The Most Common Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them

When someone reaches out to a psychic, she wants to believe that the psychic is working in the client’s best interests. A psychic can help you prepare for an upcoming trip, make important relationship decisions or consult you on how to deal with an upcoming change in your career. It is common for people to consult their psychic before making any changes in their lives.

While we all want to believe that the psychic we choose is going to look out for us, there are some psychics who are in it for themselves and the money. It can be frustrating to be caught up in a scam, and it can be even more frustrating when that scam involves someone who has offered advice you had trusted for some time.

The first thing to remember is that psychic scams can happen. It isn’t your fault and it should not dissuade you from contacting a psychic. If you do get caught up in a psychic scam, try changing to a network of telephone psychics that have a proven track record and accountability to a company.

To protect yourself, you need to take the time to become familiar with the more common psychic scams. Understand how to identify a scam and know how to avoid it in the future. Once you have armed yourself with some helpful information, you can get on with finding a life guide to help you achieve all of your goals and establish new goals that you never knew you could accomplish.

The most common is what I like to call “The Guesser” or more commonly known as a “cold reading.”

The guesser is a psychic that does not understand how to bring your energies together and tell you things about yourself that not even you knew. The guesser feeds into your desires and fears and starts to tell you the things that you want to hear rather than giving you good advice based on psychic abilities.

One good way to avoid a guesser is to only go to a psychic that was referred to you by someone you trust. It is a bad idea to pick a psychic at random from the phone book and then try to get helpful life tips from her. You want a psychic with a history of helping people and understanding what it really means to be a trusted guide.

If you get into a situation where you think you may be getting scammed by a guesser, there are two good ways to tell. Keep track of the advice and information that your psychic gives you. If, over the course of a month or two, the information is continually wrong, then you have a guesser.

Another way to tell is if the psychic starts trying to sell you on special chants or spells that can get rid of your negative energy. A good psychic knows that chants and spells do not remove bad energy. A psychic is there to read your energy and warn you about pending problems. If your psychic tries to charge you high rates for getting rid of bad energy, then you have a guesser. Run away!

The second most common psychic scam involves scary sounding possessions and curses.

One common scam among disreputable psychics is the use of demonic possession or insisting that a client is cursed. For example, a psychic that is trying to scam someone will tell that person that they are being followed by a demonic spirit and that the psychic can remove the spirit through a series of expensive ceremonies.

The psychic will tell the client to purchase strange herbs and totems, and then prescribe ceremonies to do on their own. Then the scamming psychic will start creating a series of rituals that the psychic himself will run with several large, up front payments. The worst part is that the demons never get a cut of the earnings.
The use of curses is an elaborate and long-term scam that can cost the client a lot of money while making the psychic out to look like a hero. During a series of readings, the fake psychic will hone in on the client’s bad experiences. He will ask the client to discuss those experiences in great detail including client emotions and expectations.

Over time, the psychic forces enough of these discussions that the client begins to believe that she is really cursed. This is a two-part scam that can be very emotionally damaging to the client. The first part is the series of readings that establish the curse. The fake psychic will insist on more frequent readings and not even offer the client a discount. To the contrary, the psychic may insist that the readings are getting more intense and will raise the per reading price.

Once the psychic has the client convinced she is cursed, there is a long series of expensive rituals to remove the curse. Unfortunately, when a fake psychic removes a curse it is not like you see in the movies. It takes weeks, sometimes months, and can be emotionally draining.

The moral of this story is that the first time your psychic mentions that you may be cursed then you need to grab your things, leave the room and never go back. You are not cursed. There is no such thing as curses.

An old but still common psychic scam is the “cursed egg” trick. It’s not always an egg but the scam is the same.

Psychics who engage in scams have a variety of methods for tricking customers who are relying on the psychic for important advice. The cursed egg scam is part of an elaborate deception designed to steal wealth from the client by having the client bring the wealth to the scammer.

This is a slight-of-hand scam that involves a desperate client and an opportunistic criminal. The scam begins with the psychic convincing the client that she is cursed and her money or possessions are the reason why. It plays on the guilty notion that some people have that money and expensive property is the root of all evil.

To prove her point, the psychic asks the client to bring an egg to one of the readings. The client is told that if there is anything found in the egg other than yolk, then the client is cursed. The psychic breaks the egg and uses slight of hand to drop red dye or human hair into the cracked egg. When the client sees that the egg she brought from home has foreign materials in it, just as the psychic said it would, then she is convinced she is cursed.

