Psychic Maria Loren- Is Maria Loren Angel Visionary A Scam?

I’ve been asked a few times for my opinion on a psychic who calls herself Maria Loren Angel Visionary. I’d never heard of her before, but I decided looking into her would be a good idea. Many have received emails from her, so I wanted to know if she was legitimate before I recommended her. I like to be fair when reviewing psychics and psychic services, despite what my initial impression of them might be.

I make it a point to dig deep and find out the truth. Sometimes this is difficult because fake psychics can be pretty convincing and good at covering up their tracks, but sometimes it’s too easy. That was the case with Maria Loren. It didn’t take me long to see warning signs and red flags once I landed on her website.

In her “about” section, she mentions that she and a sister named Sophia Loren are well-trained in Tarot reading. While Sophia kept with the Tarot cards, Maria claims that she felt more connected to Angel Cards and Guardian Angel cards versus the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. She says she’s been communicating this way with her Guardian Angel for the past 25 years.

She’s big on the fact that everyone has one or more Guardian Angels looking over us daily and that they have all the answers we seek if we stop and ask them. I agree that authentic psychic readers and mediums can speak to these spirits. However, I don’t feel that Maria Loren is one of them. Here are some of the reasons I don’t recommend Maria Loren Angel Visionary for authentic psychic readings:

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Red Flag #1- Extremely Generic Material And Not Enough Personal Information

She has a section explaining all about archangels and angel readings and a short little blog which is pretty typical for a psychic website. What immediately caught my attention as unusual was that she asked you to complete a “short quiz” first and foremost. I didn’t have the option to click on it yet (I’m guessing this comes after you pay her for a reading), but I did click on the tab to “request my Guardian Angel’s name and message.” It asked me three questions:

  • Have I seen repeated numbers, coins, feathers, or crystals?
  • Have I smelled sweet scents, felt touched, heard muffled voices, or felt significant temperature changes?
  • And lastly, what was I trying to improve in my life- love, wealth, or health?

I answered no on questions 1 and 2; for the 3rd, I answered ‘love’ because I had to choose something. Despite my saying I had not experienced any signs of an angel trying to reach me, the results came back as “based on your answers, it appears that an Angel has been trying to reach out to you.”

This tells me that everyone gets the same response, regardless of their answers! How is that for personalized advice?? I submitted my date of birth, name, and email address as requested, and a message came up saying to give them 24 hours to have the name of my Guardian Angel. Nowhere on the website was there a phone number I could call or a chat box where I could speak directly to her.

Almost every psychic I’ve ever talked to has a defining moment when they realize they are different from other people. Maria doesn’t mention anything personal in her bio about herself to convince me she has any special abilities.

Red Flag #2- She Only Gives Readings Through Email

free email psychic readings

While reviewing psychics, I’ve learned never to trust “psychics” who only do readings by email. I need to talk to a psychic on the phone, through instant chat, or via video chat because nothing can replace a real-time discussion. As I mentioned earlier, speaking to Maria directly on her website was impossible. How can I be sure I’m talking to an actual psychic if email is the only form of communication? A genuine psychic will want to connect with you then and there.

Authentic and talented psychics know they’re gifted and aren’t afraid to use their abilities in real-time. They have nothing to hide and don’t need “24 hours” to discover things about you. They can get a feel for you, your emotions, and your energy then and there by communicating with you instantly. They’ll want to speak to you and be able to get your answers and input while having a conversation.

I can share my thoughts, ideas, and concerns with them, and they can reflect and give me personalized solutions. Emails are one-sided, and I don’t believe they can ever result in a genuine reading. Some of the biggest psychic scams I’ve come across operate solely through emails, like Esmeralda PsychicMaria MediumExtraordinary Chris, and Celeste Angelic Medium, to name a few.

Not To Mention, The Content Of The Readings Were Pathetic

After about 24 hours, Maria spammed my inbox with back-to-back emails. Her readings were very repetitive and could apply to anyone. They told me I was feeling confused or stuck and that if I followed her “angelic plan,” I could get the answers I sought from my Guardian Angel.

