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Introduction To The 7 Chakras

Chakras are energy centers inside our bodies, and energy is the foundation for all of life. It is the basis of everything that exists and ever has existed. The human body has seven chakra (energy) points, and the first one starts from the bottom of your tailbone while sitting down and ends with the ...

How To Fight Loneliness And Be Happy

No matter how many positive things you have going on in your life or how successful you are, there may be times when you’ll feel lonely and isolated from the world. It could be that your best friend moves to a different state, your long-term relationship comes to an end, or a loved one passes away. ...

6 Steps Towards Forgiveness

People come and go into your life. Some of them are in your life without any choice from you, such as family and coworkers. Others however, are in your life because you wanted them in it, such as friends and romantic partners.With so many people that you interact with throughout your life, it’s ...

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