

Free psychic readings

One of the very first things that stood out to me from Abram’s website was his free reading claim. The link to his “free consultation” was at the very top of the page, before anything else. It was even before his life story and his (I’m sure fake) testimonials. He has another tab pushing his “free” reading again at the bottom of the page.

I’ve had a lot of psychic readings over the years and I’ve learned that authentic psychics don’t pretend to offer their services for free. This is one of the biggest giveaways that someone is trying to scam you. Genuine psychics have a real skill, provide a real service, and get paid just like everyone else does who has a unique talent.

Word travels fast when a psychic has proven themselves to be the real deal and are often in high demand. They don’t have to lower themselves or offer themselves at no cost because they aren’t begging for your business. Their reputations precede them and they make a name for themselves selling an honest service at a fair price.

They are often in high demand and consider this their life’s calling. They usually focus all their time and energy on growing and expanding their gifts. Just like everyone else, they deserve to get paid for their abilities. Master Abram claims that he offers his services for free because he “can and he must” help others with their troubles.

He supposedly wants to use his extraordinary powers to change people’s lives. He basically admits that to do this, first he needs to get you in the door by enticing you with a free reading. Even though I already knew in my mind he was fake, I decided to sign up for his free reading anyways.

I’m glad I did because it confirmed everything I already suspected. Just like other fake psychics, his “free reading” is nothing more than an email asking me to pay for a more detailed reading. His very first email to me was him telling me that I am going to win a fortune in less than a month.

master abram psychic scam email

There was ZERO personal or meaningful information about me or my life. It was literally an email telling me that if I want to know about my future, I need to pay up. First the cost was “57,00 USD” and then in later emails it was reduced to “45,00 USD” and then “24,00 USD.”

I guess I should just be glad that he showed me his true colors right from the start. A lot of the fake psychics I’ve reviewed kept trying to make up a bunch of generic information about me to convince me. At least Master Abram didn’t try very hard at that.

He is also very pushy and aggressive with his emails and I don’t like that at all. He literally sends me an email EVERY SINGLE DAY reminding me that I need to pay him so that I can know my future. Does this sound like something a genuine psychic would have to do??

True psychics with real talents are too busy speaking to people who reached out to THEM- not the other way around!

Red Flag #2- He Was Created By A Marketing Company

master abram psychic scam stock photo

While digging around, I discovered that his website is actually run by a marketing company. It suddenly became clear why he had so much free time to harass people. The person behind Master Abram isn’t a person at all. His website and persona are actually owned by a company called ‘Andromeda Technologies Ltd.’ They created Master Abram’s entire existence.

They came up with his name, his backstory, his supposed talents, and bought a stock photo for his image. The picture of the person who is supposedly Master Abram is actually just a male model who got paid for his headshot. This same image is available for purchase on Adobe stock to anyone who will pay for it!

I’ve learned that you absolutely CANNOT trust any psychic businesses based out of countries like Malta, Hong Kong, or Gibraltar. These countries are safe havens for psychic scammers. They have no rules, regulations, or punishment against this type of fraud.

On the contrary, they actually PROTECT scamming businesses and give them huge tax breaks. Scammers love doing business here. How can I trust anything that comes from this “psychic” after discovering this?!

The marketing company that created and owns him are based out of Malta as stated under their terms of service:

Andromeda Technologies Ltd
Vision Exchange Building
Territorial Street, Mriehel BKR 3000
Birkirkara, Malta

In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason for honest and reputable psychics to run their business out of these countries unless they’re planning on doing shady things.

Red Flag #3- He Only Does Email Readings

Email psychic readings

As I mentioned before, I’m no stranger when it comes to psychic readings. Once I learned what I needed to look out for in order to avoid being scammed, I began trying different psychics. Since then, I’ve spoken with hundreds of psychics and have developed great relationships with them.

Some of my favorites are Psychic Source, Ask Now and Path Forward but I use others as well. Check out my reviews page to learn which ones I use and trust the most and why. It didn’t take me long to realize that in order to have a good reading, you really have to communicate with your psychic in real time.

This could be by talking on the phone, chatting with them online, video messaging with them, or even texting with them. There is honestly no way you can get valuable information from a psychic through just email. The process only works if there’s two-way communication happening on the spot.

A “psychic” who claims to be able to help you by taking your money from an email they sent you is definitely a red flag. There are so many little things that go into a reading. The psychic being able to ask you questions and you answering them then and there is one of the most important ones.

You also don’t want any delays in communication because this gives scammers a chance to look you up online and dig up some info on you. They can then present this information to you as if they felt or sensed it. A genuine psychic would never do that.

That’s why you really need to talk to them in a normal conversational manner without long delays in between their answers. Over the phone or video messaging are great options for ensuring you’re not being tricked in this way.