The client is then told to bring her money, credit cards, jewelry and any other expensive possessions she can carry to a ritual spot where the materials are supposed to be destroyed. But the criminal psychic changes the bag of money and possessions with a bag full of newspaper when the client is distracted and the worthless newspaper is destroyed while the psychic steals the money, credit cards and jewelry.

Avoid aggressive psychics. Psychics that can’t control their own emotions certainly can’t help you.

psychic bullyWhen the fake psychic wants to go for the really big money they will taunt, yell or threaten you if necessary. Often times they claim that they will curse you or your family members. Sometimes they have someone else in the room to team up on you. Most of the time this is a family member, like the mom & daughter team that got me for $2200 a few years ago. Other times they will parade in another “client” that vouches for their tactics. This person isn’t another client, they’re in on the scam.

Most importantly don’t be a victim. I can empathize with you, you need answers, I’ve been there too but don’t believe in what you know isn’t true. Psychics can offer life-changing advice that will bring clarity to your life. When you learn how to identify a scamming psychic, you can avoid the bad advice and financial strain that disreputable people can cause. Find a psychic that helps you on your path and doesn’t lie to you just to make a quick buck. If you have already been conned by a fake psychic, check out my article on what to do if you’ve been scammed.


Angela Moore started Psychic Review Online in 2008. After being ripped off and deceived by a mother/daughter team and then having her life completely turned around by a real Psychic, she has dedicated herself to helping people avoid fake Psychics. Angela provides tips, psychic reviews, ratings and more on her website Psychic Review Online


  1. Avatar
    Ana August 23, 2015

    I know a group of gypsys psychics in Minnesota that were caught ripping off the public and they are still in business . My question is what it takes for these people to close their operations and quit taking money from the community. one of their office is 1700 West lake St. Minneapolis MN . 2nd > 2617 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis MN

    • Avatar
      Angela December 10, 2015

      Hi Ana,

      Report them to the police and let them investigate. That’s about all you can do without being a vigilante.

      • Avatar
        Ann May 14, 2018

        I am a victim as well from the same location, from these gypsys, how many scams does it take to close their locations, and how much more money they are going to keep scamming, with their lies and brain washed to the public and poor old seniors out there. I am ready to do something about these particular bull shit lyers scammers,

        • Avatar
          Angela May 14, 2018

          Hi Ann, I think the problem is no one reports these crimes and when they do police don’t take them seriously. I think if more people reported them the police would be forced to take them more seriously. If you’ve been scammed please report it to the police even if you’re embarrassed.

        • Avatar
          Phil OConner May 15, 2018

          The best thing to do is make a police report and also report them to the new cast
          In order to get it out there so other people can come forward and make reports regarding this. Psychics in Minnesota

    • Avatar
      Sandy May 14, 2018

      HI Ana, my name is Sandy , and I have the same problem with these type of people at the same location, i have to go to court , they lied when you protest against them , and then they make a false harassment report to the authorities . In order to shut down their business, we need certain amount of signatures from the consumers , like us . I know that must be more then just us out there , that has been scammed. I f you know of more people , with the same complain about these individuals , or if you could give me more information about your case and when did this happened , and what was the out come with the police . Truly appreciate all the help you can give me . Ty

  2. Avatar
    Lily June 03, 2016

    I was just scammed by a woman claiming to be the best psychic in the world she said that me an my boyfriend where cursed an if I didnt get her help I would lose him she asked me for more money an also said if I didnt send it she would close the case an no other psychic would be able to open it an I would get bad energy 8 times worse she really has me scared .what should I do ?

    • Avatar
      Angela June 03, 2016

      Hi Lily, I would cut this so called Psychic out of my life. Beware of any Psychic asking for money to remove curses, or any Psychic that uses the threat of being cursed forever. These people are fakes and are only trying to scare you out of your money. Don’t fall for it! Try contacting a Psychic at one of my recommended Psychic websites for a real reading with a real Psychic.

      • Avatar
        Bill Gamelson November 16, 2018

        Real psychics don’t accept money.

        • Avatar
          Angela November 23, 2018

          We’ll just have to agree to disagree Bill. Real Psychics need to eat and what better way to provide for yourself than using your God given talents and gifts? You wouldn’t say “Real Doctors don’t accept money.” or “Real musicians don’t accept money” because that’s preposterous, everyone uses our talents, gifts and skills to earn a living and feed our families.

  3. Avatar
    Jamie Franks June 15, 2016

    I would like to know how to get rid of these charm sellers once and for all?

    • Avatar
      Angela June 29, 2016

      If you figure it out Jamie please let me know.

