Medium Zoltan – Is Zoltan Spirit Medium Really A Scam?

Medium Zoltan is the most classic type of psychic scam I’ve encountered. At first, I thought he was a joke like the Zoltan fortuneteller machine, so I didn’t pay him much. After realizing he was trying to pass off as a real psychic, I decided to review him. I discovered that many people believed him and paid him for “readings.” His psychic scam is very similar to others I have covered before.

If you haven’t already, read about Esmeralda PsychicMedium MariaThe Extraordinary Chris, and William Guardian Angel to familiarize yourself with these other con artists similar to Zoltan. Like those others, Zoltan uses aggressive and manipulative tactics to scare, confuse, or try to raise his victims’ hopes so they can fall into his money trap. There is nothing real about him or his psychic abilities, so I CAN NOT recommend him if you want genuine, life-changing psychic advice.

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Medium Zoltan Is A Fictional Character

medium zoltan scam

Much like the Zoltan fortunetelling machine, Medium Zoltan is super fake. He was created and owned by a company called Miller Plus Ventures. This company fabricated Zoltan’s image and fictional backstory. They pay other companies to promote them and send paying customers their way. Many companies are similar to this, like New Lotus Web Ltd,123, and others.

They make the fictional character appealing by making them come across as humble, friendly, kind, angelic, and trustworthy. The image they use to represent their characters is always a stock image they bought online. They choose a model and have them pose, wearing whatever they want them to wear. Zoltan is no exception.

Medium Zoltan’s Psychic Scam Works The Same Way As Others

Medium Zoltan

After choosing a fitting image, Zoltan’s creators make up an elaborate backstory about who he is and how he got his psychic abilities. The businesses that promote him for Miller Plus Ventures then take this story and run with it—pushing it onto others and trying to convince unsuspecting victims that he’s real. Once they direct them to his website, the company makes victims believe he’s a genuine psychic, and they request a reading from him.

The readings are enticing because they usually start with the promise of being “free,” but that’s to get people hooked. Once they’ve contacted him and requested a free reading, victims are spammed nonstop in their inboxes with crazy messages. They get told that Zoltan has a unique and highly urgent message for them. Or that there’s trouble headed their way, which they can avoid by paying for a more extensive and detailed reading.

He might also tell them they’re cursed or have a spell on them. The messages usually try to create feelings of anxiety, fear, dread, hopelessness, and suspense in the victim. They prey on issues that most already suffer from and create new problems that never existed in the first place. The “solutions” to all these problems are only available from Zoltan. He’s the only one that can address these issues for them and make everything bad go away.

Old Problems Are “Solved,” And New Ones Are Created

Problems Ahead

Once you agree to pay for a reading to remove these problems, you enter a never-ending cycle. He offers solutions in the form of psychic healing, Tarot readings, spells, talismans, etc., and once you pay for that service, he tells you that he fixed it. Crisis averted! Except that it’s not because he always finds a new one for you. He creates the problem, gets paid to solve it (easy since it was never there in the first place), then creates a new one for you to pay him to fix. It’s a classic business maneuver that dishonest psychic companies like to use.

The Cycle Continues Until The Victim Puts A Stop To It

zoltan medium scam

You can lose thousands of dollars if you pay him for readings and don’t realize what’s happening. Zoltan will never tell you that you are finally, once and for all, free of all the problems plaguing you. It only stops once you realize what’s going on and see that he’s tricking you. By then, Miller Ventures Plus and its affiliates have made so much money off Zoltan’s victims. Once you realize what’s happening, you must completely cut off contact with Zoltan.

You should also cancel your credit card and have them reissue you a new one with a different number. Zoltan and other scamming psychic companies might keep charging your card without authorization if you don’t. Read more about what to do if you’ve been scammed by an online psychic or in person. Please stay as far away from Medium Zoltan as possible! 

Stick with reputable psychic networks like the ones below if you are looking for an honest reading that can change your life. The quality of the readings from these networks is top-notch, and they don’t keep making things up to keep you spending money with them. Not to mention that they have money-back guarantees if you’re unsatisfied, unlike Medium Zoltan’s services.

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Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. here in the Netherlands he also exists and you have more aghata of the guardian angels, Deva intuition clairvoyant, and much more .. they are idd scary idd I would also have a curse .. and 1 of my chakra turned the other way. .. And also a demon that controls my life ….. you know bullshit I fortunately never spent money on it, but they have made me afraid I would also be in great danger and my relationship would not mean anything anymore .. am 31 and have been in a loving relationship for 16 years so that was already strange and I would have big money problems, but I don’t know anything about it … haha, I also report it on a TV program here in the Netherlands .. in the hope that they can protect people in this way .. but unfortunately that did not work !! I’m glad you wrote a nice article about it, hopefully that helps people greetings Marijn

    • I’m happy I could help you Marjin

      • Received this email from the so called Zoltan Spirit Medium yesterday !
        He’s telling everything about who he really is … true though , I still received a lot of emails after this one

        Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan


        In between messages where I ask you for money, I felt like letting go, because if it wasn’t for the money, I wouldn’t want to deal with you anymore.

