What All The Best Psychic Readings Have In Common

There are times in life when things get tough, and we’re just not sure what we should do next. Life has its ups and downs; sometimes, it can feel dark and hopeless. Things can get hard, and our usual ways of dealing with them, like talking to friends and family, don’t help.

As much as they love to help, it can be hard for them to understand our problems. If they don’t understand, they can’t help us find the answers to our questions. Fortunately, we have a lesser-known and unique option- consulting with a trusted psychic. A reading from a genuine psychic is one of the best ways to gain insight and guidance into our issues.

It’s one of the most helpful things we can do when we find ourselves in a tough spot. There are several types of psychic readers, each with their own gifts and skills. The ability of each psychic depends on several things. Experience, talent, skills, gifts, history, training, and how open, honest, and vulnerable we are with them affect readings.

Take Good Notes On Your Psychic Readings

psychic reading notes

Every reading is different, so I suggest you make it a habit to write down all the insights and information given to you during a reading unless you have a fantastic memory, which I do not! Finding a fraudulent psychic who appears authentic and very convincing is easy. They spam or send you letters, hoping you’ll fall for them and pay for their services.

In reality, they’re just personas created by digital marketing companies. Some of the most common psychic scammers include ‘The Extraordinary Chris,’ ‘William, Your Guardian Angel,’ ‘Esmeralda Medium,’ ‘Tara Medium,’ and ‘Celeste Angelic Medium,’ to name a few. Don’t be fooled by these scammers who prey on your fears and insecurities and never give you anything of value.

See my reviews page for authentic and trustworthy online psychics here. They’ve all been tested and verified and have a satisfaction guarantee that eliminates the incentive to play games with you. Regardless of where you go to find your psychic, some readings will be better than others. Here are some things that set the best psychic readings apart.

They Never Make You Feel Judged

never feel judged

You should never feel like the psychic is judging you during a reading. The psychic is simply there to pass on messages from the spirit guides- not to judge or shame you in any way. If a psychic judges their client, they violate your trust and incorporate their personal and private thoughts into your life and the reading. That is a line no psychic should ever cross unless you specifically ask them to, which I don’t recommend.

Clairvoyants are only to relay messages in a neutral and unbiased manner without including their personal feelings, and they should always keep the reading professional. Please don’t assume that keeping it professional means only saying nice, pleasant things you want to hear, though! That’s a red flag that your psychic isn’t being honest and straightforward with you. It probably is if everything they say sounds too good to be true.

A genuine psychic reader should be able to tell you important things, even if they’re negative, nonjudgmentally, and without sugar-coating them instead of keeping them from you. The negative information they have for you might not be the most pleasant, but you need to hear it because it could be a critical life lesson. It could provide information that causes you to change your current path.

However, there is a difference between giving unpleasant information and speaking to you with a hateful or judging tone. They should also never be scaring you with threats of curses or spells because those don’t exist, and a psychic that tells you they do is lying to you. The psychics I listed above are notorious for pulling these kinds of schemes.

They Help Guide You 

psychic helps guide you

One of the main goals of a psychic reading is to enlighten you and make you aware of the different possibilities you have in your life. They should help you understand why things have happened the way they’ve happened. They shouldn’t just be giving you random information. A psychic reading should give you insight and information that you can then use to make better, more informed decisions. 

A good psychic reader can also help you make sense of everything they’re telling you. They should help you move forward with a positive attitude no matter what information has come through during the reading. They won’t give you a lot of deep and heavy information and end the session abruptly. They’ll walk you through everything until it makes sense and you understand what it means and what you need to do.

The reading should only be over when YOU decide it’s over; hopefully, by then, you’ll be more enlightened than you were at the beginning of the reading. Feel free to stop the psychic at any point of the conversation if they are telling you something you don’t quite understand or doesn’t make sense to you. They should be happy to break it down until you get it. If the reader starts getting frustrated or annoyed by your questions, I suggest you stop talking to them and find a more professional one from my reviews page.

They Help You Make Sense Of Your Life

make sense of life

The best psychic readings will help you make sense of things happening in your life. You may have been wrongly blaming someone or something else for bad things that you’ve been going through. A reading will help you reflect and meditate on these situations and reveal alternatives to you that you may never have realized on your own.