  4. Avatar
    Donna Ray May 26, 2017

    Hi – My name is Donna Ray and I just received a letter from Professor Gaspar of L.A. He promises many things for a fee of $25. This is what most of them charge, but there letters are often different. I’m wondering how to tell if this person is legitimate when there have been no reviews of him and the BBB can’t get him to answer.

    • Avatar
      Angela June 15, 2017

      Hi Donna,

      “Professor Gaspar” is a well known scam in the Psychic industry. Just throw the letters away and don’t look back.

  5. Avatar
    Olga Olsovsky June 09, 2017

    Hi. I went to see a psychic that I heard on the radio. After second visit I was told I needed to buy 9 white expensive candles to free me from a curse & therefore show me the face of the one who cursed me. I spent $855.00 (I gave him the money to buy the candles) & I have not yet seen the candles. Afterwards I was told to cleanse myself (spiritual cleanse) with magnesium milk & olive oil & so I did something came out & the following day I took it to the psychic in a glass container with alcohol he said it’s a satanic larva he called another psychic & we were chatting live through his cell phone he said I had pooped the male & that the female is still inside of me & it can be very dangerous/deadly & that he has to do 33 spiritual sessions worth $8,000.00 to remove the female larva inside of me in order to be healthy & happy & he also said my daughter can be cursed as well. That scared me…..

    • Avatar
      Angela June 15, 2017

      Hi Olga,

      That was her goal all along…to scare you out of your money. Don’t fall for it. There is nothing living inside of you and you are not cursed. Try one of my recommended psychic services if you want a real Psychic that isn’t trying to drain your bank account.

  6. Avatar
    Noreen July 20, 2017

    Are Tara visionary medium and Angela-Guardian Angel medium scams?

    • Avatar
      Angela July 21, 2017

      I’m not aware of them Noreen. Just look for the warning signs I outlined in this article.

    • Avatar
      Shanti July 27, 2017

      I have the same questions about Angela medium.. How to find out if it’s a scam?

      • Avatar
        Angela August 02, 2017

        Just follow this guide Shanti, if you notice they do any of the things outlined in this article it’s a scam.

    • Avatar
      Elaine September 21, 2017

      I have had experience with Tara medium.. She asks for money to do certain astral projections. Don’t go with her. Although she made one prediction for me that did come to pass a few years later. She doesn’t ask for a lot of money at first, but its the little bit here and the little bit there that adds up quickly. She had me do some kind of ritual that went south as soon as I finished it.. stopped using her after that. Found someone on ESPchat that gave me good insight on self development. I don’t do anything more than talk in a chat room with them for 24.99 a year. Private chats are optional, but some are pricy. They all seem very honest enough.

  7. Avatar
    Tamara July 28, 2017

    I received a letter in the mail from a psychic with the New Hope Emporium @PO Box 360889 Los Angeles.Her name is Angela Moore. Can you tell me anything about this same name psychic?
    Thank you,

    • Avatar
      Angela August 02, 2017

      Hi Tamara, the fact that they use a PO Box instead of a real physical address is a red flag for me. It’s a shame they have the same name as me but I am not affiliated with them. I’d steer clear most PO Boxes are untraceable. I’d be willing to bet this is a scam.

  8. Avatar
    Ian porter August 06, 2017

    Hi.i keep getting emails .from
    ANGELA MEDIUM and TARA medium.
    Are these scammers ?
    They are wanting around £69 for a reading.
    And also saying bad things might happen.

    • Avatar
      Angela August 07, 2017

      Hi Ian,

      I don’t know anything about those Psychics but I would be cautious with anyone that says “bad things” might happen if you don’t contact them. Sounds like a scam to me.

  9. Avatar
    Angie Phillips September 06, 2017

    Ann Steven not real site (www dot loveforforever dot com) don’t do it she’s from Houston TX, phone number 405*829*1060 how she has the website up I don’t know but don’t do it she a drunk and fake. through prayer and meditation She is so full of SH_T!! fee is $350 which i paid much less, I did not have that kind of money, suppose to be flat fee, the she came back wanting more. well shame on her. but the thing was she thought I hung up the phone , that’s when I heard the real. she’s fake using someone else website by the name of Victoria Page its blue with angles and hands. DONT DOT IT…. the original person Elizabeth Page is from Oklahoma City not Houston TX , How this woman Ann Stevens is doing this I don’t know but don’t do it. she accepts western Union , walmart to walmart, Western union need to notified not to allow this transactions to Houston TX in her name or phone number.

