4 Interesting Facts About Love

Love is a complicated subject full of myth and mystery. You can love your partner but feel like you’re from completely different planets sometimes! As confusing as love is, I was shocked to learn that there’s actually a science to it. Love is an emotion but there’s a lot that happens in our bodies physically because of it. Here are some interesting facts about love that might help you see it in a clearer light.


Couples That Look A Lot Alike Are Really Common

couples look alike

Have you noticed that some couples look eerily alike? Like they look more like relatives instead of romantic partners? It’s actually more common than you might think and there’s a scientific reason behind this phenomenon.

Scientists at the University of Liverpool studied this event and discovered that our brains favor faces that look like ours and our family’s. When 200 study participants were given several digitally altered images of human faces, they unanimously chose faces with features they recognized in themselves or their loved ones.

There’s a sense of security and comfort that comes with things we find familiar so our brains subconsciously latch onto those who look most like us. There’s also a primal drive to mate with someone who has the same features as us to ensure that our offspring look as much like us as possible.


Love At First Sight Is Real

love at first sight

I’m sure we’ve all watched movies or heard stories of people falling in love at first sight. People like to say that they looked at each other and that the rest was history. That they just knew they were meant to be together.

Well, it turns out that there’s a scientific explanation for this. Psychologists have discovered that a woman is perceived as more attractive if she looks at a man upon entering a room. It doesn’t even matter what man she looks at; it has the same effect.

Researchers at Dartmouth University did a study where they had men look at photos of models’ faces. Some of the models were facing the camera and making direct eye contact while others were photographed looking at something off camera.

When asked to rate the likability and attractiveness of each model, the ones looking straight at the camera were consistently chosen as more likable and attractive. The models who looked at something else were not only considered less likable but were even described as unpleasant!

The researchers concluded that the gaze of a woman is a powerful tool and that nonverbal communication is one of the biggest factors that goes into how we form impressions. The idea that people lay eyes on each other and immediately feel like they’re falling in love might not be so far-fetched after all.


Knowing It Was Meant To Be Is More Than A Feeling

meant to be love

Have you known someone who just “knew” they and their partner were meant to be together after the very first time they met? It turns out that we do know “it” when we see it. “It” being the person who is appealing to us and who we want to make a life with.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania studied the behavior of singles and discovered that people don’t need a lot of time or information to know whether or not they’re interested in a person. They found that both men and women used mostly visual cues to determine potential compatibility within moments of meeting someone.

It seems like our instincts and “gut feelings” really do play a big role in helping us choose our partners. The researchers were surprised that factors you would think would be most important to people, things like education, income, values and religion, actually played a very small role in their decisions.

It all came down to that first impression and the feeling they got. The other factors only come into play after we decide that we like this person and want to get to know them better.

When we like someone, we tend to find a way to make the other factors work even if they might pose a challenge. Our bodies really do know a lot more than we give them credit for!


Feeling Crazy In Love Is Completely Normal

crazy in love

You may have heard people in new relationships say they feel like they’re going crazy but just thought they were just kidding. Well, it turns out that this actually can happen. According to researchers at the University of London, love can make people feel like they’re going crazy.

One reason for this is because the process of falling in love causes the serotonin levels in our brain to drop. This decrease in serotonin creates a feeling of mania and obsession. It also raises the level of a stress hormone in our body called cortisone. This increase causes our blood pressure to rise and makes it difficult to fall asleep.

As if these things weren’t enough, the neural circuits that control social judgement are suppressed when we look at our new love interest. This is where the phrases “blinded by love” and “seeing them through rose colored lenses” come from.

We physiologically can’t help but give our new love a pass when it comes to what is normal and what should be a red flag. Our brain “pauses” that part at first until our bodies adapt to being with a new person.

Once we spend enough time with them our bodies and neural circuits go back to normal and we can see things for what they truly are. Our hormones find a balance and stop fluctuating so wildly. This helps us stop obsessing over this newfound person and increases our quality of sleep.

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