Red Flag #4- The Poor Quality Of His Readings

master abram free psychic reading

The things above were enough to convince me that Master Abram is a psychic scam but I kept researching. I tried to give him and his readings the benefit of the doubt and have him surprise me but he just never did. The opposite actually happened.

Each email he (or actually the marketing company) sent were more and more desperate than the last. He never even pretended to have anything of value to tell me. His emails were so meaningless and generic. They all lacked true human emotion.

All he kept trying to do was convince me that I’m not living my life to my best potential and that only he can help me finally find the right path. The emails kept pushing for me to pay for my “Complete Study of the Fortunate Life”. I might’ve paid it if any of his other “readings” had moved me or convinced me in anyway that he was real but he never did.

As I mentioned earlier, the price for this life-changing study kept changing, one day it would be $57, one day $45, one day $24, etc. Each time the price was a ‘special offer’ price. The whole thing just reeks of fraud and despair. He would try to tell me that he has my whole life planned out in specific steps and that I need to pay to learn them all.

I know that nobody can plan my life out for me in steps but myself. If a psychic ever tries to convince you that they can see your future, please run away from them! Genuine psychics like the ones found on my favorite psychic networks don’t try to do this. Their goal is to use their gifts and heightened intuition to help you figure out your life.

They ask the right questions and have a unique way of interpreting your answers. They also push you to find the right questions to ask them. You work as a team with the psychic and grow in the process. You don’t call them to have them tell you everything that will happen. We all have free will and are in charge of our own lives.

Real psychics should just be consulted for advice on specific issues or problems you’re experiencing. They can’t tell you if you’ll win the lottery, when you’ll get married, if you’ll have a child or not. What they CAN do is tell you the best way for you to reach your financial goals, what kind of spouse to look for that would match your specific personality type, whether being a parent is right for you or not, etc.

Please don’t be fooled by psychic scammers like Master Abrams, Extraordinary Chris, Magellan, Celeste Angelic Medium or others like them. Check out my Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them section to learn more about who to stay away from.

For genuine psychics you can trust and count on, check out my reviews page. I’ve also included their information below!

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Hi Angela, I’m leaving a comment here about the scam site “elissa-psychic”. I’m Elissa Heyman, the New Mexico psychic whose reward for being very, very good, is to get multiple calls a day about the scam site “elissa-psychic”. The scam has ramped up to a new level, and I just heard of new ways it frauds people, who think I am doing these terrible things to people. Some of the letters sent to victims are very scary, not to mention the money they lost. I got 4 calls today from victims. If you have any information about how this can be stopped, or who might know about how to do that, please get in touch with me. Thanks, Elissa

    • Hello Elissa, I’m sorry to hear the scam artist Elissa is ruining your good name. I do not know how to get in contact with them but I doubt it would do you much good anyway as most of these scams are operated by shell companies in far away lands. See my review of Elissa psychic, perhaps it will give you some clues. Best wishes!

  2. Yeah hands down this guy is a scam. I took I’m up on his offer but what back was well putting plainly was bullshit. Believe me people don’t waste your time are your money on these scammers

  3. There seems to be a similar site called “” that is also run by Andromeda Technologies.

  4. Hi Angela!
    So glad I found your reviews on Master Abram as I was recently contacted by him; and felt his letters to be almost silly!! He told me I a Secret Ancient Group wants ME to join them, along with him. That would be how I could attain tons of wealth and power! How silly is this?? Like some ancient beings really know who I am!!!! A retired clairvoyant, I did readings for many people in person; at psychic fairs, art festivals, etc. I am always disappointed in these FAKES who only want to rip you off. Also, beware of another one called ROXANE! According to her I have 8 astral twins in another dimension, and the one “hiding behind Pluto” was really going to “cause trouble for me!” (A student of astrology, I never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life!!!”

    • Its kinda silly Autumn, but if you’ve ever been at your absolute worst those words sound really nice. I’ve been there and I was grasping at straws. I have reviewed Roxane Psychic Astrologer before and just like the others she’s a big scam.

      • Hi again Angela!
        Here’s another DOOZY from Master Abram. There is suddenly a HUGE star in the heavens with enormous power that is to be given only to me. According to him, an ancestor of his went into a trance years and years ago as her husband ( an astronomer) was the one to discover this. When she woke from the trance she had a slip of paper in her hand with lo and behold!!! MY name was written on it! Can you believe anything so silly!! So now if I pay him, he will see to it that I am connected to this celestial power and bestow it upon me. I really get a laugh at all this; and my belief is that he must be paying someone to make this stuff up. I feel really sorry for anyone that is taken in. Well, all he is doing is generating a lot of Bad Karma for himself!! I do hope people will read these reviews before being ripped off!!!