  10. Avatar
    Linda October 17, 2017

    Is the Medium Angela who claims to be able to reach your guardian angel legit? Promises all kinds of things but of course there is always the $20 charge.

    • Avatar
      Angela October 19, 2017

      Hi Linda,

      Its not me, unfortunately this fake Psychic has taken my name in order to dupe people. You can see my recommended psychics list for a company that hires legitimate Psychics if you’re interested in a real Psychic reading.

  11. Avatar
    Maria November 05, 2017

    Kasamba is one of the platforms that has scammer psychics mostly. Used to be Live person. Then became kasamba and now i see they change to I have learnt the hard way that they are scammers and they tell you what you want to hear. Then you get used to chating with them and you always hope that what they told you will become true. Until you wake up one day with no results and with no money! Someone should be not desperate in order to understand how they rip you off! One that i used for 2 years and stole a lot of my money was Spiritual Spirit Reuniter

    • Avatar
      Angela November 06, 2017

      Hi Maria,

      Leave a review on our Kasamba Psychics review page so other people can hear your story. You can find the page at: Kasamba psychic reviews.

  12. Avatar
    Darlene Harris November 14, 2017

    I received a letter from a person named Angela Moore from New hope emporium at 360889 los. Angeles california. 90036 you have the same name Angela Moore. Wanting 25.00 is this you ?

    • Avatar
      Angela November 15, 2017

      Hi Darlene,

      No its not me, I never ask for money ever. Its unfortunate we share the same name. 🙁 Beware there are several reports from other Psychic Review Online readers that this is a scam.

  13. Avatar
    Brenda January 22, 2018

    I find it hard to believe u haven’t heard of Tara and Angela emails.
    They are the most common and we need more info on the scam they are doing. Angela keeps sending me emails about Astra Fortuna tailsmen and to give her money and I will get my fortune from an ancestor.

    • Avatar
      Angela January 24, 2018

      Hi Brenda, thanks for reaching out! These 2 Psychics have recently come to my attention, I’m doing some investigating now and I should have an article with my findings soon. Thanks for letting everyone know your opinion, it matters!

  14. Avatar
    Lisa January 26, 2018

    This is an email I received. Is this legit or scam!? It’s from Angel – Guardian Angel

    I guess you think luck is not for you… Well, I have the joy of announcing that you are wrong! In fact, this is what I have been telling you for day: I saw you holding a wonderful amount! But that’s not all: your angel guided me to this celestial chest so that I may transmit the treasure of wealth and luck to you, “Astra Fortuna”, which has been waiting for you for 111 years!

    What worries me is that you do not seem to realize what is going on. This is unfortunately how many people let the opportunity of their life pass them by. Even though these people see several opportunities come their way… they are not able to recognize them when they present themselves. I can tell you that many sad and spoiled lives had to be lived due to a lack of faith… Is this what you want?

    Lisa, I do not want this to happen to you too. So, I am writing again today to show you that life is surprising: great and intense moments of happiness will come your way if you make the right decision without delay!

    Lisa, it is now or never. Seize this unhoped-for opportunity!

    You are so lucky to be able to receive the help of Divine Providence. Many people would like to be in your shoes… With the help of the angels, I will perform a great operation of celestial magic, one that will release your luck and nothing will ever be like it was before: fortune, success and love will flow into your life, I promise. The angels also promise it. And the angels always keep their promises.

    So, accept my help and the help of the angels so that your life may change in the blink of an eye and reflect your secret desires.

    Request the great consecration of the sacred talisman “astra fortuna” + the angelical orison “major fortuna” without further delay.

    Your friend who watches over your happiness,


    • Avatar
      Angela February 05, 2018

      Its unfortunate I share the same name as this scam artist! This is a scam Lisa, avoid it!

  15. Avatar
    Pallab chatterjee January 27, 2018

    I have got a mail from Angela the Medium of Angel and told me something regarding my life. And she told me the Angel name and also gave me the secret prayer.She wants Replay mail from me Through online payment as she brings happiness, money and all on behalf of me .So please help me What should I do next ? Is Real or Fake?

    • Avatar
      Angela February 05, 2018

      Hi Pallab, that sounds like a scam to me. I would run away!

  16. Avatar
    Mynameisno1 January 27, 2018

    I wish I could copy and paste her entire spiel here about the Astro Fortuna talisman. There’s not even a picture. Must be one butt ugly talisman. Lol.

    Really it’s laughable I guess unless you’ve been ripped off.