Several of the following emails say she’s received a very urgent message from my Guardian Angel and that she will give me all the details when I am ready. I would have to pay her to receive this message. Aside from paying her to give me my Guardian Angel’s urgent messages, I also had the option to pay her $143.99 (or $123.99 if I paid in full) to send her a prayer request.

She tells me she will take my request with her on her visit to the Lourdes Shrine, that thousands will receive my prayer, and that miracles have occurred there. That seems pretty steep for supposedly taking a piece of paper with you and turning it in at the shrine. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was one gigantic scam, but I kept digging.

Red Flag #3- Her And Her Website Are Owned And Operated By A Personality Marketing Company

Maria Loren

While digging deeper, I discovered that her website is owned and operated by a company called ‘123 Personality Pte. Ltd.’ They are doing business as I searched for 123 Personality Pte. Ltd. and found their website. The first thing I read on the home page was, “WE ARE THE LEADING PROVIDER OF NEW AGE PERSONALITY ASSESSMENTS IN AMERICA.” They claim that they empower millions of everyday Americans with personalized insights.

Then they have a section telling companies why they should work with them, and their reason was: “123P is your Customer Acquisition Partner. We can match your product with our evergreen, fast-growing audience.” They have a testimonial from a business owner who says that her business had spent thousands of dollars in email marketing, had exhausted their email lists, and was having difficulty finding new ones they could buy.

She claims 123P helped them acquire more names and email addresses that they could (essentially) spam, and they got more people to buy their health supplements. As if this weren’t enough, towards the end of their home page, they proudly state that they can get results for businesses because: “Unlike other companies, our list is not bulked up with names from countries outside of the United States and UK, nor with younger demographics.

Instead, we focus on quality. 80% of our database consists of the Baby Boomer generation in the United States. Why? Simple. Because the baby boomer generation continues to be the wealthiest in USA history, controlling over 70% of the entire county’s disposable income. A highly engaged list, with more disposable income, means more sales for you.”

Wow, Just Wow

I was shocked by reading this. The company is so blunt and clearly states that it targets wealthy “baby boomers” (anyone born between 1946 and 1964) and sells their information and email addresses to businesses. These companies then spam people’s inboxes and try to sell things to them. It was interesting how 123P pride itself on not selling email addresses for people outside of the United States and the UK, but they are based out of Singapore. Their address is listed as:

123 Personality Pte. Ltd.
C/O Angel Visionary
45B Temple St. Singapore 058590
Contact (at)

So, is this a psychic service or an email-selling business? The answer is clear to me now. Maria Loren Angel Visionary (and her sister Sophia Loren) aren’t real people, much less real psychics.

Fake psychic Maria Loren

They have fabricated characters created solely to trick people into paying them for “psychic advice.” Even the image of Maria Loren is from a stock image company. Here she is in a magazine article about skin where a different business also purchased her photo from the stock image company. There is nothing real about this Angel Visionary.

Red Flag #4- The Misuse Of Personal Information And Private Details

I think this final red flag is the ‘pièce de résistance. I was shocked when I learned of the company’s shady practices. When you get an email reading from Maria Loren, 123 Personality Pte. Ltd. has access to all communication between you and “her.” That makes sense and isn’t surprising, considering they are the ones who created and owned Maria’s persona.

The shocking part is that they then sort all customers by what they’ve shared with Maria and sell this information to the companies that pay them for email addresses! For example, I pay Maria for a reading, and we’re emailing back and forth. I tell her that I have three children and that I’m worried about the health of one of my daughters. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for years and haven’t succeeded.

123P now has this information, and they sell it to a business specializing in fertility predictors, ovulation aids, supplements, etc. They spam my email, and I buy these products to help my daughter. Another example would be that I share with “Maria” that I am diabetic, and guess what? Next thing I know, I’m getting emails about the newest diabetes medications, supplements, and diet aids! 

When I call to speak to a psychic for advice, I share private information and intimate details about my life. I need to know I can trust the psychic to whom I give this information! This is one of the biggest reasons I only go through the trusted psychic networks on my reviews page. I’ve never had any issues with them or fear that anything I share with them is being recorded and sold to a business.