  5. Thanks guys..I’m glad I read this. I’ve been receiving messages from master abram and he also told me that a secret society wants to let him join this year out of charity ton those who can’t afford this membership. And they will give me everything to have a life with no worries about money. And there is much more nonsense than that.

    It’s almost comical. I mean I’m in a bad spot financially so it all sounds amazing. But totally BS. He says I can’t tell anyone about any of it either ummm you’re an stranger on the internet in offering to help me before the richest woman ever but I have to keep you and how you help me a secret??? I too have received messages from Magellan and Roxanne and also getting them currently from the psychic. Duo Mary and Christian.

    What I find interesting is that they always have a deadline for when they need my agreement, aka money, and then they can no longer be of any help to me bc basically I’m doomed for a life worsen than I have had BUT they are always back sending new messages about some new thing they want to do or some amazing thing about me . It never ends.

    And I’m broke so can’t even send me bc noncredit cards and I tell them but they never respond to me exactly but send another email w a lowered price sayingb how scared they are bc of my silence. Bahaha I’m not silent. I’ve sent them dozens of emails saying make it free today, waive your fee and I assure you I will compensate you well when this money you speak of Rolls on in my life.

    And still in get the messages fearing for me bc I haven’t responded. No I have responded but just not how they want me to, w payment. It sucks. I wish it were true. It should be illegal to do this. I’m vulnerable right now so I’m glad my credit card isn’t working or I’d probably have been scammed . Thanks so much.

    • Jennifer, it is almost comical, but they prey on people in tough spots. When you’re in a rough place in your life you want to believe because it will fix your problems. It goes from funny to sad really quick.

      When you actually step back it’s easy to spot that they’re just telling you lies. I’m happy you saw through it, stay vigilant!

      • I have one I have a omen and it’s sneaking around and not to test destiny and fate and to avoid any kind of destruction and for three days lol I’m like really I am winning and gonna get a lot of money in 3 days but don’t test fate and he will help me with the this is it below
        I know for a fact that Misfortune wants to strike you, Salomon, so I will ask that you:

        please pay close attention to any omens or premonitory signs that may occur.

        do not tempt Fate by ignoring its signs: playing with Destiny is very dangerous. I say this as an expert in the magical arts!

        How can I be so sure that Bad Luck is coming?

        Salomon, I have had a recurring dream three nights in a row!

        In this extraordinary dream vision you were looking up at the sky, staring intently at a blazing Black Sun!

        A truly disturbing sight: this Black Sun, with its dark fiery rays, was burning across your entire Astral Sky!

        Three times I woke up filled with anguish and fright, so I decided to contact you immediately to explain the meaning of this strange dream.

        The first thing I would like to tell you is that this vision is a precise warning! We are talking about a triple alarm call telling us that we must take the situation very seriously.

        The Black Sun represents danger. It is a bad omen, Salomon, linked to various kinds of problems: difficulties, tears and financial losses.

        Can you believe that it’s hilarious what a real loser to scare me to give him money….

  6. I’m getting like ten emails form Master Abram a day saying “Your Guardian Angel is trying to come in contact with you.” It is bugging me to the point where I’m just deleting all the emails and it had this message across my screen saying “Are you REALLY sure you want to delete this message?”. It’s annoying, but I can’t unsubscribe. Angela what do i do?

    • Your near Future is threatened by the Black Sun and a terrible wave of Misfortune!

      It is important to act as soon as possible to perform a fast and effective action to counteract the Black Sun, which, if left unchecked, could make your life very difficult!

      What could happen to you exactly?

      There are different hypotheses, but the Black Sun usually heralds persistent Misfortune, considerable financial losses, problems and bad news.

      I must also tell you that as time passes, it will become harder to reverse this trend.

      The Black Sun must be removed from your Astral Sky immediately, Salomon!

      And I have the perfect solution!

      If you allow me, I will create a counter-spell using the luminous energy of the Sun: if the Black Sun brings Misfortune, I will bring the Fortune of the true Sun directly to you!

      This is the only way we can beat Bad Luck… and win the battle against Time.

      Yes, Salomon, as the minutes tick by, the Black Sun gets stronger and stronger and it becomes more and more difficult for me to drive it out of your Astral Sky.

      Please give me your IMMEDIATE consent to reposition the true Sun in your Astral Sky.

      And I promise you that, together, we will make Fortune shine in your life once again.

      That is right. You and I must work together, Salomon, because I need your touch and vitality.

      I will, of course, give you the tool that you need to do this: here is the precious Drape of Light.

      I look forward to hearing from you!

      This is his message to me just tonight he is out of control.

    • Shyanna, mark the message as Junk or spam. From that point on your email provider should automatically put them in the junk folder so you never have to see them again. Usually you can just right click on the email and there will be an option somewhere in there to mark it as junk.

  7. I gave him $20.00. Now I’m worried my card might be charged again! Should I cancel my credit card and get a new one?

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