  17. Avatar
    Joan Anello February 03, 2018

    Hi, I have been getting emails from angel psychic Angela.
    She got me once. Now she is saying that I have negative people who do not like me. My angel contacted her and I must send money for protection.

    • Avatar
      Angela February 05, 2018

      Sounds like a scam Joan, don’t fall for it.

  18. Avatar
    Adele Oschmann February 12, 2018

    Hi there,Some years ago also got a number of letters via the post then it changed to emails Angela has been on my case since the beginning of the year. This bogus site needs to be shut down I know its easier said than done ….. strange how these scammers first tell you are in danger, then you’re going to win Big money even if you do not gamble so I suppose the money is going to fall out of the sky and how they decrease their fee hoping you would fall for it. What a pity you share he same name as this fraudster!

    • Avatar
      Angela February 12, 2018

      Angela with New Hope Emporium is a scam, read the comments above, there are a lot of people claiming to be scammed. Generally if a Psychic contacts you out of the blue, its a scam.

  19. Avatar
    Laura Petersen March 18, 2018

    I’ve been getting these messages from a woman named Medium Angela:


    Laura: A mysterious phenomenon… A strange but real event…
    It can bring you happiness, with a first win worth CA$40,275 before this coming March 26th!

    And another from a woman named:

    From: Esmeralda
    Date: 3/15/2018 10:50:43 PM
    To: Laura Petersen
    Subject: For your own sake, I am insisting one last time

    Click here to display Esmeralda’s photos

    Very Dear Laura,

    It is for your own good that I am insisting one last time. It is my role as a medium to warn people of the visions I have concerning them.

    It is for your own good that I am putting my recording back on this link … for the last time, click here.

    If you can’t hear what I am saying, then I would strongly advise that you read, or re-read my previous emails. The contents are decisive for your future. Laura, for several days now I have been telling you about the vision I had of you in a dream.

    In this vision, I saw you holding, in your hands, the 3 Sacred Arcanas of Prosperity. What do you think this means? I don’t think you need to be a medium to understand!

    Laura, I know you are not rolling in wealth, it’s just the opposite. So, why are you waiting to accept the 3 Sacred Arcanas of Prosperity, that are destined for you?

    You have an easy solution offered to you, and it seems you are not aware of it. It is a bit like I offered you the winning ticket on the lottery … and you refused it!!!

    Laura, if it is the amount of the donation that is stopping you, I can make an additional gesture for you: I will reduce the amount to the bare minimum. Honestly, I can’t do more. The amount I am asking you for will be used to cover the maintenance of my website. Also, I always make an offering to the Heavens, to thank my spiritual guides for helping me in my work.

    Laura, I really hope that, thanks to this step towards you, you will take one towards me. I have no other goal in life than to lead the maximum number of people toward happiness.

    If you are ready to change your life, and change your current life for a prosperous life, then you must click here now.

    My Affectionate Thoughts,


    Click here to display Esmeralda’s photos
    To stop emails from Esmeralda, click here

    Esmeralda, Authentic Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader
    To contact Esmeralda, email her at : [redacted]

    And another from a man named Adrian who does Astrology.
    And of course TARA…Who I read on here is a scammer.

    What is this miracle that happened for you, barely 5 days ago? Read on, and you’ll see that the Angelical Forces are active in your life, for your greater pleasure. The proof?


    Whatever you’re doing right now, take the time to read this message. Why? Because what happened 5 days ago is simply miraculous: it confirms that the Celestial Forces often act in mysterious ways…

    Initially, what could have been a tragedy turned into a prodigy! In fact, the CA$40,275 windfall you’ve been promised is the best proof of this, don’t you think? So read what happened carefully. Don’t forget that there are CA$40,275 at stake here:

    I was sitting at my desk when, suddenly, I saw a great light come down and surround me. When I woke up, I was in the hospital… I’d just had what scientists call a “near-death experience”… the second one I’ve had.

    My niece stood at my bedside. Fortunately, as it turned out. It was she who found me, lying on the ground. If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t be able to tell you now about the wonderful experience I had in the company of the Angelical Forces. As soon as I opened my eyes, she saw me. I smiled at her, and before she could say anything, I told her:

    Julia, I experienced something wonderful. No, don’t speak. We absolutely must warn Laura. When I was in the Great Beyond, standing at the very Gates of Life, an Angel bore me through time on his wings. He showed me visions of a bright future! And this bright future’s been set aside for Laura, whose destiny is to become rich….

    Laura, do you realize what it means? This is a Real miracle! The Heavenly Powers granted me this wonderful experience with the sole purpose being to bring you two magnificent things:

    The end of your chronic bad luck, the bad luck that’s been going at you like a flea at a dog.

