Magellan Review – Is Magellan Medium Spirit A Scam?

Today I’m reviewing a self-proclaimed “psychic” who calls himself Magellan Medium Spirit. He must be fairly new to the psychic scene since he’s been popping up everywhere suddenly. I didn’t know anything about him or his abilities so I wanted to check him out.

Unfortunately, after doing some research, I can honestly say that I do not trust him. I cannot recommend him as I believe 100% that he is just another psychic scam.

He’s no different than Angel Medium Angela, Tara Medium, William Guardian Angel, Medium Maria, or the countless others I’ve reviewed before here.

Magellan’s Backstory

Magellan’s “about” section on his website claims he lost someone very special to him when he was a child. It says that his life was greatly impacted by this loss. Then one night this person came to him out of nowhere to comfort him.

Since then, he was given the power to cross between the “world up above” and the “world down below” on command. He decided to use his ability to speak to deceased spirits to help those in need.

He says he has a pure and connected mind that he uses to lead distressed beings to the right path. The “I was a child when something terrible happened to me and was then gifted magical powers to deal with it and decided to start helping others” line is so overplayed.

Other than that part, I don’t have too much of a problem with his story. I do become automatically suspicious when I read this type of story though. This is because almost all the fake psychics I’ve reviewed have the same backstory.

I truly believe some people are blessed with the ability to speak to the spirits of those who have passed. After all, we’re all made of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred. That means that when we pass away, our energy and souls don’t just disappear into thin air.

They’re still present in the Universe, just a different part that not everyone can access. Not everyone can receive messages from those in the great beyond but some very special people, like spirit mediums, can.

What I DO have a problem with when it comes to Magellan are the red flags I picked up. These red flags are the reason I don’t believe he’s an authentic psychic and cannot recommend him to my readers.

First Red Flag – His Extremely Generic Free Readings

magellan scam email

I signed up for my “free reading” at 11:30 am and received it in ten minutes! Of course, this is after I confirmed my email address to him. He had to make sure I was a real person with a real email address he can bombard. He should know I’m a real person if he knew all the things he told me about in my “reading.”

How would he know “a money blessing is coming my way” if he’s not even sure I’m a real person? Anyways…I confirmed and verified my email address and about five minutes after that he sent me a “free gift.” This was a guide for knowing when my spiritual guide is beside me.

I read it and sure, those are five valid signs but I already knew this. Less than twelve hours later I received another email from “him.” This time he said he received a message notifying him that “strange yet extraordinary things are currently occurring for me.”

He claimed I was heading towards one of the loveliest periods of my life with a huge surprise. He said my whole future depended on me acting quickly and getting back to him asap. I needed to receive the revelations and special secrets connected to my future from him without wasting time.

I clicked because so far nothing I had received from him sounded unique or genuine in any way. That led me to another “reading” that was so vague and generic. Nothing he told me had anything to do with me or my life. All of it was just blanket statements he sends to everyone.

To prove this, I decided to sign up fresh with a different email address. Lo and behold, I received the same urgent and special “readings” on that email.

Second Red Flag – The Agreement I Was Supposed To Consent To

Magellan medium scam

At this point, I already knew he was a fraud but wanted more proof. He said he still had a lot more he needed to tell me. This important information could be mine if I bought the “Great Guide of Imminent Happiness” he prepared for me.

He said my life was going terribly and that I needed to fix it ASAP by buying the guide. Clicking the link for this special guide led me to an “agreement” page. This page listed three things I was consenting to when I paid him. They were as follow:

  • I understood how important it was for me to seize this “unique chance he is offering to me on a silver platter by Providence” and benefit from the great opportunities for happiness from my positive karma.
  • That I was asking him to perform, especially for me, his Mediumistic Action of Amplified Purification so that I could be released from the harmful grip of my Karmic Debt that has been ruining my life for so long.
  • That I agreed for him to create the Great Guide of my Imminent Happiness as quickly as possible so that I can finally have my happiness.

I was to consent to this agreement and pay him immediately. If I waited too long, it would be too late and I would be out of luck. I had to confirm my request was by paying him $79.99 without wasting another second.

I stopped following his links and began ignoring his emails. Not replying to the emails doesn’t mean they stopped coming though! On the contrary; because I hadn’t paid him, I was literally getting emails from him EVERY SINGLE DAY. I knew Magellan wasn’t trying to do anything for me free of charge. Free readings are never actually free.

Third Red Flag– He’s Owned and Run By An Online Digital Marketing Company

Magellan Medium Spirit scam

The reason Magellan has so much time to contact people every day is that he isn’t who he says. He isn’t a caring and concerned psychic trying to help out his fellow man for free. Heck, he might not even be an actual person.

He could just be a computer sending automated responses or an employee for the company that runs him. This company is an online digital marketing company called SYRIUS SARL. They are based out of Genève Switzerland, just like Mary and Christian Telepathic Duo and Celeste Angelic Mediums‘ marketing companies are.

Celeste’s creator is a company named REPLAY SARL and Mary and Christian’s is STONAGE SARL. I don’t feel like these SARL companies all based in Genève Switzerland are just a coincidence.

I believe they are associates and are churning out fake psychics left and right. They’re definitely creating them faster than I can keep up with, that’s for sure!