For example, you might blame your spouse for your failing marriage, but the reading helped you see that you, too, have made bad decisions that have hurt your relationship. They can open your eyes to the fact that you’ve played a role in the current state of your relationship. It’s so common to blame someone else for our problems without ever considering that we could be contributing to the situation in our way. 

We like to think we know what’s best and are always right, but we’re only human and make mistakes. The important thing is to become aware of the mistakes and want to change how you do things. Once you know your role in everything going wrong, you can let things stay that way or fix them.

You have a busy life, and the days fly by, so it makes sense that without the insight of a third person, such as a professional psychic reader, you could miss little details which add up to something huge. By the end of a good psychic reading, you should have gained a better sense of your life and more insight that will help you turn things around.

They Don’t Try To Predict The Future Or Lie To You

predicting future

Legitimate psychics will never point their fingers at you for the mistakes you’ve made which have led you to where you are now. They should never tell you that a bad situation will occur on a certain date because they can’t know that. That kind of behavior is what you can expect from scamming psychics. A trustworthy psychic will give you general details and information about things and help you decide how to proceed. You can tell a psychic is fake if they do any of the following during a reading:

  • Tell you with certainty that your partner is cheating on you and is trying to get rid of you. They should only let you know something may be amiss in your relationship and help you look deeper into it.
  • Tell you that your fate and destiny are already written and that you can’t do anything to change them or that you have no choice but to be doomed to a lifetime of bad luck. Real psychics know everyone controls their destiny and that you take action to shape it daily. Your future isn’t set in stone, and you have free will to change your life any time you choose.
  • Tell you that you have a deadly and incurable disease with only a short time to live. This trick is a common scare tactic that some sleazy psychics do. They then tell you they can cure you if you pay them a certain amount. Psychics are psychics- not medical doctors! Never take health advice from anyone who is not in the medical field.
  • Tell you that you have a curse or spell placed on you or someone you love. This is the oldest trick in the scamming psychic book because it’s highly effective on those who don’t know better. Cut off contact with any psychic who tries to convince you of this.

They Don’t Scare You Into Giving Them Money

fake psychic fear tactics

A psychic reading should never involve talk of money outside of what you’re paying them for the reading. The psychic network should handle the payment for services, not the psychic. Never listen to a psychic who tells you to deposit money directly to their bank account. During a reading with a genuine psychic, they should only channel and relay the energy and intentions of your spirit guide, their spirit guide, or the spirit of a deceased loved one.

They should answer your questions and guide you forward, never taking advantage of or extorting you for money. Asking you to give them extra money, jewelry, vehicles, properties, or gift cards is a HUGE red flag, and you need to end that reading ASAP. Report that psychic to the authorities and file a formal complaint. I love that I never have to worry about these things again since I now only go through trusted online psychic networks, such as Psychic Source!

There Is Good Communication Taking Place Back And Forth

good communication psychic

One major thing that makes an excellent psychic reading stand out is the amount of communication going back and forth between the psychic and the client. A reading should never feel like a guessing game. Don’t purposely refuse to give the psychic any information to “test” their abilities. It takes trust and vulnerability to get the best reading.

The psychic should ask relevant questions at the appropriate time but shouldn’t be asking you questions with every other sentence. While there needs to be trust and vulnerability, you also have to be careful about being TOO trusting and naïve. Dishonest psychics will take advantage of that in a heartbeat. 

During a reading, you should feel like you’re being heard and listened to without interruption. They should only stop you if they have an essential question to ask about what you’re saying but never change the subject. You should feel calm and relaxed, never anxious or nervous. You should never feel rushed, verbally abused, or attacked for any mistakes you may have made.


These are all things that the best psychic readings have in common, so it’s a good idea to keep them in mind for your next reading. If something doesn’t feel right during a reading at any time, don’t hesitate to end the session. A good reading depends on the psychic themselves, but you can take steps to ensure it’s good.

Do your homework and research them or the company ahead of time. Don’t reply to just anyone who spams your inbox without looking into them first and digging deeper. Always thoroughly investigate the psychic you’re considering going with or through a reputable psychic network. That way, you can avoid the headache and hassle of being scammed.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

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