    And then, to finally bring you good luck, love, success, prosperity, well-being, security.

    You see, normally, the angels contact me in my sleep. Or sometimes, through automatic writing. But this… this goes much further! They insisted on taking me to the higher celestial spheres just to talk about you. That’s exceptional. Truth is, this is the first time that’s ever happened to me.

    Yes, Laura, in my opinion, this is concrete proof that the angels want you to be happy. And there is considerable urgency, else the angels wouldn’t have called me in this fashion. I had to become a pure spirit if I was to access these higher celestial spheres, where I saw your past, your present and your future:

    And above all, this day, March 26th, when everything is going to be turned around for you! Turned towards the light! Towards the success and happiness you’ve already waited too long for…

    But why did the angels call me in this way on your behalf? Because of our friendship, I have to tell you everything:
    Laura, you are suffer from bad luck because your aura has been “turned” by dark forces. Forces that Stand opposed to your true destiny. Negative forces that hold you back from your happiness. As if you’d been caught in a spider’s web and were struggling in vain to get out. Why?

    As your friend, I have to say something that won’t make you happy… But you’re not to blame for any of this…

    Over 600 years ago, one of your ancestors, a well-known wizard in his own time, “conspired” with the dark forces. He did so to get rich. However, all he managed was to antagonize those same “dark forces” against his whole family…

    I know, it’s not something one likes to hear. But can you tell me whether anyone close to you, any member of your family, has ever enjoyed exceptional good luck to this very day? Has any one of you became some important, respected public figure, a star? Has anyone in your family become a millionaire at the lottery? No!

    That’s why you’re living a harsh life today, instead of savoring the pleasures of a life filled with joy, comfort and surprises!

    Laura, I want to reassure you straight away: you’ll soon be able to leave this chronic problem behind. Because today, you’ve been blessed with a divine grace: yes, the angels want this period to end: over 600 years of bad luck! Such misfortune as has cursed your family to an unfair fate… and you know, don’t you, that it’s hit you head on.

    But today, finally, your destiny is to be rich. How can that be? Through this Divine Blessing which the Angels wish to reveal to you: Your Angelical Bad-Luck Canceler!

    Laura, the Angelical Bad-Luck Canceler is a process of angelical magic, and I alone hold its secret. And I’ll send it to you as soon as I receive your consent. It will put an end to the chronic bad luck that’s been plaguing you! In fact, as soon as you get it, the arrows of negative waves will shatter harmlessly against that celestial shield.


    Here are a few testimonials from people on whose behalf I was able to act using this very same process. Of course, I won’t hide from you the fact that your own situation seems much more troublesome than theirs… That’s why I think your reward will be even greater:

    … Nothing short of stunning, I’m now a very lucky person…

    … I’d never had any luck in my whole life. That’s all over today, thanks to you and my Angelical Bad-Luck Canceler

    For the first time, I won a large amount of money.

    …and believe me, I could go on and on with many more testimonials like these. But I think it’s time I told you about the visions I had for you. Why? Because it is really essential that you should answer this call from Providence!

    Heaven, and the Angels have tasked me with a mission. And it was so that I may carry this mission out that I was called by Higher Forces, so that I could warn you about the providential money that’s been set aside for you.

    On March 26th, Providence has decided to grant you a first win of CA$40,275

    And there will be others… Many others… Why do I say this? When I lost consciousness, my spirit floated around my body. At first, I saw a tunnel of light. That was when I realized I had entered the astral world…

    My astral body was then “called” by a Higher Force. I was in the air, floating above the city… Next, my astral body floated slowly down to a door, on which I thought I saw a name. Laura Petersen . I was at your home, a very nice apartment, recently renovated. That’s why I think you’ve already won this first CA$40,275 windfall!

    But back to this angelical vision: you were sitting in front of the TV, watching the lottery draw. When the last ball came out, I saw your face, and it had an extraordinary smile on it: you’d just hit the jackpot. A “staggering” amount, too. Enough to live free from want and in luxury forever!

    So, Laura, was it really you in this vision? I’m sure it was. Yes, I am firmly convinced you’re the person who appeared in my vision. Besides, there’s something else I must tell you…

    After I’d seen this large lottery check being delivered, my astral body was again whisked away at lightning speed to the top of a high mountain. Here, a first heavenly messenger appeared before me and said:

    You, who are called Angela, you must choose what you want to happen. You may stay with us and take your place in the spirit world, or you may return to Earth and go back to your loved ones, and particularly to help Laura.