Maria Loren Is One Of The Biggest Psychic Scams I’ve Discovered

This unethical business model is how 123P can get many email addresses and sell them to businesses broken down by demographics and statistics. These businesses pay 123P top dollar for these email addresses because they are so specific and personalized. This makes it easier for them to engage with the customer, resulting in more sales of whatever service or product they’re pushing.

So essentially, the company uses the “psychic” readings with Maria as an actual personality test! She’s just the vessel through which they get all your details. Likes, dislikes, family makeup, household habits, work field, health status, financial information, etc. Not only are they using people’s private conversations to gather information about them, they’re getting paid to do so!

The money their customers pay them to speak to the psychic, receive special messages, request prayers, etc., is just one source of income for them. They also make money when they sell our details to other businesses for top dollar! After everything I read and discovered about this supposed psychic, I can now say with 100% certainty that Maria Loren, Angel Visionary, and her “sister” Sophia Loren are a psychic scam. A brilliant and unique one, but a fraud nonetheless.

I urge anyone considering paying Maria or her sister Sophia Loren for a psychic reading to keep their money. Stay far away from her, her website, her emails, and her services! Instead, remove the guesswork that can come with finding a trustworthy psychic. Rest assured, knowing you’ll speak to an authentic and genuinely gifted psychic advisor every time by going through the psychic networks in the box below and on my psychic reviews page.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. Not all real psychics are alike! I have dreams and visions. She told me the name of my guardian without knowing about me. The guardian of dreams and visions. But like you I was still looking for the red flags. Sophia recently sent me info about this year 2020. And so far it has been true. We have the coronavirus! I know there are a lot of fake psychics but my opinion is they are real. They do try to sell you things that I haven’t done. Just a little I have. I don’t do tarot or anything of that nature. And don’t know anything about it. Mine started at age 16 and am 61 now. Not all psychics are exactly alike! The info I received wasn’t what I expected it to be like. But it was true!

  2. Thank you so much for your article! I almost fell for it!

  3. I ordered Lourds water from her. The vial came in a bag, but no water.

  4. Is Aiden Powers a scam? He keeps emailing me about Transit Period? Or is he NOT a real person but by
    a commercial cheat corporation out to cheat us when we need help?

    Also how about Ethelinda?

  5. I’ve always found that something that seems to good to be true is just that.We all could use daily inspiration NOT from a fake source of information .Also absolutely refuse to purchase a life altering product of any kind nothing is ever guaranteed unless you are willing to work &dedicate yourself to these gradual moment life changes .I want to thank you this shared information so helpful and its funny i was just searching different links and yours caught my attention.Take care Angela

  6. Well as far as my experience she’s been pretty accurate and helpful, the information she gives me is free.
    I do occasionally get emails to purchase some things that may help but I don’t. Hey she still sends me the messages from the angels, useful information that’s pretty much changed me. Sometimes I don’t get the daily message, nonetheless
    I believe her. I’ve ignored plenty of emails and she keeps reaching out with messages. Not asking me for money, just messages from the angels. I appreciate her, she is real. She does have a LinkedIn profile, research that. All I’m saying is, she has helped me for free and I truly truly appreciate her!

  7. Maria is real,she helped me for sure! Myself and my friend both use her and our messages only applied to our specific situations And very accurate. I’ve healed without paying a single dollar. She guided me for free and I appreciate all of it. I Didn’t receive messages everyday. And the better I became they became more infrequently. She is A healer of the soul💯. To each is own

  8. It’s obvious she’s fake. Especially when your photos been used for other financial gains within the scamming industry

  9. I’m in Australia and have been offered a course worth $347 for $47 to become an Angel oracle. Everything listed resonated with me as I have been reading tarot for years.. Super sneaky. I didn’t know if it was joining this.. For daily readings or Etsy.. But ever since I have been getting random calls.. Everyday.. Which I never used to.

  10. I ordered a medal of our Lady of Fatima with holy water sealed on the back. Also I was allowed a request at Lourdes which they sent me an e-mail showing the wish being desposited in Lourdes. I am hoping this was not a scam. I really like the medal & have been wearing it as I have been diagnosed with cancer. I can’t believe someone would use the Lord to scam people.

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