        The truth is, even though I will continue to write to you as if nothing had happened, and you will continue to receive lots and lots of letters from me every day, make no mistake about it. In reality, I am tired of putting up with you, of telling you every day that you are going to make it when you never do. When I see what my advice is for, it’s like giving jam to pigs, you’re pathetic.

        So, you know what? I’ve decided to stop bothering with you.

        Of course, you’re still going to receive my messages, in case you’re stupid enough to order from me. And between us, I’m not far from thinking that’s what you’re going to do.

        That’s why I’m taking this opportunity to tell you that you’re a burden to me, and that I have other things to do than to take care of a mediocre person like you… But somewhere, you’re such an uninteresting person, that I wouldn’t be surprised to see an order coming from you despite what I told you.

        Maybe after writing this email, I will regret confessing what was really in my heart and sending it to you. But, the truth is, I don’t really care, and I figure with all the emails I send you, there’s a chance you’ll place an order at least once, and that’s always good for me.

        But in my heart of hearts, I have hope that I will never have to deal with you again.

        The best thing to do is to unsubscribe right away on the unsubscribe link below, so you never get a message from me again. Better yet: spam all my messages! At least you and I will be sure never to have to do anything together again!


        Spirit Medium

        For more information or if you have any questions, please follow
        this link.
        Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan Zoltan

        , 35290, Spain


  2. Been listening to Zoltan for bout 6months and everything you’ve mentioned he’s done. Thank you for your co
    mment . I found you by accedenent trying to recover to him

  3. Is Rose the Woman with Red hair and Blue Eyes, Who claims she’s Medium a fraud?

  4. I’ve been getting spam email from zoltan and also harmonia telling to stops subscribing. I unsubscribed from harmonia ages ago and I never subscribed to Zoltan. These emails are very negative telling me that I’m useless and they never want to help me. I think this is another reverse psychology scam to get you to reply to see what they are talking about

    • Hi Simone, people respond to two tactics, abuse and praise. I’m sure they test out each one to see which is more successful for them. It’s really despicable.

  5. Greetings Zoltan,
    I can only leave this “message” and it’s with no response requested from you or any of your helpers.
    I have seen the way you emailed a friend of mine. Totally Ludacris.
    Mean wt you say.
    Say wt you mean.
    Any of your ideas that come to mind. Save it. There’s already a person that can offer even glimpse of hope. Your site is a copy cat of him. If someone wants to aquire one of your “offerings” they should be able to do it or not without your verbal remarks about them not sending you their money.
    Blessings go two ways. And should be freely given.
    A rude disposition can not reveal very many rewards for a selfish oppositional personality.
    It’s not about how it’s helping you. Because it’s not helping the person that’s sending you money. There are way better ways to make your money moves.
    Find it. Apply it to your own self.
    And it can be done without you reaching out to people you never zero intentions of helping.
    Just an opinion and observation of less than 60 seconds of positive ways that your makes your moves.
    Your mood. And attention to yourself. Have ya self a nice day

  6. I just received the same nasty email from Zoltan saying it’s like giving jam to pigs. I was wondering if he was legit or not. He has just revealed himself to me as a fraud. I real ambassador of angels would never be talking like that.

  7. oh please dont forget Harmonia as a scam! these two automatically started going to my spam folder & after a difficult pandemic year I never had the time to clean out my spam until now. Since, I was curious about numerology/astrology and signed up for something free — they sent me the most horrible & aggressive emails calling me a mediocre pig.

  8. steve.they tell your going to win the lottery,you send them money,they come up with something bad happened send more money, and this goes on and on. i callit bait and switch game,be careful its your money

  9. Thank you for your article.🙏🙏 A moment ago, I was on the verge of giving my credit card details to this Zoltan An Angel Medium for my special readings and guide to untied me on my misfortune in life. If I haven’t read your article, most likely and surely, I become one of his another and anxious 😥 victim(s) and looses another large sum of money through my credit card. Thank You Very Much for helping us not to fall on this kind of scam/scammers. God bless you and more power to you.

  10. Zoltan is a real scam paid him money in May this year and was told was going to get millions in June. That never happened. Since then he sends me mails daily to accepts all these Tallismans but need to pay him before I will recieve these millions. Surely if he is awrae of all these numbers to win the lotto why is he worrying me. He could buy the lotto and win and stop harassing everybody. To date he keeps telling me I am going to win a fortune but keeps changing the date each month

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