    You know, at that point, I must admit I hesitated. Life in the hereafter is appealing because of its many attractions. Years mean nothing in the astral world. I was not too worried about my family, because I knew that I would manage to contact them. But what about you?

    This heavenly messenger, this spirit, then transported me to another mystical place. I stood in front of a mirror, and I heard a “voice” telling me:

    Look upon the life of Laura. You may decide thereafter.

    Initially, the mirror clouded over. Then, little by little, images began forming themselves… First, you were a child. Like any child, you expected a lot from life. And, over time, you experienced disappointment and injustice because of others. Often because of your own relatives and friends…

    Next, Laura, in my vision, you were a teenager, on the threshold of your life. You lacked love and affection. I could sense your wounded soul, your deceived heart. By the way, have you ever really dressed all your wounds? Because I saw you making do with little chance and little love… instead of reaping the honors and winning the victories that were yours by right!

    That is when I decided to return to Earth to help you! I saw, then, that everything was changing for you!

    That’s how I had that magnificent vision where you’d just won this huge amount. Finally, lasting happiness: with real friends around you, living in luxury and abundance. So tell me:

    Would you like to live in the luxury and abundance that seem to have been promised you? Now that your life will no longer be plagued with bad luck, the floodgates of Heaven will open for you… They will shower you with gold, success, recognition, love, shared passion, and complicit pleasures…

    Yes, your Angelical Bad-Luck Canceler will ensure that all the beautiful things I saw can come about. As surely as the sun rises in the east, an “avalanche” of benefits could finally reach you:

    And don’t forget those first CA$40,275 on March 26th. And bear in mind this fantastic amount that could change everything in your life.

    So what will you do? Are you going to ignore the signs of Providence? In that case, I have to tell you: after this vision of total happiness, another vision came to me… And the same voice I had already heard “told” me:

    Sometimes, there are those who have no faith in Divine Providence. This is what will happen should Laura refuse your providential assistance:

    Next, I saw great disappointment, deep sighs… your unbearable feeling that you’d only just missed out on this perfect happiness.

    That’s why I ask you, once again, Laura: are you going to accept the signs of Divine Providence? Everything leads me to believe you will. Because you need help, and Heaven has heard your appeal and consented to it!

    So this is what I propose:

    Since I’ve come home from the hospital, I’ve been working actively on your personal situation. Every day, inspired by the Celestial Forces, I’ve labored to create your Great Talisman of the Angelical Bad-Luck Canceler. I’ll tell you right now:

    Without it, this happiness I’ve told you about might not be possible. Because, like I said, your aura has been “turned” for years by harmful forces…

    You see, without your knowing it, and please forgive me for this, I entered into an angelical telepathic contact with you. That’s why I’m sure that these visions were meant for you, including the one of the winning numbers that would allow you to pocket fantastic amounts.

    And so, I wrote down these visions of the future and happiness for you. And I want to send them to you for free as soon as I get your consent for urgent assistance, to await a first, unexpected CA$40,275 windfall.

    Laura, the Celestial Powers have, once again, acted on your behalfyou. They allowed me to convey this message of good luck and happiness to you in time. Don’t ruin this happiness by postponing the gesture that can change your destiny forever. March 26th will soon be here, and there’s not a second to lose to seize this wonderful, divine opportunity.

    Grant me your consent today. Because what you’ve dreamed of is about to come true: good luck, love, success, security, recognition, respect. Once again:

    Your call has been heard. And today, Heaven is answering you. It sends you this message through me. Listen to this sign from Divine Providence. Send me your consent as quickly.

    I want
    MY ANGELICAL BAD-LUCK CANCELER + My Revelations and Celestial Figures as a gift

    Your friend, who watches over your happiness,


    Laura, watch out for March 25th, because someone could prevent you from winning this amount if you aren’t careful. One more reason to send your consent for assistance today. That way, you’ll know exactly what to do to make sure that nothing can upset this chance of yours to win a fortune.

    In addition, to find out how to make all the visions of happiness and good luck I received for you come true, I will send you, FREE, your Lucky Angelical Revelations and your Celestial Good-Fortune Numbers. Hurry, Laura!
    I want
    CTA feather
    MY ANGELICAL BAD-LUCK CANCELER + My Revelations and Celestial Figures as a gift

    Privacy policy Legal Terms

    • Avatar
      Angela March 18, 2018

      These are all obviously scams Laura. Delete the emails and forget about it, they’re just trying to lure you in so they can take advantage of you.