Fourth Red Flag – The Lack Of Reviews Or Information About Him

Magellan psychic scam

The fact that there isn’t anything about Magellan anywhere online tells me a lot. If he was genuine and truly gifted he would have more of an online presence. There would be a lot of people talking about their experiences with him. If he had any gifts, there would be more positive experiences out there.

When someone is as good as they say, they don’t go unnoticed like this. This confirms my suspicion that he was recently created by this marketing company. He’s new and hasn’t had time to make his rounds yet. This would also explain why there aren’t any negative reviews about him either.

You would think that’s a good thing but it’s actually not. If you’re a real person who’s been around for a while, you’re bound to upset some people. No news is bad news when it comes to psychics who claim they’ve been gifted since they were a child. Especially when they claim they’ve been helping people in need for years.

He Is Nothing Like A Genuine Psychic

There are a lot of other reasons I don’t believe in or recommend Magellan but they’re harder to prove. One thing I do know is that he has nothing in common with authentic psychic readers. Legitimate psychics like the ones on my reviews page don’t reach out to you and try to scare you into paying them.

Real psychics don’t pretend to offer their services for free. They have valuable skills and they have to eat just like you and me. They know that if someone needs their services, they will reach out to them- not the other way around.

They’re confident in their abilities and know people will reach out to them when they are ready for help. They also don’t pretend to be able to predict the future. They’re gifted with heightened senses, skills, and intuition but they can’t see with certainty what lies ahead for you.

They know we all have free will and can change the course of our life when we’re ready for change. They’re simply there to help you make the best decisions and guide you towards the changes you want to make. They help you see deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible and guide you towards what is best for you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the trusted psychics on the psychic networks in the box below if you’re going through a hard time and need the wisdom of a gifted reader. My personal favorites are Psychic Source and Ask Now but I’ve also had great experiences with the others.

Whatever you do, do not fall for Magellan’s money-grabbing scam! You should also stay away from these well-known psychic scams.



Angela Moore founded Psychic Review Online in 2008 after being scammed out of her life savings by a psychic con artist. Since then she has devoted her time to rooting out the frauds and helping people find a real psychic reader.

  1. My pendulum told me he was a load of b—-cks

  2. Dang I paid Magellan two times but it says he will reimburse us will he? I have a lady name Mary who is absolutely real and accurate . And Mary and Christian recommended me to magillan but I’m gonna try and get my money back and I’m sticky with Mary she is amazing and accurate. I love her and she isn’t fake.

  3. Dang I paid Magellan two times but it says he will reimburse us will he? I have a lady name Mary who is absolutely real and accurate . And Mary and Christian recommended me to magillan but I’m gonna try and get my money back and I’m sticky with Mary she is amazing and accurate. I love her and she isn’t fake.

  4. Thank you guys, I need to get a refund. I wish I had done some research first…..

  5. Reply
    Giselle von Klitzing August 14, 2020 at 5:54 pm

    You should call yourself lucky to lose just mall amounts. Magellan wants from me 499.99 =500.– abcause we don’t have pennies in Canada. I had made me a 15 page Reading (even with my lucky number) under the name of Ron that a talented copy-writer must have written to make me believe it and I even paid him 99.99 = 100 dollars. He obviously, must have felt that I am an old rich woman and an easy victim, because following the reading a 44 page email with “immediate Happiness,” full of strange rituals that were necessary to erase my dark karma and, in my own interest, I should instantly click the link. I did to see the amount and didn’t trust my own eyes: 499.99 =500 dollars as we have no pennies in Canada. I wrote him a nice letter asking him, why I should trust him, I didn’t even know who he was: first Ron, then Zhara, a medium, and now Magellan. Even if I had the money I wouldn’t pay him. There was no business in the world where it is usual to pay in advance. If he writes me again I will forward it here.
    William, my Guarding Angel tried too and continues to do so. So far he was not asking for money.
    I am a writer looking for ideas for my fifth book. You can see me under the pen name Gisela Roediger at Amazon

  6. I also got the sense that this was a scam. I am grateful that you shared your information with the rest of us. So we are able to make an informed decision

    • You must be the guardian angel I’ve been seeking.. I was already scammed by this scum $99 dollar b4 I was alerted by my intuition to do some research and I found myself here.”always the same dark karma for different clients”. What can I do to stop further debit from my account… You’re really doing a great job.. love you

  7. Im sad its to late he scam me 350dollars
    Please suggest me how to claim a refund

  8. This is me c Jacobs I have contacted my bank about you and if you don’t reimburse the last 3 payments you don’t have authority to take I will go to the fraud squad and have you taken to task so stop stealing my money now c Jacobs

  9. I’m happy that you were able to confirm my senses of him being a scam artist… Unfortunately I was too late and without pocket almost $1000 before I realised he had pin pointed alot in my revelations but after seeing what he wrote to you, it was similar.

  10. Hello Angela it seems all the feed back from all his victims is the same rubbish he told me made you feel anxious and always asking for money I’m trying to stop my credit card payment now as I’m writing this to you , I’m sorry I couldn’t catch on sooner I’ve been going through a few emotional weeks , how dare they pray on the needy for some spiritual comfort and insight in thier day today live I hope hope spirit world catches up with them and destroy their lives forever, hope I can get back my $399.00 from the bank arfter have reported it to them , thankyou so much Angela I will bee more cautious where I tred from now on hope you have a wonderful life god bless you . Regards Paul

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