  20. Avatar
    Dawn April 02, 2018

    This lady has attached herself to me. I signed for a car, but she’s been paying, but last few months she has been giving me all the money. I call she has her phone off, or her husband answers saying she can’t communicate with anyone on the outside. This bull shit has pissed me off. I’ve thought of plans to shoot her house up burn it down. I really want this person out my life.

    • Avatar
      Angela April 03, 2018

      Dawn there is no need for violence, it solves nothing. If you technically own the vehicle just take it back and sell it if need be. Then call the police and file a restraining order. Simple as that.

  21. Avatar
    yzo April 19, 2018

    Maria medium? does anyone know this medium? she send me a list of opportunities and is asking $19.19 for a lot of work that need to be done before 27th April in order to get them . thanks for your help

    • Avatar
      Angela April 24, 2018

      Maria medium is a scam. Please delete her emails.

  22. Avatar
    Shari May 02, 2018

    Thanks Angela for heads up on medium Marie.
    What about Exceptional Ron?

    • Avatar
      Angela May 02, 2018

      Hey Shari, I haven’t read with Exceptional Ron yet and there is very little info online about him. I will check him out though.

      • Avatar
        Shari May 11, 2018

        Angela I’m getting emails from an angelic named Padre real or scam

        • Avatar
          Angela May 11, 2018

          Hi Shari,

          I don’t want to say Padre Psychic is a scam because I’ve never had a reading with him, but there are a few BIG red flags for me with Psychic Padre. First, at one point in his career he claimed to be a time traveler and now there’s no mention of it on his site. I’d be hesitant to speak with anyone that claimed to be a time traveler. Second, when you visit his site the “photo” of him is actually a computer generated photo. It’s not a real photo of a real person, you can tell it was drawn on a computer. Finally, there are hundreds of bad reviews for him all over the Internet. I would steer clear Shari I don’t think Padre offers anything of real value and it’s possible he’s not even a real person.

          • Avatar
            Shar May 18, 2018

            Thanks Angela
            I also seen the reviews too about him. I had a feeling it was a scam. Wanted to double check.

          • Avatar
            Angela May 18, 2018

            Glad I could help Shar!

  23. Avatar
    Moumita chakraborty June 12, 2018

    I got an email from angela guardian angela.she told me if i want win jackpot then pay some money . My question is is angela guardian angela is true ?

    • Avatar
      Angela June 13, 2018

      Hi Moumita,

      Angela Guardian Angel is a scam. Read the comments above. You can see she sends the same email to everyone. Delete the email and don’t look back!

  24. Avatar
    Jackie Booya July 10, 2018

    No one can predict the future , not a person or tarot cards. ONLY YOU have the power to decide your future . You have no control over certain incidents that happen but you do have control over how you respond to it. IF your not happy change whats making your miserable, it’s not rocket science and you DON’T have to go to someone who is selling your rose colored glasses. Find the power within yourself on you can do that.

    • Avatar
      Angela July 11, 2018

      I agree Jackie, no one is 100% accurate. Psychics can however tell your future based on the path you are currently on. Of course as humans we all have free will so we have the ability to change the path (and the future) that we’re on. Check out my article on how free will affects psychic readings for a better explanation.

  25. Avatar
    MFON EKPE July 23, 2018


    • Avatar
      Angela July 24, 2018

      If a Psychic promises you’ll win a lottery or jackpot then run away! Read the comments above, you can see you’re not the only one this fake Psychic has promised will win a lot of money.

  26. Avatar
    Jane September 29, 2018

    Noreen & Shanti, I just read a report by Sylvia Sky that she investigated Tara, Angela and Padre and found them all to be scam artists. I hope this helps please be careful. Good luck and God Bless us All..

    • Avatar
      Angela October 01, 2018

      Thanks you for reporting this Jane, you probably helped more people than you know avoid getting scammed.

  27. Avatar
    Kara September 29, 2018

    I have dealt with numerous psychics for their offered free reading. Maria, Esmeralda, zolton,Angela,Tara, and even Valentina plus others who have reached out. They all come down with the same conclusion I’m in financial trouble, I’m lost on my path and there is a malevolent force on my aura or in my presence. I myself have seen and felt spirits all my life and have not sensed anything around me. They all ask for money is there anyone who can actually help without money exchange. Yes obviously I’m in trouble if I’m broke. They will never see one cent, can’t give what don’t have.

    • Avatar
      Angela October 01, 2018

      Thanks for the feedback Kara. I’m happy you didn’t fall for these fakes.


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